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Do electronic rodent repellents really work?

if you have a mouse problem, one of the effective methods you could deploy to have a mouse free home is to use ultrasonic rodent repellent devices.

March 7, 2022

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Having pest problems can be one of the most frustrating things you can experience. Everything in your home, storage, or garden is not safe.

When that happens, the only thing that comes to mind is looking for effective ways to get rid of these little creatures.

Find out one of the things you can do in this article about ultrasonic pest repellers.

What are Electronic Rodent Repellents?

Electronic rodent repellents are devices designed to deter pests by using high frequency sound waves.

These electronic devices sometimes require connection to an electrical outlet for operation. Others are battery operated.

They often come as sonic devices or ultrasonic pest control devices.

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic pest repellers are mostly used in homes and gardens because of its level of effectiveness. These ultrasonic devices emit ultrasonic sound waves that affects the psychological state of household pests. However, these devices have no effect on human ears because the sound emitted are above human hearing.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Examples

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

It is the commonest type and this device often uses an ultrasonic sound and an electromagnetic chips to deter pests from your property. It requires connection to an electrical outlet.

This device produces sound up to 90 Hz., which can be picked up by mouse and other pests like insects, cockroaches, etc. Ultimately, this sound disorients their hearing and nervous system, and are forced to leave that location.

Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

It is another special type of ultrasonic rodent repeller. Some manufacturers design this device to come with high frequency sounds and flashing led light.

It is a suitable choice in areas out of electricity to drive away rodents.

Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest and Animal Repellent

Another choice of ultrasonic repellent is the solar-powered. The device is also designed to emit sound and to use motion-activated lights to repel rodents.

It is a suitable choice of device to use in places without electricity or limited access to batteries.

Do ultrasonic pest repellers work on mice?

Yes, they do.

When listing domestic pests, rats and mice are definitely on the top.

So, if you have a mouse problem, one of the effective methods you could deploy to have a mouse free home is to use ultrasonic rodent repellent devices.

The sound from the ultrasonic device prevent rodents from nesting, settling, or feeding in a particulular area.

Mouse are destructive animals and are capable of spreading contamination. Thus, one way you can limit their activity and get them for good is using this device.

ultrasonic pest repeller with strobe light

Does an Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Affect Human Hearing?

What makes ultrasonic pest repellers unique is that they produce high pitched sounds that only affect insects and other pests, and not humans.

The high frequency sound cannot be heard by humans because it is out of range; however, it is irritating to rodents.

If you have rodent pets, they are not safe either. However, pets like cats, dogs are unaffected.

Are ultrasonic pest repellents effective?

Ùltrasonic pest repellers are one of the pest control methods commonly used at home and anywhere else with rodent problem.

It is one of the safest methods because it doesn’t involve chemicals that may be detrimental to humans neither do the ultrasonic sounds affect the human ears..

What is the most effective rodent repellent?

Ultrasonic pest repellers work in more than extraordinary ways if they are from the right manufacturer.

One of the best brands on the market is the business of making ultrasonic repellents is Thanos. Here is a review of their product.

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Thanos Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Review

If you have a rat problem, Thanos Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is the best option to go for. This device is high-tech, emitting ultrasonic waves capable of irritating nervous and audio systems of these pesky creatures.

It is a bionic and ultrasonic device with 12W high power capable of working indoors. The effective range is around 6458 square feet.



  • Not suitable to use outdoors and in high temperature or humid areas


In one way or another, people might have to deal with a pest problem in their homes. When that time comes, utilizing the best methods is the only solution.

Regarding the level of effectiveness, your best bet is to go for ultrasonic pest repellers. It is one pest control technique that can never go wrong, as long as you choose the right brand.