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What Happens If You Touch an Electric Fly Swatter?

Yes, it Is absolutely safe to use bug zappers around your kids since they will not get a shock even if they touch them.

May 18, 2022

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What Is an Electric Fly Swatter?

An electric fly swatter is a racket-shaped electrical screen device aimed to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects via electrocution.

An electric fly swatter has electrical cords having 3,000 volts. The electric shock of these electrical devices can easily kill small insects or any other tiny bug.

What Is the Structure of a Large Electric Bug Zapper?

A bug zapper has a cage-like structure with two metal rods at the center. There is a high intensity of current between the two rods.

These electrified rods have ultraviolet light to attract airborne mosquitoes and as many bugs as possible. The rods are only accessible to small insects and flies due to the protective cage covering.

How Do Electric Fly Killers Work?

The mosquito killer racket works on the principle of electrocution. An electric fly swatter shock is more than enough for killing airborne mosquitoes.

The fly swatter works by eliminating insects using the electric flash of 3,000 volts.

What Are the Benefits of Using Electric Fly Swatters?

·         The electric flash swatter, like other electrical devices, is very easy to use.

·         The electric grid wires of the racket-shaped electrical screen devices kill flies.

·         It is free from any deadly toxic and other chemicals.

·         A mosquito racket is safe for humans as the electrical grid is surrounded by a protective layer.

Does Touching a Fly Zapper Hurt?

An Electrical fly killer contact generates heat, and it is the heat that is more harmful rather than the electrical current. One should not mistake heat as a harmless content of zapper.

Direct contact with electric lines of metallic mesh can cause second-degree burns on rare occasions.

Can You Shock Yourself with An Electric Fly-Swatter?

Yes, you can shock yourself when the screen touches your body. When the screen touches any part of your body, you will feel an electric flash shock of 3,000 volts.

Can An Electric Fly-Swatter Stop Your Heart?

The shock of the electric bug device is good enough to repel flies and for controlling biting mosquitoes. However, it is not sufficient to stop your heart.

Stopping a heart by the electrical current will require an extremely high intensity of current applied for too long a time.

Can A Handheld Bug Zapper Hurt a Human?

A handheld bug zapper contact generates electric current and heat that can surely hurt human health. The outdoor electrical appliance has 3,000 volts in it, and therefore, it can cause minor to medium injuries.

In direct contact cases, the zapper hurt a human indiscriminately.

Does A Fly Zapper Kill Biting Flies?

Yes, this swatter will kill insects and will also disrupt the insect breeding cycle as these devices continue killing bugs.

What is The Killing Methodology of Zappers?

The killing methodology of bug zappers is based on electrocution. According to the American mosquito control association, outdoor bug zappers are an effective tool to deter unwanted pests.

The bug zappers inside homes will play a significant role in pest control while making an electric crackle sound.

Can Ultraviolet Light Draw Insects?

Yes, the UV light of a bug zapper will attract insects. Insects are fond of light and heat. Therefore, the UV light produced by bug zappers is good enough to lure unwanted pests into the outdoor bug zappers. The light produced also creates a heated environment that is favorable for insects.

What Is the Intensity of Current in Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers have 3,000 volts running between the two rods of the electrified grid. That much intensity of the electrical shock is more than enough to take down any flying insect regardless of size.

What Is the Key Difference Between a Bug Zapper and A Bug Swatter?

There is no difference in the working mechanism of an indoor bug zapper and an electrical swatter. The tiny holes in the electric grid of both devices kill flies and other unwanted flying pests indiscriminately.

The only difference between the two electrical devices is that a bug zapper operates itself by luring the pests with light.

On the other hand, the electrical swatter has to be used manually like a tennis racket.

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How Much Electricity Is Consumed by Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers consume a very low amount of electricity. If you leave bug zapper of two units operational all night, it will consume electricity worth 30 cents. Thus, it is a cost-effective solution to deter the infestation of pests.

Can Fly Swatters Harm Your Pets?

Yes, this household device can harm your pets if you mistakenly strike them with it. In addition, the latest versions of this device have a protective layer above the electrified wires.

Therefore, the latest protective devices will not harm your pets with electrical shock.

Why Is An Insect Unable to Detect an Incoming Electric Fly Swatter?

Insects and flies can easily detect a very obvious change in their surroundings. The reducing air resistance due to an incoming object will alarm these pests of potential danger.

However, the bug zapper rackets have been designed such that they do not disturb the air resistance. Thus, the insects have no idea that an electrical killer is approaching them.

What Is the Best Killer of Flying Bugs?

The Thanos electric fly swatter is the best killer to eliminate flying pests indiscriminately. It is hassle-free to use and does not have any deadly toxic and other chemicals.

The double layer of metallic mesh over the electric wires makes Thanos’s electric fly swatters safe. This device deflects smaller insects as well as larger flying pests. You can also use glue board along with these devices to boost your force against unwanted pests.

What Are the Precautionary Measures While Using an Electric Zapper?

You should not use these electrical instruments near flammable surfaces. Moreover, do not use these devices to kill pests near the food preparation areas.

The harmful particles from the dead bodies of the pests can contaminate the food. Consequently, it will be a risk to human health.

Where Can You Use a Racket Fly Zapper?

You can use zappers both indoors and outdoors. You can also use them even when on a hiking trip or at a camping site.

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What Types of Bugs Are Killed by Stationary Bug Zappers?

Stationary bug zappers only kill those bugs that are attracted to the UV light produced by the zapper, such as sand flies and deer flies. Unfortunately, some harmless pests such as moths are also attracted to the UV light produced by the bug zappers.

What Types of Bugs Are Killed by Electric Swatter?

The swatter will kill bugs indiscriminately because you are operating it manually. You have the discretion of killing any flying bug you want.

What Are the Harmful Impacts of a Bug Zapper?

The bug zappers do not have many harmful impacts. The only impact is that they may contaminate food when used in areas of food preparation.

Can A Bug Zapper Hurt You Pets?

No, the bug zappers cannot harm your pets since the tiny holes of these zappers do not allow the pets to touch the electrified grid wires.

Is It Safe to Use Bug Zappers Around Kids?

Yes, it Is absolutely safe to use bug zappers around your kids since they will not get a shock even if they touch them.

The holes on the frame of the bug zapper are so small that the hands of the kids will not be able to pass through to touch the electrified wires.

Can A Bug Zapper Cause Fire Hazard?


The electrical flash near any flammable object will cause a fire hazard. Therefore, you must keep bug zappers away from flammable objects.

Do Bug Zappers Spread Diseases?

Bug zappers may contaminate the food on rare occasions. But there has been no evidence so far regarding the spread of diseases from the use of a bug zapper.

Where To Use a Bug Zapper Indoors?

You can use them anywhere, but it is preferable to use them near the areas of infestation.

Will You Get Hurt After Touching the Screen of a Bug Zapper?

Yes, you will get hurt if you have direct interaction with the electrified grid. You may suffer minor burn injuries as well.

Are Bug Zappers and Fly Swatting Devices Safe to Use? Final Thoughts

Yes, Thanos bug zappers and swatters are safe to use since they have a protective layer of mesh over the electrified wires. You will be able to get of pests without any fear of getting yourself harmed.

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