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How to get rid of mice?

Not every tip mentioned here will be ideal for your particular situation. You might have to mix and match.

December 28, 2021

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how to get rid of mice


What could be more irritating than having mice nesting and running about your beloved living space? The apocalypse, for one. But beyond that, not much else.

In this post, you will learn efficient and effective ways to fight one of the most irritating pests ever known to man, the mouse.

What are house mice?

House mice are among the numerous commensal rodents in existence. Mice have a dusty gray appearance. They are identified by their four legs and round shaped bodies with pointed muzzles. They are generally one of the most commonly encountered house pets. Research says that mice originated from Central Asia but are distributed to get rid of mice

Asides from mice being a strong disturbance, they are also a threat to health and properties.

The house mouse is very common because of its ability to breed rapidly and also adapt to different conditions. Research also says that female mice have the ability to birthing half a dozen babies weekly, and this explains why they are always available in large quantities.

What do house mice feed on?

It is most convenient for mice to feed on cereal and seed although they also eat nuts and fruit. Mice found in different homes can feed on any human food especially grain-based products.

How do you notice mice infestation in your home?

You need to always check if a mouse has infested your building as it will help you be in control. Some ways to check if mice have made your home a dwelling place include:

Check out for gnaw marks. 

You might notice rough or smooth gnaw marks on the walls.

Check for droppings- 

The mouse usually has dried droppings that are either soft or hard. Droppings of house mice are rod-shaped and look pointed on the ends.

Lookout for mice tracks- 

One of the first signs of mice is that their front feet and hind feet usually leave four-toed prints and five-toed prints respectively in the walls and other pathways.

Rub marks –

House mice often leave rub marks that are oily along the walls that they move through.

Check out for burrows –

Mice tend to burrow within insulation materials and whatnot. Almost anywhere could make a perfect burrow spot.

You might notice odor – 

Mice urine may have a distinct odor if a large number of mice are in an area, so it will help you to know if they are present.

Presence of damaged goods – 

In as much as mice feed mostly on grains and seeds, they can also take a fancy to whatever it is you have in your pantry

Visible rodents-

You get to know that mice are in your home when you see one hurrying across the kitchen floor or any part of your home. This will help you because it is an indication that there is a family of mice living right there with you.

What home remedy can I use to get rid of mice?

Suddenly stumbling upon mice will first leave you in a panic mode. It becomes worse if you miss the chance of killing it. The thought of having mice in your home may leave you disturbed.

So in other to avoid and control the troubles that come with mice, here are some effective home remedies you can use in getting rid of mice.

Peppermint oil

You can place peppermint oil-dipped cotton balls in front of small holes or openings to drive mice away and it is also good pest control. You have nothing to lose here because humans love the smell of peppermint while mice detest it.

You can use plaster of Paris and cocoa powder to get rid of mice.

You can get rid of mice by mixing one tablespoon of cocoa powder with plaster of Paris and then spreading it around the suspected mice holes both in the front and back of the building. Cocoa powder serves to attract the pest, and once they eat the mixture in place of food, they suffocate and dehydrate. So it is good and serves as a possible pest control.


Another way of getting rid of mice is by making use of onions. Mice tend to stay away from the pungent smell of onions. So once you suspect a mouse infestation, you can place onions in the entry and exit points, both front and back to enable you to get rid of them.

Garlic bulb

Most people enjoy having garlic in their homes for nutritional purposes. Garlic can also serve the function of helping you send the mouse away due to its pungent smell. This is because pests generally hate the strong smell. So you can mix chopped garlic with water and sprinkle it in the suspected pathway by which they infiltrate your building.

Use Cloves

Another effective way is by placing wrapped cloves in muslin cloths near mouse holes. The smell of cloves gets rid of mice easily.

Use potato powder

You can use potato powder to send mice away. Once you spread this mixture, mice set out to find the food because the smell is good for them. Once they find it and misplace it for food, the potato flakes cause their intestines to swell thereby killing them.

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Ammonia spray

You can send mice away by preparing an ammonia spray. Once you spray ammonia on small cotton balls, place it in areas where you suspect rat holes, and also in your driveway. The smell of the ammonia will sure get the rodent that will come across it suffocated, leading to the rodent scurrying out for safety.

Bay leaves

Another effective way of getting rid of mice is by placing bay leaves in some areas in your home. Any pest, rodent, or mouse around will misplace the sweet aroma of bay leaves for food. So once the mouse or pest feeds on it, it will choke and die thereby reducing the level of the mouse infestation

Crevice control

A rodent like a rat may be large, but mice are relatively smaller, so they may fit into areas and crevices that are small. Having known this, you need to find these small openings that serve as mouse entry points and block them to avoid further mouse infestation. This can be done using caulk and steel wool


One of the oldest ways of getting rid of mice is by using mouse traps. These mousetraps have proven to be quite effective.

