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How To Keep Bears Away?

Bears are deadly mammals that have an extraordinary sense of smell in the animal kingdom.

November 25, 2022

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how to keep bear away


What Are Bears and Their General Behavior?

Bears are omnivorous mammals that are found in almost every continent of the world. However, the major population of bears is in the North American continent.

There are eight distinguishing species of these wild animals spanning across the globe. Among these eight species, brown bears, grizzly bears, and black bears are the topmost in terms of population.

Generally, bears are considered tolerant wild animals. However, a black bear and a grizzly bear are more territorial than other members of the species.

The bear territory of a grizzly bear or a black bear is not a good place to hang around as these animals will do anything to protect their territories and cubs.

What Attract Bears to Your Property?

A bear’s sense of smell is its strength and the most dominant in the animal kingdom. The sense of smell of bears is more vital to them than their claws. It is pertinent to mention that a bear can sense a smell from 20 miles.

Moreover, the polar bear has even higher sensing powers and can sense smell from a distance of 40 miles. Black bears sense range between 15 to 20 miles.

Therefore, you are more likely to attract bears if you are camping in a bear country as these wild animals can smell human food, compost pile, food scraps, and food trash.

A hungry bear can smell trash cans, food smells, fruit trees, and bird feeders on your property. Without any iota of doubt, trash cans are the topmost things that attract bears.

The food sources in your house attract bears from miles away. These wild animals are omnivorous, and therefore, they can easily find ample food sources in any house.

Furthermore, the food storage area and the berry bushes in your yard also attract bears. Since these are omnivores, they also feed on bird feeders. A bird feeder on your lawn is also an attractant for the bear.

Is Pet Food an Attractant for Bears?

Yes, pet food is a good attractant for a bear. A bear can smell the wet pet food from 20 miles. Therefore, it is advisable never to place pet food outdoors after the sun goes down.

Furthermore, you should cover the food of your pets when they are not eating.

How Do You Keep Bears Off Your Property?

There are many methods to keep a black bear away from your property.

First of all, you can use a bear fence around your property to limit the access of these animals. An electric fence is also good to use, a more aggressive version of a normal bear fence.

Bears hate loud noises, and therefore, you can use the solar animal repellent from Thanoshome to keep these bears away. This easy-to-use repellent emits high-intensity ultrasonic waves that will cause immense irritation to these black bears and all the other bears.

You can also use your family pet to avoid bears, such as a dog.

A black bear is unlikely to engage in an encounter with a dog. Thus, a barking dog on your property will instill fear in the bears, and they will stay away.

How To Discourage Bears Once They Have Entered Your Property?

You can discourage bears even when they have already entered your property. You can use a garden hose and counter them with high-pressure water.

As a preventive measure, you should harvest fruit from the trees of your garden to keep these unwanted bears away from your property. Moreover, you should clear any fallen fruits near the tree trunk.

Apart from a garden hose, you can also use bear spray to ward off these unwanted mammals from your property.

How To Keep Bears Away from Your Camping Site?

You can keep bears away from your camping sites by following generally laid out rules and regulations. The first and foremost thing is that you must not place your camp near the berry bushes and berry patches.

Moreover, you must store your items having high scent in a bear bag or bear-proof container. You should do all the cooking at your camping site away from the sleeping location.

You should throw the trash cans away from your camping site. Trash cans are the favorite food source for a bear. The compost pile should be kept closed as it is irresistible for bears.

What Must You Do If You Face a Bear During Camping?

A bear encounter is no less than s scary nightmare. This animal can easily overpower humans and can even run way faster than humans. Therefore, you will have to adopt a different strategy once you encounter a bear during camping.

After an immediate encounter with a bear, you should remain calm. Otherwise, you may provoke it for an attack. You can also play dead if you think the bear will come nearer.

Playing dead is an old trick, and it works if executed properly. To play dead, lay down and move your knees close to your chest, covering your body with your hands.

During the whole process, while you play dead, hold your breath. The bear will not harm you if you play dead properly, as explained. Shouting while raising your hands is also a good way to scare away a bear.

A bear hates loud noises, and you can use these noises to scare this beast after an encounter. Always remember not to run away after having an encounter with a bear.

It is likely that the bear will consider it a threat and will run after you. It will catch you easily as bears run much faster than humans. Therefore, you must not run away or turn your back on a bear.

Last but not least, a firearm should be the last resort when all your options of survival against a possible bear attack have failed.

What Must You Do When You Are Under a Bear Attack?

There have been several deadly encounters when a bear has attacked humans.

Bears have mauled humans to death in these incidents of attacks. However, attack incidents are very rare, but you must be well-versed with the options you must have when under attack.

The first defense against an attack would be pepper bear spray.

If it fails, you should do anything you get to protect yourself from the bear, such as a stone or stick.

However, a firearm should be the last resort when you are out of all other options.

Are Solar Repellents Good for Keeping Bears at Bay?

The definitive answer to this question is that solar animal repellents are extremely effective to repel bears. These devices are very easy to use.

A solar animal repellent uses high-intensity ultrasonic waves to deter these unwanted animals. Bears hate loud noises, and therefore, these devices will keep bears away from the area of installation.

These devices have a coverage area of 2,500 square meters, and you can also use them at your camping sites to keep bears away.

What Is the Best Deterrent for Bears?

Solar animal repeller from Thanoshome is the best deterrent for bears. This high-intensity ultrasonic device uses ultrasonic waves to cause immense irritation to these black bears.

It is very easy to use as you only have to turn on its power, and it will use solar energy from the sun to keep operational all the time while emitting high-intensity sound waves.

What Are the Advantages of Using Solar Animal Repeller?

·         It is a cost-effective solution to keep a black bear away from your property.

·         This repellent is a humane way to ward off these unwanted animals.

·         The solar repellent does not require any maintenance.

·         It is not harmful to humans as they cannot hear the sound of high-intensity ultrasonic waves.

How To Keep Bears Away? Concluding Remarks

Bears are deadly mammals that have an extraordinary sense of smell in the animal kingdom. These animals can smell food scraps, food trash, pet food, bird feeders, and other food items from a distance of 20 miles.

Therefore, one must take great care if they live or are camping in a bear country. The best way to avoid these bears is to use the solar-powered animal repeller. This repellent device uses ultrasonic waves that will keep bears at arm’s length from your property and camping site.

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