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The mosquito trap is a 4-in-1 device with contemporary styling and outstanding next-generation efficacy.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Lethal for mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, moths, and other pests, the device uses UVA light technology in conjunction with electric mesh, a baiting station, and a powerful silent fan system to attract, capture, and kill flying insects in the home or office environment.

-UVA light technology, with a wavelength of 365-395nm to attract mosquitoes and flies

-Powerful electric wire mesh, delivering an immediate lethal shock to the insects

-Bionic-breath’ bait station, to lure insects to the kill chamber

-Self-contained fan system with on-off switch, to enable fully silent operation

100% Lethal For Flying Insects

Deadly to flying insects, the fan mechanism can be switched off if entirely silent operation is needed. The item ships with a baiting component ready for installation and can also be used in standalone UVA and electrocution mode.

Safe For Your Family

The product and bait system has been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the United States and is completely safe for indoor home use.

Please remember that the EPA-approved bait system is not intended for human consumption.

If you believe you have consumed something toxic, get medical attention immediately. When the red operation light is illuminated, there is a risk of electric shock. Do not come into contact with the inner metal cylinder when the device is switched on.


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