Snap traps are one of the most effective types of mouse traps. There are different types of snap traps so you have to find the one very suitable for you.

Another type of mouse trap or rodent trap is the sticky trap or glue traps. There are very effective. But note that sticky traps have a do not touch policy because it will trap your hand also.

All the different types of mouse traps are they are very effective when you use bait. One of the most effective baits is peanut butter. Placing peanut butter on the traps attract mice easily.

Decongest your house

Another effective way by which you can reduce mice infestation in your home is by decongesting your property. By this, it means that you should reduce luggage in areas that are very much packed. Mice usually creep into those areas and multiply by staying in those areas to breed.

Always clean your house.

Mice are generally attracted to dirty areas. It is very common for you to come to a dirty area and find a rodent scavenging for food.

So always find a way to make all areas in your environment clean to reduce the level of a mouse infestation.

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Can you fully get rid of mice?

Having seen how to get rid of mice, if you follow it correctly it can help you scare mice away from your home.

This may be a very difficult thing to achieve, but with careful and detailed attention, you can achieve it.

How do you keep mice out of your house?

In as much as we have looked at how to get rid of mice, and have established that it can be gotten rid of. It is still very pertinent that you avoid it completely because I am sure you don’t want to go through the emotional and physical traumas that come with the mouse problem in homes.

So this is what you can do to keep the mouse out of your home

Block possible entry points. 

Having an inspection is what you should always do regularly especially during the fall seasons when mice are looking for ways to escape the cold. Therefore one of the most important preventive measures you can take is checking the walls and foundations in other to block all possible entry points. Also, make sure that the down edges of garage doors are well sealed and in good shape so that it won’t serve as a comfortable abode for a rodent.

Avoid having bird feeders in your home Rodents are usually found around bird feeders and they are attracted by seeds and ground grains that normally go into some bird mixtures. If you must feed your bird, try as much as you can to keep the feeders very far away from your home to prevent mice infestation.

Have your pet food sealed – once you buy your dog and cat foods or whatever pet you have, the first thing you should do is to put them in sealed airtight containers. Mice see dry pet food as a good treat, so ensure you store them in airtight containers.

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Have your garbage bin sealed- 

There is no better way to attract the mouse problem than having your garbage bins open. So if you want to save yourself from mouse problems then you should ensure that your garbage bin is always tightly sealed.

Have control of foundation plantings. Having your dense shrubs and gardens very close to the building makes it possible for mice to get into your building as they seek to enter through foundations and walls. So if you want to plant shrubs and gardens, plant them away from the walls and ensure that their foundations are low enough.

Have your dry foods sealed- 

Food kept in bags like sugar is very attractive to rodents. You will need to have them sealed and place them high up in your refrigerator or shelve, where no rodent will see or sense it.

Have your countertops and floors cleaned regularly 

Crumbs of food on the floor of the kitchen or countertops is a very good invitation for mice. To avoid mouse infestation, try and keep food crumbs away by wiping them off regularly. Also, try not to live any unfinished pet food on the kitchen floor. If there are scattered seeds of your pet dogs, sweep them under the cage.

Ensure that the outside doors are always closed- 

Living your garage door open can be a very strong invitation for mice. You can prevent this by closing your property doors always. If there is a need for any door to be open, be in front or back, it shouldn’t be at night. Mice are active at night and they won’t hesitate to get inside the building.

Always set live traps and bait- 

Having a mousetrap or a bait station set inside can serve as a diagnostic measure for your building throughout the year. These bait stations have poisonous and thirst producing pellets which will make the mice look for water, outside where it will eventually die.

Live traps are poison-free and traps will help alert you when mice are trying to enter your building. It is better to catch one mouse using a trap than having to deal with a whole lot of them when they infest your house and start destroying your property. Ensure that you keep the poison bait away from the reach of children. A child coming in contact with a poisonous bait may be very harmful.

Poison bait dangers. 

Be informed that although poison baits are good for trapping mice, they may be very dangerous to your pets. So if you are to use poison bait as a trap, it shouldn’t be where pets will see it. Another danger of bait poison is that the mice may die inside the house and decay before you can find it

Get a pet-

Having a cat or dog that love to hunt small animals can go a long way in keeping mice away from your home


Not every tip mentioned here will be ideal for your particular situation. You might have to mix and match. Get creative and personalize your own solution. With our arsenal of tips in your bag, now it’s time to take the battle to those pesky balls of fur. Go get’em!

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