What Happens If You Touch an Electric Fly Swatter?

The shock of the electric fly swatter is good enough to kill flies and for controlling biting mosquitoes. However, it is not causing any hurt to you.

An electric fly swatter is a racket-shaped electrical screen device aimed to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects via electrocution.

An electric fly swatter has electrical cords having 3,000 volts. The electric shock of these electrical devices can easily kill small insects or any other tiny bug, but not hurt to human.


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Does Touching a Fly Zapper Hurt?

An Electrical fly killer contact generates heat, and it is the heat that is more harmful rather than the electrical current. One should not mistake heat as a harmless content of zapper.

Direct contact with electric lines of metallic mesh can cause second-degree burns on rare occasions.

will You Being Shocked with An Electric Fly-Swatter?


When the screen touches any part of your body, you will feel an electric flash shock. 

The shock of the electric bug device is good enough to repel flies and for controlling biting mosquitoes. However, it is NOT causing any hurt to you, and it is also NOT sufficient to stop your heart. 

Can Electric Fly Swatters Harm Your Pets?


The latest versions of this device have a protective layer above the electrified wires.

Therefore, it will NOT harm your pets with electrical shock.

How Do Electric Fly Swatter Work?

The mosquito killer racket works on the principle of electrocution. An electric fly swatter shock is more than enough for killing airborne mosquitoes.

The fly swatter works by eliminating insects using the electric flash of 3,000 volts.

What Is the Key Difference Between a Bug Zapper and A Bug Swatter?

There is no difference in the working mechanism of an indoor bug zapper and an electrical swatter.

The tiny holes in the electric grid of both devices kill flies and other unwanted flying pests indiscriminately.

The only difference between the two electrical devices is that a bug zapper operates itself by luring the pests with light.

On the other hand, the electrical swatter has to be used manually like a tennis racket.

Safe, Humane & Non-Toxic.

What Are the Precautionary Measures While Using an Electric Fly Swatter?

You should not use these electrical instruments near flammable surfaces.

Moreover, do not use these devices to kill pests near the food preparation areas.

The harmful particles from the dead bodies of the pests can contaminate the food. Consequently, it will be a risk to human health.

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