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Burrowing Pests

Burrowing pests can destroy a garden in only a few days. Our comprehensive knowledgebase will arm you with the ability to protect your garden and keep these critters away for good.

What you will learn

  • Facts about the different burrowing pests in North America

  • Typical habits, behaviors and seasonal traits of burrowing pests

  • All the different types of traps, repellents and strategies

  • What they eat, when they breed and other key things to look out for

Learning Hub

Larger Animals & Birds

Larger animals & birds aren't just an inconvenience, they are a very real menace and threat to your home. We've got all the information you need to keep these pest under control for good.

What you will learn

  • Common predators and help to identify which pests you are dealing with

  • The best methods for repelling unwanted animals and birds from your yard

  • All the best trapping options and other tips to scare the pests away

  • Useful tips and advice from the pros who deal with these pests every day

Learning Hub

Rodent, Reptiles & Bats

These are some of the most difficult infestations to manage effectively. They are also carriers of many serious diseases. Our guides and tutorials will help you deal with these pests quickly and help you plan for ongoing pest control.

What you will learn

  • All about the different pests and breeds in the rodent, reptile & bat category

  • Their habits, what they eat, when they breed and other critical things to know

  • All your trapping options, from humane & no-kill, to deadly force

  • All your repelling options and the best way to implement them

Learning Hub

Insects & Creepy-Crawlies

These are the pests that most people fear, and for good reason! They're not just disgusting, they carry some of the most debilitating diseases. Some even have a bite or sting that can kill. And we're here to help you find out the best way to protect your loved-ones.

What you will learn

  • The different types of pests and the best ways to kill them

  • How to effectively and proactively, protect you home

  • All your commercially available trapping and repelling options

  • All about the natural repelling options, what works and what doesnt!

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