Mole Sonic Spike-Upgraded Version

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Say goodbye to mole gopher vole and groundhog, keep them away from Lawn & Garden by emit buzzing sound which can penetrate into the soil. Stop Burrowing Rodent destroy your green yard, plants, NO MORE HILLS.


Faster Solar charging: Using the latest Solar PET Laminate technology to improve the charging performance up to 50%, and solved the charging slow down after use half years problem.

Coverage up to 4000 square feet: Operates in a circular pattern, approximately 70 ft. in diameter. So it is recommended to use 12 solar mole repeller units per acre, insert one every 70 feet

mole sonic spike

Easy to use: Just insert the mole stakes in your garden and turn it on, then it will protect your garden from moles hills day and night, no need replace battery. (No more burrowing pests in 2-3 weeks after successful installation)


Harmless to pets and humans: An ideal method of ridding mole, vole, gopher and groundhog.

2 reviews for Mole Sonic Spike-Upgraded Version

  1. Blaine Losier

    It seems to work.

    Had a mole who kept digging up my garden beds. The mole disappeared since I started using these. And recommend to buy the 8 pack, because it will get the best result. And it is super easy to install as well. Defintely worth a shot if you have a mole or vole problem.

  2. Christina M. Caprio

    The tunnels were gone after one week. Someone said in the review that the noise is too loud, but after turn on this device, I found the noise is very small. So, at the beginning, I even doubt that if it is working or not. But the result proof that I am wrong. And according to the seller saying, this is upgraded version, I will compare with the one I bought one year ago to see how it is going.

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