Battery Operated Under Hood Animal Repellent (AR28)


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This item: Battery Operated Under Hood Animal Repellent (AR28)
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  • Unlike other rodent repellent for cars, this one is not only battery operated, it support multiple operating ways
    • It can be powered by the battery, 4*AA battery ( battery not included in the package)
    • It can connect to the vehicle battery if you don’t want to use the AA battery. 
    • You also can connect to the electric power if you would like to use it indoors.
  • Can be used anywhere as your wish.
  • Best Under Hood animal Repeller: It controls the mouse, rats, and other rodents animals far away from your vehicle by issuing an ultrasonic sound and LED strobe lights 
  • After you switch on the product, it emits the ultrasonic automatically when the vehicle is parking and stops work automatically when the vehicle is moving.
  • This Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent for automobiles is safe for Human: No chemicals, non-toxic. 100% safe to humans and pets, no need to clean up dead pests, no more need to call pest control technician for help; and the ultrasound will not bother human ear. 
  • Energy Saving:  The product will be in standby mode if the vehicle is parking,  to save power.

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