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Rats are invading YOUR Home – here’s how to fix it for good. (fast and non-toxic solution)

The Thanos® Electronic Rat Trap is the ultimate in rodent control.Delivering a humane, high-voltage shock to kill rats that enter the chamber

October 22, 2021

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Your Home is no place for rats, but that’s exactly what is happening all over America right now.

And it’s not just an inconvenience. It’s hazardous for your family.

Rats carry germs and diseases that cause diarrhea, vomiting, and fever – especially in kids.

Some are even allergic to rodent hair, urine, and feces, setting off breathing difficulties, skin rashes, and sometimes much, much worse.

For anyone who has experienced mice and rats invading your Home, everyone agrees it is something you need to sort without delay.

You could use poisons, glue boards, or traditional ‘snap traps’. But these are not ideal and come with their own set of problems.

Traditional kill traps are dangerous and potentially lethal to pets and children.

Imagine your child trapping a finger in a wooden snap trap or your family pet eating all the deadly poison meant for the dirty rodents.

And let’s not forget there’s also the clean-up required to get rid of the dead rat – a ‘hands-on’ super messy and stinky job. Not to mention how seriously unhygienic it is.

So what’s the best method to deal with these disgusting pests once and for all?

Thanos® Electronic Rat Trap >>>

Starving, Angry & Cannibalistic – an invasion of rats is happening right now!

According to NBC News, while we were sheltering in place during the pandemic, it caused an unintended and entirely unwelcome consequence.

Mass migration of rat colonies in search of new food sources.

In New Orleans, a viral video posted on YouTube showed swarms of rats taking to the streets to find food. And officials said social distancing is to blame.

This is a global problem, with super-sized plagues of rodents being reported across Australia, in capital cities like Paris, France, and throughout Europe.

And here in the US, we have 8 of the top 10 western cities with the worst rat infestations, with NYC topping the list at the number one position Globally.

All those rats and mice whose food sources have vanished are now fighting with one another over scraps.

These colonies are in search of food and shelter. And that’s bringing them right to your front door.

‍You need a fast, reliable, and 100% safe way to deal with them and keep them out for good.

Introducing the Thanos Electronic Rat Trap

100% effective and family-safe method (better than traditional traps).

The Thanos Home Electronic Rat Trap is the safest and most effective way to quickly deal with rodent infestations for good.

Having these clever devices installed around your Home means any rat scouting for a new nest for the colony will be stopped dead in their tracks. Literally.

And that’s before they even have a chance to settle their family next to yours.

So make sure to protect your Home today: Click here to confirm stock levels in your State right now!

Smart Americans are Protecting Their Families from the rodent invasion using this device

Take a moment to think about this…

A global migration of rodents is happening right now. Swarms of rats up and down the States are searching for food and shelter.

Have you got the defenses in place to protect your Home?

If not, you need to act now and act fast.

Good news, the Thanos Electronic Rat Trap is available for immediate shipping from a warehouse near you.

The bad news….

Massive demand from smart Americans just like you, means supplies are running out fast.

How Does The Thanos® Electronic Rat Trap Work?

Powered by a replaceable 3.7v lithium battery or the convenient built-in USB rechargeable battery, the Thanos Electronic Rat Zapper is good for 20-30 traps per charge.

Featuring a no-escape design, the device delivers a 6,000-9,000V shock. It only activates when it detects a rodent inside the trap, preventing false triggers from children or pets.

The removable inner chamber is designed for easy baiting and cleaning.

Simply deploy where you need it – in the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. – or any place you have spotted them before.

With a much welcomed ‘No see, No touch’ mechanism, you’ll never have to touch or see the dead rodent. Simply dump directly into the trash for a safe, clean, no-see, no-touch disposal.