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Will an Ultrasonic Animal Repellent Work on Geese?

Ultrasonic animal repellents are your best bet as they can keep these birds at bay easily without much effort on your part.

March 7, 2022

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Geese can be nice to watch from afar. Their cute and fluffy nature can make you want to pet them or have a few on your property. Seeing geese fly across the sky can even make your heart fill up with joy and peace.

But what if you don’t like geese?  What if you find them annoying or find their excrement something you just can’t deal with?

In this case, you have to eliminate geese from your property or surroundings as soon as possible.

How can you eliminate geese without killing them? Are ultrasonic animal repellents effective against geese? Are there other methods you can use to chase a goose away from your home?

We would answer all these questions and more in this comprehensive guide.

What do geese cause?

If you have never thought that geese are harmful, then you need to think again. In their numbers, geese can cause a number of problems for you and your yard. Some of these problems are


Geese are known to litter their surroundings with smelly feces.

Did you know that 25 Canada geese can produce about a ton of excrement in 12 months?

That’s how much of a nuisance they can be if you don’t eliminate them from your surroundings. The feces they produce can turn your beautiful yard into a dumpsite. Not to talk of how unslightly it can be!


Yeah, geese can cause diseases too.

Their poop is not just everywhere, but it can also transmit a number of diseases to you and your pets.

For example, geese poop contains a parasite, Giardia. Giardia causes giardiasis, a disease that can cause diarrhea, fever, bloating and nausea in humans. If this disease is left untreated for a long time, it might not go away easily and might need serious medication.

Contaminated water:

Geese are water loving birds that stay on both land and water.

They poop in water too, where their poop can transmit disease, making water unfit to use and reducing the aesthetics of a water body like a pond.  This poop can also act as a natural fertilizer for algae, causing what is known as an algal bloom.

In an algal bloom, water becomes uninhabitable for plants as the oxygen content continues to reduce. This can turn a lake into a foul-smelling aquatic site.

Crop and lawn damage:

If you didn’t know geese were destructive on lawns too, you have learnt something new today. Geese are destructive birds that can turn your garden or lawn upside down.

How do they do this? By spoiling your decorative plants and stepping on your agriculture grain crops.

Traffic accidents:

Geese are know to cause accidents, which threaten public safety especially when they are looking for food and water. Motorists can easily run into them, causing serious damage to the car or even the motorist.

Do Ultrasonic Goose Repellent Products Work?

Now that you know geese are destructive and you are sure you don’t want them near you, it’s time to answer the big question “Will ultrasonic goose repellents work?”

The answer is yes.

Ultrasonic devices use ultrasonic frequencies to scare away pests such as geese and other animals. The principle behind such devices is that humans have a range of hearing that can be classified as sonic, i.e below 20Khz.

But animals can hear well above this frequency and that is why we can say they have ultrasonic hearing. An ultrasonic animal repellent is probably the best solution to your geese problem for a number of reasons.

Firstly, an ultrasonic animal repeller is very easy to use and is an excellent goose deterrent. All you need to do is install it, connect it to a power source which could be electricity, a set of batteries or even solar.  After installation, you don’t need to do anything else than sit back and let your device work for you.

Secondly, an ultrasonic animal repellent doesn’t just chase away geese. If you have an issue with other animals like coyotes or foxes, then an animal repellent can work as an effective deterrent against these animals too. Not to worry, this goose deterrent does not harm geese in any way.

Some ultrasonic geese deterrents do not rely on ultrasonic waves alone but normal sounds like rustling, gunshots and or the sounds of car horns.  So if the geese don’t get scared by the ultrasonic sounds, they will definitely get scared off by the normal or sonic sounds they hear.

Still, think that ultrasonic geese repellents do not work?

Then you should specifically buy a model with bright LED lights and try it out. You would observe that geese would leave your lawn even faster once they see sudden bright lights. They might think it’s a human approaching and flee the scene.

Ultrasonic devices works for most birds too, so if you have a place where geese gather with other birds, you can situate an ultrasonic device in such a place so you can get rid of as many birds as possible. Birds hate staying where there is noise and will be ready to move from a noisy environment.

How to use an ultrasonic animal repellent to chase geese

For an ultrasonic animal repellent to work well against geese, there are some simple principles to follow:

Buy enough repellents:

If you are dealing with a large outdoor area, then you should definitely get 3 or more ultrasonic repellents as fewer units might not be as effective.

Position them properly:

Having a lot of units is not enough, positioning matters too. We advise you to tie this device to poles or put them on top of stakes so that they can be heard better by the pesky geese. If you are locating them on the ground, ensure they are firmly anchored to the soil so that they are not easily pushed about by the geese.

Install ultrasonic repellents in late fall:

It is a good idea to start setting up your electronic repellent in the fall because geese nest and take care of their goslings mostly at the start of the year or around February.

If you wait till this period to start putting your device in place, you might be really disappointed as it is hard for geese to move from a place once their goslings hatch there.


Geese need to be kept far away from your home or pond.

You don’t want to have loads of excrement to deal with every day or risk being seriously injured by these aquatic birds. Ultrasonic animal repellents are your best bet as they can keep these birds at bay easily without much effort on your part.

Also, with ultrasonic devices, you do not need to constantly move a decoy or apply a chemical repellent grim from time to time. Most ultrasonic repellents come with adjustable frequencies, so you can reduce the frequency from time to time.

If you think you or your pet are being affected by the ultrasonic waves, which is rare, you can reduce the frequency.

And yes, ultrasonic bird repellents work not just against geese, but also against other bird pests too.

Remember, a goose repellent will not just work immediately, you need to be patient. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you found it useful, share it with someone today!