Smart Sonic Mole Repellent ( T1S)

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Do you want to get rid of burrowing critters from your garden without using chemicals and poisons?

Our Smart Sonic Mole Repellent offers a chip-controlled upgrade over standard repellents, ensuring an end to your mole problems.

This smart, next-gen device also acts as a pathway light too, providing additional safety and security features for your garden.

A Smart and Effective Solution

Unlike any other repellent, the Smart Sonic Mole Repellent uses a chip processor to control the way it emits sonic waves.

  • Most mole repellents have a predictable pattern of operation, but ours uses innovative technology to emit randomized pulses
  • IP65 waterproof rating – a step up from the standard IP44
  • Double the usual battery capacity – 600mAh
  • Sonic wave frequency: 400Hz at a sound pressure level of 50-60dB
  • A coverage area of up to 3500 sq. ft., with a circular operational range of 49ft.
  • Includes a built-in, solar-powered pathway light
  • Compact Size: The head measures 1.77” x 3.54”

How it Works

Since it uses no harmful chemicals, the Smart Sonic Mole Repellent won’t kill the moles, pollute the soil, or endanger your family or pets.

Most mole repellents emit a short sonic burst every 30 seconds, but this is not the case with the Smart Sonic Mole Repellent. Moles tend to adapt quickly to regular patterns of sounds, so our mole repellent is equipped with smart technology that provides an assortment of patterns with a cycle operation mode. Clever stuff.

Our device cycles between four modes of operation: a four-second burst followed by 40 seconds of rest; a three-second burst followed by 30 seconds of rest; a two-second burst followed by 20 seconds of rest; and finally, a two-second burst followed by 10 seconds of rest.

The moles will not get accustomed to this pattern, which is a common problem with standard mole repellents.


When installing our Smart Mole Repellent, you first need to make a pilot hole in the ground. After that, gently place the device in the hole, leaving enough ground clearance to operate the ON/OFF switch.

Make sure to charge the mole repellent for two full days in the sun before using it, keeping the solar cell free from dirt, snow, and anything else that might impede charging.

Upgrade your garden protection today, and prevent any burrowing critters from digging up your lawn.



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