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Are Humane Mouse Traps Really Humane?

In the real sense of it, humane mouse traps can turn inhumane under some conditions so no trap is really 100% humane.

March 7, 2022

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humane mouse trap


Seeing mice running around your home can be an irritating and scary sight.

No one wants to turn on the lights when trying to get water at 2 am only to see mice looking for where to hide. Even if you are not someone who loves to kill pests, you still have to find ways to eliminate them.

Are humane traps humane?

In the real sense of it, humane mouse traps can turn inhumane under some conditions so no trap is really 100% humane. Take for example an electric trap. While it is true the rat was killed instantly with a jolt of electricity, the rat died a painful death by electrocution.

Just because a humane mouse trap is not designed to kill a mouse slowly does not mean it can’t cause pain.

Live traps can be inhumane if you do not check them for days as the mouse will die of starvation, exhaustion and frustration because of staying in one place. Mice and rats, like other animals, get scared when they feel trapped and this could make them die even faster.

How long can a mouse live in a humane trap?

A mouse can live for some hours in a humane trap, depending on how it is constructed. If the trap has additional air holes and space for the mouse to move about like this one, then it can survive for about 6-8 hours.

Our trap is completely safe for both kids and pets as it does not use harmful chemicals. What’s more? You don’t have to spend money buying a new glue or snap trap everytime you catch a rat as our trap is completely washable and reusable.

But if you use a trap with limited ventilation, the mouse might just die off in 2-3 hours. You are responsible for the mouse as far as it is in a live trap, so anything that happens to the mouse while it is there is your responsibility.

Is a glue board a humane mouse trap?

No. Glue boards are not in anyway humane to mice.

Glue boards can give you the illusion of being safer and more effective for catching house mice. Sadly, glue boards are still inhumane mice traps and can result in serious damage to the mouse.

Glue boards contain a high amount of thick, caustic glue, which is not easy for the mouse to escape from. This glue also slowly eats away the mouse’s fur. If most of the mouse’s body is caught in the trap, it will try as much as possible to free itself. Most times, the mice can’t get out of the traps and continue to struggle.

The thing is that as the mice keep struggling, they fall deeper and deeper into the glue. After a long time of struggling, trapped animals are either due from starvation death, or self-injury. Of course, this is not humane as the mice die in agony.

Do humane mouse traps work better?

We have shown you the difference between humane and inhumane traps. One question still remains: which of these traps are better?

If you have a mouse problem or you really do not care about being humane to mice, then you are likely to go with the most effective option instead.

Thaos humane live mouse trap is effective in catching the mice. And they are widely used in the United States.

humane mouse trap


While it is very true that you need to get rid of mice and other animals as soon as you spot them in your home, you should also use humane methods to kill them as fast as possible. Remember, they can feel pain too.

Humane pest control methods do not just favor the rats alone but you too. With humane methods, it’s easier to keep away from infections, stop a mouse invasion and anything else the rodent might be carrying.

Do not forget to carry out pest control measures that repel rodents: this will reduce their population and keep those furry companions away from your home.

Rodents enjoy places that are dirty and untidy, where they can always see what to eat and destroy.

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