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How to Repel Gophers?

It is the best form of ultrasonic repellents used to repel gophers. Furthermore, it helps gopher control for a longer duration by keeping them at bay from your farms, crops, and gardens.

March 4, 2022

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How to repel gophers


What Are Gophers?

Gophers are burrowing rodents that are very common in the yards of houses. They belong to the family of rodents due to their similar physique to that of a rodent.

Generally, gophers weigh around 200 grams, and their length is in the range of 15 cm to 20 cm. They are also called pocket gophers because of their cheek pouches. These cheek pouches help them to transport and store food.

There are 41 species of these mammals, and you will find almost all of them in North and Central America. Their lifespan is between 2 to 5 years. Gophers create tunnels in your entire yard and can wipe off plants rapidly. They are herbivores, so they find food sources in a vegetable garden.

Owing to their tunneling activities, they can damage crops, farms, and gardens.

Most gophers have brown fur that resembles the color of the soil.

They can develop a huge system of tunnels in your yard. The gopher tunnels are for protection and food storage purposes. They can make these tunnels using their claws.

Moreover, they close their lips behind their four incisors to dig more efficiently. In addition, this method of digging prevents the soil from going inside the mouth.

What Attracts Gophers to Your Yard?

Gophers are in search of food, and being herbivorous, your yard full of fruit trees is a source of the major attraction for them. They eat plant roots and hoard them by taking them into their tunnels.

Moreover, they love sandy soil since it is easy to develop tunnel systems in them.

The reason that gophers love the roots of plants is that the soil is moist at the roots. They can easily make tunnels in these roots.

Apart from food, gophers make tunnels in your yard to protect themselves from certain predators. Therefore, food sources and self-protection are the two main reasons that attract gophers to your backyard.

How To Identify the Presence of Gophers in Your Yard?

Gophers can be hard to identify since gophers live underground most of the time.

However, you can identify the presence of gophers by looking out for certain things. First of all, the damaged plants and soil in your yard may indicate the presence of gophers.

Gopher Mounds

Moreover, gopher mounds can help you make sure the presence of these pesky rodents.

Gophers make these dirt mounds when they excavate for their tunnel system. Gopher burrows may have several mounds. Typically, a mound is a pile of soil that accumulates at the entry point of gopher holes, and it can be 6 to 14 inches in height.

What Distinguishes a Gopher from Other Rodents?

Gophers are somewhat similar in size and shape to other burrowing animals.

Moreover, they belong to the family of rodents. Therefore, it becomes difficult for people to distinguish gophers from other rodents. Many people confuse ground squirrels for gophers.

On the other hand, many people have the ambiguity to differentiate gophers from moles.

The best way to differentiate between gophers and moles is by looking at the shape of their mounds. A gopher’s mound is similar to that of a fan pattern. In contrast, the mole mound is neat and of conical shape.

mole vole gopher

What Time of Day Are Gophers More Active?

Gophers are active mostly during the daytime, and the interesting part is that they do not hibernate.

Due to this excessive active routine, they have a short lifespan of 2 to 5 years. Their activity during the day is for the food search. After they get the food, they transfer it to their burrows using their cheek pouches.

They are also active at night, but their daytime activity is more significant. Gophers prefer to excavate their burrows during the day since they prefer to stay away from the sunlight owing to their partially blind eyes.

Are Gophers Harmful to Humans and Pet Animals?

Gophers are generally shy, and they do not attack.

However, if a pet animal or human threatens them, they may respond with their four incisors. These incisors are large and sharp teeth. Their bite can cause significant damage and infection.

However, they are not harmful since they spend most of their time underground.

But they carry fleas, ticks, and other pests that can get on pet animals too. Apart from this, multiple researchers have concluded that they do not carry any fatal virus or bacteria.

Do Gophers Tunnels Damage the House?

Tunnels of gophers are prone to cause severe damage to the property. A single tunnel of gophers can cover an area of 200 to 2,000 square feet. Moreover, gopher’s burrows have more than 500 tunnels interlinked in a specific pattern.

These tunnels are extremely dangerous and can create structural problems for the house. They can create sinkholes underneath the house’s foundation and can cause settlement. The settlement of a house can damage the property.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Gophers?

There are hundreds of methods to control these rodents.

However, the sonic gopher repellent is the best method so far. It is not just environmentally friendly but is also very effective. Moreover, it does not hinder any activity in the yard since they are installed underground.

This instrument is extremely disturbing for these rodents and can force them away from your property. Moreover, they are not audible to humans and do not damage pet animals.

What Is a Sonic Gopher Repellent?

It is the best form of ultrasonic repellents used to repel gophers.

Furthermore, it helps gopher control for a longer duration by keeping them at bay from your farms, crops, and gardens. These ultrasonic repellents use high-frequency sound waves to irritate gophers.

Gophers are partially blind, and therefore, they have very sensitive ears. They will not like high-frequency sounds and will move away from that area. These sonic instruments repel gophers by sending sound waves down the burrows every 30 seconds.

The frequency of these sonic waves ranges between 100 to 400 HZ. That much frequency is not audible to normal human beings. Moreover, these sonic repellents can cover an area of 6,000 square feet to 7,500 square feet.

It is also pertinent to mention that these repellents are not harmful to pet animals because they are installed underground. The effect of these sonic instruments starts appearing within seven days after installing them.

What Are the Advantages of Using Sonic Gopher Repellent?

Sonic repellents are the most humane way to repel gophers. In addition, they can help in gopher control since they force these rodents out of the property.

Following are the key benefits of using sonic gopher repellents:

  • They are environmentally friendly, and the sound waves are not audible to humans.
  • It is even safe for pet animals since they are installed underground.
  • You can also use a lawnmower and carry out other activities in your yard since these sonic repellents do not cause any hindrance.
  • It is a low-cost instrument with proven results.
  • Sonic waves are the best method for trapping gophers.
  • It does not require any labor to install them. You can tuck them inside the gopher holes or gopher’s burrow.
  • Sonic repellents help in gopher removal within seven days.
  • They do not tarnish the aesthetic image of your yard since they are installed underground.
  • It is the easiest method to get rid of gophers.

How To Repel Gophers? Final Thoughts

Gophers are a major problem in North and Central America since all their species are found there.

It is important to control the infestation of these rodents since they can decrease the harvest of crops and can damage your gardens. There exist many methods to exterminate these gophers from your property.

Out of all those methods, sonic repellent is one of the most viable options. It is an easy-to-use and effective method to repel these rodents. The bottom line is that sonic repellents are the best solution for this problem.

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