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Electronic Rat Trap

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Our powerful and bestselling electric rat trap gets an upgrade, with a set of moveable frames and an anti-escape door.

Product options

Product options

Kill rats quickly and effectively

Trap & dispatch filthy rats and other vermin, with no messy cleanups from snap-style traps required. 

Proven technology

These traps work, are easy to deploy and easy to maintain.

Highly effective

This electric Mouse Trap has the no-escape design keeps the rodent in place while generating 6,000-9,000V of high-voltage shock kills mice in seconds, without any pain or suffering, non poisonous, safe and reliable.

Protection switch

Our Electronic Rat Zapper only activates when it detects a rodent inside the trap, using a safety protection switch to prevent mistake electric shock to person – preventing false zaps while protecting children and small pets.

Safe & reliable

Protecting your whole family, this is serious technology you can rely on to get the job done.

No see – No touch

Dump the rodents into the trash for a safe, clean, no-see, no-touch disposal. You’ll never have to touch or see the rodent. Removable kill chamber for easy baiting and cleaning.

Power Supply

Use micro-electronic circuit technology for product design, with Rechargeable battery, suitable for long life operation. Per set of new batteries can supply electronic shock for 20-30 times. When you use it, you can charge it via USB or a installing a 3.7V Lithium battery.
electronic rat trap

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My order arrived super quickly. The product is even better than I hoped it would be. Very happy customer over here!

Sarah A, Chicago

I had to return a purchase that got broken in transit. The whole process was so simple that I ended up ordering two new items!

Kelly M, Las Vegas

Now that I’m on holiday for the summer, I’ll probably order a few more traps. The quality is excellent and they work everytime.

Chris P, Kentucky

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Recent reviews

  1. Gavin S (verified owner)

    We were having some trouble with mice in our garage and we didn’t even realize it until we started catching one every day using snap traps.

    Unfortunately, the little guys moved into our office and started wreaking havoc, so we needed a more effective way to catch them quickly.

    That’s when we found this trap, did it do the job?

    We haven’t seen any mice since we started using it. This trap is incredibly efficient at catching multiple mice in no time, and it dispatches them quickly so the bait lasts longer.

    And clean up?

    It’s a breeze!

    Just slide the drawer out and dump the dead mouse – no mess, no fuss. Trust us, this trap is worth every penny. Highly recommended!

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electronic rat trap

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