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Scarecrow Motion Activated Animal Repeller

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Using ultrasonic waves and light flashes, this repeller drives away cats and other animals without harming them.

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Product options

Fed up with neighbourhood cats constantly in your yard?

Our Solar Animal Repellent uses ultrasonic sound and LED lights to help you get rid of cats from your property and keep them away,for good.

The Latest in Sonic Technology

Using a variety of ultrasonic waves and light flashes,the Solar Animal Repellent drives away cats and other animals without harming them.

Wide Coverage

The ultrasonic speaker emits frequencies from 13.5kHz to 45kHz, at sound pressure levels unto 110dB and a 120-degree angle of operation, with a range of up to 8m.

Solar powered and IP65 rated

Solar-powered, with a long-lasting super Li-Ion battery, IP65 waterproof suitable for outdoor use

How it works

The Solar Animal Repellent offers five different modes of operation. Simply turn on the device, and that’s all.

Five Modes of Operation

You can adjust the frequency via the knob target at different animals.

Motion Detection System

The Solar Animal Repellent has a state-of-the-art automatic passive infra-red animal detection system, so you can be sure it’ll see any animals as they approach.
cat repellent


How to use the device

Installation is quick and straightforward

Choose location Where are the critters?
Think about where they may be gaining access to your property, or other trouble areas like bins.

Deploy the unit Is there sunlight?
Once you’ve chosen where to put the device, you need to check there is direct sunlight to keep it charged.

Charge and switch on Charge for 24hrs before first use.
Once it’s been left in the sun for a day, simply switch the device on and let it do its thing.

Enjoy your garden again! No more marauding and uninvited interlopers!
Now your yard has been reclaimed, you can sit back and relax with friends and family.

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Recent reviews

  1. Jacob A (verified owner)

    I purchased this product back in May to protect my precious vegetable garden from pesky critters that had been munching away on my Brussels sprout plants overnight. Fast forward to December and I can confidently say that this repellant has done the job – the deer no longer come anywhere near my garden!

    What’s more, the product’s solar charging feature has been a real plus, keeping it charged up and ready to chirp whenever it detects movement nearby. And despite being left outside in all kinds of weather conditions – from scorching 105°F temperatures to freezing 7°F temps – this thing is still going strong.

    I’m so pleased with the product’s performance that I’m planning on purchasing a second unit and setting it to repel rabbits next. This product has truly lived up to its promises and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep their garden safe from unwanted visitors.

  2. Kyrie P (verified owner)

    Y’all wouldn’t believe the trouble I was havin’ with them darn dogs and cats from the neighborhood comin’ into my yard and causin’ a whole lotta mess. As a proud cowboy, I don’t keep no pets of my own, so I was at my wit’s end tryin’ to deal with their droppings all over the place, not to mention the cats climbin’ all over my cars!

    I tried a cheap solar-powered unit from one of them big-box stores, but it was no good, always needin’ a charge and not doin’ a dang thing to keep them critters away.

    Then I got my hands on this here product, which cost a bit more but let me tell you, it’s been worth every penny. Since I’ve been usin’ it, I ain’t had no more problems with them pesky cats and dogs. They come sniffin’ around, but as soon as they hear that thing go off, they high-tail it outta there faster than a jackrabbit.

    What’s more, this baby’s solar-charged and always stays nearly full, even in the dead of winter when the sun’s barely shinin’. And let me tell you, it’s tough as nails too. One of ’em got swiped from my yard, so I went and got two more – one for the back and one for the front. I’m thinkin’ of gettin’ another one for good measure, just in case.

    All in all, I reckon this product is a real lifesaver for any cowboy or cowgirl lookin’ to keep them varmints out of their yard. Yeehaw!

  3. Christian Baldwin

    After installing two units, one in the front and the other in the back of my house, I was pleasantly surprised to observe that no more cats or dogs had left any unwanted “gifts” in my yard.

    I highly recommend this product, which arrived on time and lived up to its promises.

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