Thanos® Flea Trap


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  • No more spray, no more chemical. Thanos Flea trap will help you to control fleas without having to spray your house with harmful chemicals or putting chemicals on your pet with this powerful flea killer.
  • Ready to use. Plug and play, only takes a seconds to set up. Effective to trap the  flea, months, fly, mosquito, or other flying insects.
  • Safe, Nontoxic, and Odorless. Uses nontoxic and odorless glue strong enough to keep bugs stuck on the disc for easy removal. Safe for pets and your children.
  • 4 pest-trapping modes, different light color at different modes will help to trap the pests more efficiently. And the trap even can lure the trap without the lights.
  • 6 pcs sticky pads will be included with the trap.

flea trap