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Does Cat Urine Repel Voles?

Kitty litter is the easiest way to keep away voles. Cat is the ultimate predator of the voles. Any presence of kitty litter near the vicinity of voles scares them away.

March 6, 2022

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What Are Voles?

Voles are the most common garden pests belonging to the family of rodents.

These rodents are found in North and South America. A vole is sometimes referred to as a meadow vole because of its attraction towards the meadow.

Moreover, prairie voles are more common in the North American region. A prairie vole is similar to that of a meadow vole except for the color of fur.

The color of prairie fur is greyish, while traditional meadow voles are brown.

The size of voles ranges from 8 to 23 cm. The size is greater than a mouse and smaller than a gopher or moles. Furthermore, more than 150 common species of voles exist across the continent.

Among all these species, meadow voles are the common ones.

How To Identify the Presence of Voles in Your Garden?

Identifying the presence of voles in your yard is much easier than identifying moles and gophers. While gophers and moles make tunnels deep down, voles prefer to make the tunneling system near the surface.

Hence, you can visibly see a clear tunnels trail on your turf surface.

Furthermore, there is no mound of dirt outside a vole hole. Mole holes have dirt mound at their holes of burrows.

However, voles do not leave behind the mounds outside the entrance of their tunnels. You can identify voles through unusual soil amendments on your garden’s turf.

How To Differentiate Voles from Other Rodents?

Over half of the voles’ species are very similar in characteristics to other rodents. Therefore, people often confuse them with ground squirrels.

In addition, they are also compared with moles and gophers. The eyes and ears of a vole are very small. Its ears are covered beneath its fur.

You can differentiate a vole from a mole by looking at the holes of tunnels. There is no mound outside the hole of a vole’s burrow.

On the other hand, there are conical mounds of dirt outside each hole of the mole’s burrow. Hence, one can clearly differentiate voles from moles through this factor.

Moreover, you can see the track of the tunneling system of voles near the ground’s surface. The disturbed soil on the surface in a tunnel format will confirm the presence of voles.

mole vole gopher

Will Used Cat Litter Keep Voles Away?

Kitty litter is the easiest way to keep away voles.

Cat is the ultimate predator of the voles. Any presence of kitty litter near the vicinity of voles scares them away. They can smell the kitty litter, and it gives them a warning sign with a presence of a cat nearby.

Follow the advice of kitty litter to use it as a humane method for deterring voles. Used kitty litter is effective for a short-term basis. However, you have to repeat the process repeatedly to keep voles away from your garden’s premises.

A cat lover homeowner is in great relief since they can get rid of voles in a rather cheap and easy-to-implement method. A tom cat walking your yard is the biggest enemy of voles.

Furthermore, a cat turns psycho once it gets the sight of voles. A used kitty litter is a proactive approach to dealing with voles.

How To Use Kitty Litter to Bring Down Vole Population?

You can place the used kitty litter at the opening of the vole’s hole.

You can also put them down in the tunnels, apart from placing them outside. It will create a fear in the voles, and they will leave the vicinity for good. Voles are creatures that get afraid in the blink of an eye. Therefore, the litter of cats will be a death sentence for moles.

Does Used Kitty Litter Idea Really Work?

Yes, it works for keeping voles away from the premises of your garden.

It helps in effectively controlling the infestation of voles. This idea requires continuous implementation over some time to get effective results. A rainfall will require the use of the litter of the cat again for better results.

What Are the Advantages of Using Cat Litter?

This method of using litter of cats has numerous advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is a humane method to ward off voles from your yard.
  • Using the litter of cats is a costless method since you only need a cat as a pet.
  • It is very easy to implement. You have only to place the litter at the openings of holes.

Is Fox Urine Better in Repelling Voles?

Yes, it is indeed a good option to fight against voles.

The voles run away from the smell of fox urine because they are the ultimate predators of voles. So, one must use this method to eliminate voles’ infestation.

How To Get Rid of Voles? Final Thoughts

Getting rid of voles is a major goal of homeowners who love their yard.

The litter of cats is the very easy-to-use method to control voles’ infestation.

You can easily tame a cat and use its litter to downsize the presence of voles in your yard.

Last but not least, the use of sonic repellent is also very beneficial. It is a very cheap method that uses solar energy and a rechargeable battery to force the voles away from your property.

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