What Sound Frequency Repels Rodents?

What Sound Frequency Repels Rodents?

The high-frequency noise of these ultrasonic sound repellents is a major driving force to counter a rodent problem

Rats and mice are unwanted pests that have highly auditory sensors. 

These pesky animals hate high-intensity ultrasonic sounds. The sounds whose frequencies are greater than 20kHz are regarded as ultrasonic sound waves.

The sound frequency lying in the range of 22kHZ to 35kHz is irritating and acoustically unbearable for rats, mice, and other rodents. 

The high-frequency noise in this range will disrupt the auditory traits of rodents, and they will feel distressed and uncomfortable.

A rat in your house will not like sound intensities greater than that of 20kHz.

However, it is pertinent to mention that these pesky rodents can get used to frequent intensities with time.

Thereby, a wide range of fluctuating ultrasonic waves will sound like trouble for these nocturnal creatures.

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Does High-Frequency Sound Repel Rodents?

Yes, a constant stream of varying high-frequency sounds will deter the rats and mice.

These ultrasonic wavelengths can induce auditory stress in a rat, causing it to move out of the room or home.

Furthermore, these high-pitched sound frequencies will help to deter rodents, mice, rats, and other animals like squirrels in the attic, bat and unwanted insects.

The extent of these high-powered ultrasounds depends on the general layout of the room, and the obstructions present there.

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What Is Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent?

An ultrasonic rodent-repellent device is a dynamic instrument that emits high-intensity ultrasonic frequency to deter rodents. 

It is an environmentally sustainable device for downsizing rat infestation.

These ultrasonic repellents use sound energy to distract, disturb, and irritate rats, mice, and other pesky creatures. They are straightforward to maneuver due to the plug-and-play functionality.

These ultrasonic devices are the best alternative for traps and poisons. 

The best ultrasonic device to prevent rodents from infiltrating your home is the ultrasonic pest repeller from Thanoshome.

It is a 360 degeree repeller as it emits sound waves in all directions, making it a wholly effective device.

This dynamic instrument will propagate high-powered sound waves in the range of 22kHz and 35kHz. 

Moreover, the sound levels are in the range of 100dB to 125dB.

The sound emitted from the 3 speakers of this device will fluctuate between the range so that the rats do not get accustomed to it.

Additionally, there are 4 different modes of using this repelling instrument the rodent infestations in your home.

What Are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent?

These ultrasonic devices are instrumental in decreasing rodent activity in the immediate area.

·         It will not harm pets such as cats and birds because the sound intensity of this tool is out of their range.

·         These ultrasonic repellents are also safe to use around kids.

·         This device is a humane alternative to traps and poisons.

·         This humane rodent-repellent instrument requires no maintenance and is an economically viable option.

·         It is also an environmentally sustainable derivative as it does not contribute to environmental degradation.

·         The rat repellent is easy to handle, use, and install.


How Does Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Work?

The ultrasonic rat repellent uses high-intensity ultrasound waves to work.

Some of these devices are battery-powered, while others require a direct connection with a wall outlet to emit these waves.

It requires a power supply to operate. 

The best methodology to get results is that it should be kept functional throughout the day.

Moreover, obstructions can also hinder the work and effectiveness of these devices.

Therefore, you have to ensure fewer intrusions in the room where these instruments are installed. 

You must keep in mind these ultrasonic devices might require 6 to 10 days to remove rats from your home.


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Can Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Really Repel Rodents?

Yes, ultrasonic repellents can repel rodents, rats, mice, squirrels, and other insects.

The ultrasound waves of these devices will elevate stress and irritation in rats.

The area of installation and the frequencies of these devices are the topmost factors that determine their effectiveness.

Moreover, the rate of sound fluctuation is also a decisive aspect.

Can I Hear the Ultrasonic Sound Frequency?

No, you cannot hear ultrasound waves.

The sound levels of these high-pitched frequencies are out of the hearing range of humans.

Therefore, these sounds are categorically safe for humans as they are unable to hear them. The auditory range of the human ear is 20kHz maximum.

Any sound intensity above this threshold is not heard by us humans. 

That is the very reason these powerful ultrasonic frequencies are safe to use in medical instruments and processes such as sonography.

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Is The High-Frequency Sound Waves of Ultrasonic Devices Harmful to Human Beings?

No, high-intensity sounds are not harmful to human beings. 

It is because the ultrasound waves are of greater than 20kHz intensity and the highest threshold of human hearing is 20kHz.

These high-frequency sounds are used regularly in medical equipment, medical examinations, or mechanical cleaning in factories.

Exposure to these intense noises will not affect humans as our eardrums cannot vibrate at such a high rate.

Is The Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Cause Damage to Pets?

No, the noise of ultrasonic rat repellent will not cause damage to pets such as cats, parrots, and dogs. 

It will only impact rats, mice squirrels, bat,and spider.

The pets are unable to hear the damning noise of these ultrasound-enabled devices.

Moreover, these instruments are also viable from the perspective of the environment.

Does Ultrasound Penetrate Through Walls?

No, ultrasound cannot penetrate through the walls. 

These waves are unable to move past solid materials like furniture, walls, and doors.

Therefore, you have to remove these obstructions to ensure the required effectiveness of these devices. It is advantageous to utilize more than one unit in a single room with many obstructions.

The sound energy of these waves is depleted within the range of 15 feet when there are obstructions.

In this manner, the defense and offensive action against the rodent problem will enhance significantly. 

Using this methodology will prevent the resurgence of rodent infestation in your homes.

How Much Square Footage Will Each Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Cover?

Technically, the coverage area of an ultrasonic rodent repeller is 1,100 square feet.

However, this area is reduced if there are many obstructions and hurdles in a room.

If there are obstacles or solid materials in the area, you should prefer to use multiple devices to boost your force against a rodent problem.

How Long Will an Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Last?

An ultrasonic rat repellent is a durable product and can last for at least five to seven years. 

This device will keep on repelling rats and rodents indiscriminately through the years.

Furthermore, the best part about these human-friendly and environmentally-friendly devices is that they do not require sequential maintenance.

What Are the Preventive Measures for Degrading Rodent Problem?

Before putting ultrasound devices at work to deter a rodent problem, it is a more calculated approach to follow some preventive measures in the first place.

You should first remove or cover all these food items that attract rats to your house. Pet food, wasted food, dry food, and nutty items are the favorite of these pesky rats.

Therefore, you should store these foods in metal containers. 

Moreover, you should also cover and seal garbage cans as they are the potential target of rodents.

Additionally, you must seal all the small holes or cracks in walls to avoid rodent problems.

Concluding Remarks

These disease-infested rodents are a growing problem in every household.

Forty-five thousand yearly bites, millions of dollars in food contamination, and fire accidents are caused by these pesky rats.

Ultrasonic pest repellent from Thanoshome is the best and safe option to deal with a rodent problem. This device is safe for kids and pets. 

Moreover, it is maintenance-free and portable.