Chickens are not sensitive to ultrasound at low energy levels. They are, however, a bit sensitive to low-frequency sounds (infrasound)

The sound waves of the device are usually silent to humans. Meaning you will not have any health effects.

However, to avoid troubling your chickens, you may need to direct the Yard Gard away from them. And since it is adjustable, you can target the critters you want to get rid of, like dogs, cats, wild pigs, rats, and other predators.

Can you use an ultrasonic pest repeller around chickens?

The yard guard functions by emitting ultrasonic sound waves which irritate pest animals, coercing them to a different place.

Meaning, you do not have to use empathy, yucky traps, or poison to get rid of mice, rats, and other pest animals from your chicken coop.

Therefore, it is crucial to point the guard yard away from your coop so as not to bother your chickens.

Is ultrasonic rodent repeller safe?

Though some people worry that ultrasonic sound can harm human hearing, an ultrasonic rodent repeller is a device with no health effect on you or your family.

The device releases high-frequency noises which pests can only hear.

Does ultrasonic rodent repellent hurt chickens?

Except for the mild irritation in animals’ nasal passages, the distinct blend of different constituents in the ultrasonic reodent repellent only drives the animal away without any minor or severe harm.