Will human urine repel moles?

Using the urine of human that prey on these common garden pests is a brilliant idea.

Moles have a highly developed sense of smell – this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Research has shown that moles smell in stereo-, a skill not possessed by many animals. Moles have poor vision, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food and stay away from predators.

Since they can smell so well, moles dislike certain smells. Human urine is amongst those smells.

Human urine may not repel moles all the time, but occasionally the concentration of ammonia in the urine increases, making it give off a pungent odor.

Normal urine is usually odorless – it only starts to smell bad when the ammonia concentration increases.

A high concentration of ammonia in the urine can be due to dehydration, Urinary tract infections, certain foods, pregnancy, kidney disease, or liver disease.

When a person with highly concentrated ammonia urine pees in mole tunnels, mole holes, or molehills, the scent of ammonia is likely to drive the moles away.

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Not just Sonic Vole Repellent

Using Human urine to control pests

Using the urine of human that prey on these common garden pests is a brilliant idea. It has been noted that the animal behavior of these pests heavily relies on their sense of smell. They search for their food and dodge predators following their scent.

When you treat your yard or garden with Human urine, moles will be tricked into thinking they are on dangerous grounds. The fear of falling prey to these predators will force them to move elsewhere.

Will human urine keep moles away?

Mole and voles are a few common garden pests that use their acute sense of smell to dodge predators or avoid areas where their lives may be in danger. Moles and voles use to identify predators by their urine and scent.

Once these animals smell human urine, they instinctively move away from these areas in an attempt to dodge .

For this reason, you can use human urine to keep moles away from your yard or garden. Research has proven that, for one, meadow voles will not come near any area treated with human urine.

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