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Will human urine repel moles?

Research has proven that, for one, meadow voles will not come near any area treated with red fox urine or bobcat urine.

March 6, 2022

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Moles have a highly developed sense of smell – this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Research has shown that moles smell in stereo-, a skill not possessed by many animals. Moles have poor vision, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food and stay away from predators.

Since they can smell so well, moles dislike certain smells. Human urine is amongst those smells.

Human urine may not repel moles all the time, but occasionally the concentration of ammonia in the urine increases, making it give off a pungent odor.

Normal urine is usually odorless – it only starts to smell bad when the ammonia concentration increases.

A high concentration of ammonia in the urine can be due to dehydration, Urinary tract infections, certain foods, pregnancy, kidney disease, or liver disease.

When a person with highly concentrated ammonia urine pees in mole tunnels, mole holes, or molehills, the scent of ammonia is likely to drive the moles away.

Will animal urine keep moles away?

Mole and voles are a few common garden pests that use their acute sense of smell to dodge predators or avoid areas where their lives may be in danger. Moles and voles use to identify predators by their urine and scent.

Once these animals smell predator urine, they instinctively move away from these areas in an attempt to dodge the predators.

For this reason, you can use animal urine to keep moles away from your yard or garden. Research has proven that, for one, meadow voles will not come near any area treated with red fox urine or bobcat urine.

Using animal urine to control pests

Using the urine of animals that prey on these common garden pests is a brilliant idea. It has been noted that the animal behavior of these pests heavily relies on their sense of smell. They search for their food and dodge predators following their scent.

When you treat your yard or garden with predator urine, moles will be tricked into thinking they are on dangerous grounds. The fear of falling prey to these predators will force them to move elsewhere.

Where can you find animal urine?

You may be wondering where you will get animal urine – well, there are different types of animal urine commercially available.

You can use urine for the most commonly known predators such as bobcat, coyote, and fox urine. These come in granulated or powdered form.

Sprinkle these around your yard and garden at least every two weeks. For moles, place them inside mole tunnels and any holes they could have dug. Bobcat and fox urine are quite effective in repelling moles.

Using predator urine is relatively safe for you, your environment, pests, and children. Exercise precaution when handling these- wear some gloves before touching them.

What scent repels moles?

However, their highly developed sense of smell makes them susceptible to other strong odors that can irritate their nostrils.

There are many scents that moles dislike – here is a list.

· Castor oil scent

If there is one scent moles and voles hate the most, it has to be Castor oil. That is why it is used as the active ingredient in most mole repellents.

Castor oil is usually mixed with water and dish soap to repel moles. Combine three parts castor oil, dish soap, and three parts water in that ration. Put this liquid in a spray bottle spray it in mole damage areas and mole runways. Ensure you pour copious amounts to enable it to reach underground tunnels.

· Coffee ground scent

Moles hate the scent of coffee grounds as much as you love taking your morning cup of coffee.

For lovers of coffee, this is perhaps the cheapest way to deter moles from your yard. Every morning after brewing your pot of coffee, take the used coffee grounds and sprinkle them all over your yard.

Coffee grounds have a powerful smell that can sometimes even be too strong for humans. For moles, this smell is overwhelming to their nostrils. The scent of fresh coffee grounds is even stronger-sprinkle in areas with mole activity, especially near mole tunnels and molehills.

Everytime you take your coffee, remember to do this. If you do this consistently, moles will very much dislike your yard.

· Tar

If you have ever gotten a whiff of the smell of tar, then you know it can be pretty strong. Moles dislike the smell of tar; it is too strong for them. Take a piece of rug or wood and dip it in tar.

Place it inside the holes and tunnels of moles. The mole will not want to go back to the tunnels after this.

However, tar should not be used around plants you plan to consume. If you want to use it in your garden, avoid areas with plants.

· Eucalyptus and mint oil scent

Moles despise the scent of essential oils such as mint oil and eucalyptus. These oils have a pretty strong smell that overwhelms moles’ sensory organs.

Soak some cotton balls in these oils. Drop the balls inside mole holes, tunnels and even the mole hills. Push them further down with a stick to make them reach the underground tunnels.

  • Ammonia Scent

The ammonia odour found in almost all urine – human and animal – can be produce quite a pungent odour. Moles are not so much fan of this particular scent.

