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Three-ways Solar Animal Repeller (Pro Version)

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Introducing one of the advanced sonic animal repellers on the market today.

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Product options

Unique and groundbreaking design.

Unlike the other solar-powered animal repellers, our Motion Activated Ultrasonic Animal Repeller has three independent ‘faces’ that work together in unison.
Each individual face emits ultrasonic repeller waves, flashing LEDs, and an alarm.
All three faces working together provide true 360-degree coverage.

Unique & effective

Each face of the device includes a passive infrared sensor, two flashing LED lights, and an ultrasonic speaker.

Complete 360-Degree Coverage

PIR sensors with high accuracy and a range of up to 10 meters, the ultrasonic speaker emits 15-50 kHz waves to repel animals with two modes of operation: Silent and Sound (default)

Other Key Features

Solar-powered or USB, with 3 PIR sensors on each of the 3 sides for true 360-degree coverage. IP44 waterproof certified.

Safe & humane

The ultrasonic waves and flashing LEDs deliver disruptive audio frequencies and visual patterns that drive animals away without permanent injury or distress.

24HR mode

The device will work 24 hours, day and night once it detects the invaded animals.

Night mode

The device will be activated only in the night, so it won’t bother you even you walk around it in the daytimes.
animal repeller
animal repeller


How to use the device

Choose the area you want to protect, then decide how to mount the device; directly in the earth using the mounting pole, wall-mounted, or placed directly on a flat surface. Install the device with enough clearance for the sensors! Charge it up and press the power button. Here you’ll also find the alarm button on the bottom of the device. This button controls the alarm sound and lets you choose between the silent and sound mode.

Choose area Identify the best placement location.
Decide which areas are the ones you need to protect, or to where you want to prevent the animals from entering your property.

Install device Wherever you do it, remember the PIR!
Mount the device with a minimum of 20cm of ground clearance and avoid blocking the device’s PIR sensors.

Charge batteries Solar or USB, the choice is yours.
Do this by either leaving it out in the sun or plugging it into a charger using the provided USB cable.

Switch it on Time to get rid of those pests for good!
A two-second press on the power button will turn the unit on. This button also controls the LED light.

Our happy customers say it best

My order arrived super quickly. The product is even better than I hoped it would be. Very happy customer over here!

Sarah A, Chicago

I had to return a purchase that got broken in transit. The whole process was so simple that I ended up ordering two new items!

Kelly M, Las Vegas

Now that I’m on holiday for the summer, I’ll probably order a few more repellent. The quality is excellent and they work everytime.

Chris P, Kentucky

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Recent reviews

  1. Andy Cole (verified owner)

    No more raccoons after using this three faces device.

  2. Jorge Thomas

    It works as they promised, plan to buy more when the summer coming.

  3. Marty Bryant

    In May, I purchased and installed a repellant device to protect my vegetable garden after discovering that all of my brussel sprout plants had been devoured overnight.

    Now, in December, I am pleased to report that the deer no longer venture close to my garden. The device, which continues to function as promised, is still solar-powered and emits a chirping sound whenever there is movement nearby.

    Despite being left outside in extreme weather conditions ranging from 7°F to 105°F, it has held up exceptionally well.

    I am so impressed with its effectiveness that I am planning to purchase a second device to repel stray cat.

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