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Do coffee grounds repel gophers?

Yes, coffee grounds can be used on gophers, but not just gophers, other burrowing animals too. Fresh coffee grounds instantly repel garden moles as well.

March 22, 2022

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Do coffee grounds repel gophers

Hey there, green thumbs and nature lovers!

If you’ve ever had to deal with the pesky critters known as gophers, you know they can be a real headache for any proud homeowner or gardener.

Amidst the usual pest control options, you’ve likely heard of coffee grounds as a natural solution.

But do coffee grounds really repel gophers?

Grab a cup of joe, and let’s dig into this interesting topic together.

First things first—why are gophers such a nuisance?

These underground dwellers love munching on your carefully cultivated plants, causing damage to gardens and lawns.

They’re not only gnawing through your green beans but also creating unsightly mounds and holes that can ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Clearly, a solution is needed—but is the answer lying in your coffee mug?

The Allure of Coffee Grounds

The use of coffee grounds as a natural repellent isn’t new.

From keeping ants at bay to fertilizing plants, the old coffee ground seems to be a Jack-of-all-trades in home remedies.

The idea is that the strong smell and acidic nature of coffee grounds create an inhospitable environment for pests.

But let’s brew over the facts to see if this holds true for gophers.

What Science Says

Surprisingly, there is limited scientific research to support the claim that coffee grounds effectively repel gophers.

Some studies do suggest that certain rodents, including rats and mice, are deterred by the smell of coffee.

However, gophers have a different biology and dietary preference that make them less likely to be repelled by the same substances.

So, if you’re looking for a foolproof, science-backed solution, coffee grounds might not be your best bet.

Expert Opinions

Dr. Jane Field, an ecologist specializing in wildlife behavior, notes, “While coffee grounds might offer some deterrent effects, they’re certainly not a silver bullet. Gophers are highly adaptable creatures and can quickly get used to new smells or tastes in their environment.”

So, the expert view seems to echo the scientific skepticism.

Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Grounds

Let’s brew this down into a simple list of advantages and disadvantages:


Eco-friendly: Coffee grounds are a waste product that you’d otherwise throw away.

Cheap: No need to spend extra bucks on specialized repellents.

Easy to apply: Just sprinkle around the problem areas.


Not scientifically proven: As mentioned, limited studies support its effectiveness.

Messy: Wet coffee grounds can attract other pests like ants and flies.

Temporary solution: Even if it works, you’ll need to reapply frequently.

Alternative Solutions

If you’re looking for more proven methods, you might consider:

Ultrasonic repellents: Emit sound waves that deter gophers.

Trapping: More labor-intensive but effective.

Professional services: When all else fails, calling in the pros is a solid choice.

FAQ Section

Can I use any type of coffee grounds?

Generally, any coffee grounds should work, but freshly used ones are more potent.

Will coffee grounds benefit my plants?

Yes, they can act as a mild fertilizer but should not replace regular fertilization.

What about pets?

Most pets don’t like the smell of coffee, and it’s generally safe unless consumed in large quantities.


So, to answer the brewing question: Do coffee grounds repel gophers?

The evidence is not strong enough to confidently say yes.

While it’s an eco-friendly and low-cost method that’s worth a shot, don’t rely on it as your sole solution.

Latest Comments

  1. Coffee grounds change the soil composition which might deter gophers for a bit, but it’s no long-term solution.

  2. I think it could also be the smell of coffee that makes gophers uncomfortable.

  3. Agree. I’ve seen them back in areas I thought I’d cleared with grounds. Annoying little critters!

  4. Coffee grounds haven’t worked for me. Gophers still run wild in my veggie garden. Anyone have a tried and true method?

  5. You might need something stronger. Have you tried a mix of castor oil and dish soap sprayed around the garden?

  6. Hello, Maybe you can try Sonic Repeller stake and coffee grounds might help you.

  7. You might need something stronger. Have you tried a mix of castor oil and dish soap sprayed around the garden?

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