Ammonia is especially concentrated in cats urine, so if you have a cat and it goes around peeing in the yard, it can help you repel moles!

You can also pour some ammonia in a container and cut a hole at the top. place a piece of rug in the hole and set it somewhere in your garden with mole activity. Lt the scent fill the air and moles definitely be repleled by eat.

· Cayenne pepper and red pepper

Moles despise spices – ground red pepper, in particular, can irritate moles. Cayenne pepper and hot peppers are very spicy; this product can deter moles and voles from invading your garden.

Take some cayenne and red pepper and sprinkle it on your yard. The scent and taste will drive moles away. Do this often as you see any mole activity in your yard.

To make these scents more potent, mix them with castor oil and water and put them in a spray. Moles will stay far away from your garden and yard.

What is a good mole repellent?

Mole repellants are the things that work to keep moles out of your garden or yard. A good mole repellent is one that ie effective in keeping moles away.

Here are some of the effective mole repellents;

Castor oil repellents

These are one of the best mole repellents. Mole do not like the taste and smell of castor oil. These type of repellents come in two forms; come in granular form and liquid mole repellents.

Granular repellents last longer than liquid repellent- the liquid repellnat gets easily washed up by rain hence need to be re-applied often. Mix the three parts castor oil, one part dish soap and three parts water to create a more potent mixture.

Additionally, it contaminates the ground making it inhabitable for insects.

Ultrasonic mole repellent

We have already established that moles have an acute sense of hearing. Moles have a poor vision so rely on their sense of hearing to navigate around. Ultrasonic repellent repel moles by emitting utrasonic pulses and vibrations that can be unbearable to the little burrowing critters.

They to get the liquid mole repellent are pressed into the ground in order to release these waves and vibrations. Any mole withing the coverage area will be able to hear these ultrasonic pulses and vibrations and run away .

Natural mole repellent

Planting naturally detering flowers is a great way to repel moles. Moles like to stay away from particular plants, when you plant them in your garden, or flower beds- they willtry to stay away.

Some of the plants that are natural mole repellants include; daffodils, marigolds. flitarrious, castor beans and mole plants. Basically, any plant from the allium family can act as a good mole repellant.

Some of these naturally detering plants can be poisonous. Handle them with care and keep pests and children away from them.

Fence them out

A good way to repel moles can be as simple as looking them out of your garden.

Note te area in which you have mole problem, fence that area. Moles are more active during the hours of early morning, spring and fall. If you give them room to enter your territory, they will wreck havoc to your yard.

Fence the entire area of your property to keep moles out and to avoid any serious damage to your property.

Use moth balls and chewing gum

Moth balls have also been found to be effecting in sending moles scurrying away.

Moth balls are in essence solidified pesticides. When you drop them in the tunnels, they will break with time realising the pesticide which the moles will inhale. The pesticide however does not kill the moles, it only repels them.

Some people have also suggested that you can use chewing gum-particularly juicy fruit gum to not only repel but kill moles.

Remove the outside rapper of the juicy fruit and place it with allumium foil in the tunnes. The moles will be attracted to the sweet scent of the juicy fruit and eat it together with the aluminum wrapper. This will eventually kill them.

Reduce their sources of food

Moles feed on insects – their main diet is earthworms. If you want to get rid of them in your garden, introduce beneficial nematodes – these are living organisms that will get rid of the food moles feed on- especially inscets. When the moles have nothing to feed on in your garden, they will be forced to move somewhere else in search of food.

There are many beneficial nematodes in the market, pick one that is best for your situation.

Does human hair keep moles away?

Moles do not like the human scent- they perceive humans as predators.

Human hair carries the human scent more than anything else. If you collect a bunch of hair from hairbrushes and place them in mole tunnels and holes, the moles will keep away from these areas.

Have you ever stayed near a place where human hair what being burnt?

It produces a pungent and choking smell that it is unbearable even for humans. You try burning some hair close to areas with mole activity. If humans alone can’t stand the smell, then the smoke produced can be worse for moles.

Wrap Up

If you want more permanent treatment methods, look into Thanos sonic mole repellent, it is one of the most effective away to repel mole.

Smart Sonic Mole Repellent

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