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How To Get Rid of Mice Without Killing?

You should go for the non-lethal traps and naturally occurring repellents to control the population of these pesky creatures.

October 21, 2022

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What Attract Mice to Your House?

A mouse enters your house to get food sources and shelter to remain safe from potential predators. The smell of dry food and other nutty food materials attract these tiny creatures and other animals to your house.

Moreover, your home is a good and comfy shelter for these rodents, especially during the winter season. Countless places within your house serve as a warm place for these rodents to make their nest.

In addition, the food of your pets, such as cat food or dog food, is a major feast for these pesky pests. These cute little pests will create havoc in your house once they enter through holes or openings in the walls.

What Do Mice Hate the Most?

Mice hate a lot of things, including aluminum foil and sheet metal which they cannot eat. Moreover, there are some natural oils such as castor oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil that will drive away mice since these creatures are not comfortable with the smell of these oils.

Furthermore, planting lavender in your home will also serve a great purpose to deter mice. Mice do not eat lavender and will keep themselves away from this plant at all costs.

What Are the Natural Repellents for Keeping Mice Away from Your House?

Peppermint is the natural product to get rid of mice on your property. This natural material will serve as a repellent rather than a trap.

Moreover, you can also use pellets of castor oil. The pellets of castor oil have a very pleasant smell for humans. But it is extremely intense for mice.

Hence, you can place the pellets of this naturally occurring castor oil along the vulnerable areas to get rid of the mice population in a humane method.

What Is the Most Humane Way to Get Rid of Mice?

The most humane method to get rid of mice without killing them is using a humane mouse trap. Moreover, the use of natural mouse repellents is another good way to get rid of rodent infestation.

The humane mouse trap is easily available from hardware stores. These traps will catch mice without harming them. The humane traps operate on a catch and release philosophy.

This trap is not to kill mice but to only capture them. The door of this trap opens inward and does not open outward. Therefore, once a mouse gets in, it will not be able to get out as the door will not open outwards.

Can You Use Pet Food as Bait in Mouse Traps?

The food of your household pets, such as cat food, is a great bait to attract mice. However, it is recommended to use other bait such as peanut butter to lure these pesky rats into the trap.

If you want to use pet food as bait, you can use it, but you must keep the quantity very minimal in the trap. A quantity more than the size of a pea will not trigger the trap.

The mouse will take a small portion from a bigger bait without triggering the trap. Your snap mouse trap will be a waste of time since it will not catch mice in this scenario.

What To Do After a Mouse Is Caught in The Trap?

The first thing you should do after catching a mouse in the trap is to release it as early as possible. Keeping the mouse in the trap for a long time will torture the little creature emotionally.

Are Ultrasonic Repellents Good to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Them?

Ultrasonic repellents are a good way to repel these pesky rodents. As discussed earlier, these rodents have sensitive ears, and therefore, they cannot withstand the high-frequency sound waves of these repellents.

These repellents are not harmful and will not kill rodents but only repel them away from your property. Moreover, these ultrasonic repellents are also safe to use around kids and pets as they will not harm them.

Can You Control Mouse Infestation Using Cotton Balls?

Cotton balls have the smell of naphthalene which is very pungent for these animals. A mouse hates the smell of naphthalene, and therefore, it will not come near the place where you have placed it.

Hence, you can use this method to ward off rats away from your property, and it is considered a humane method since there is no killing of mice in it.

How To Prevent Your House from A Mouse Problem?

Food is the major reason for mice to infest your house. Therefore, you should store dry food in metal containers having tight-fitting lids. The mice will not be to eat through the sheet metal of these food storage containers.

You can get these highly durable storage containers from any store nearby your location. Moreover, you should cover the holes or openings in the walls with steel wool.

The mice are not able to penetrate through the steel wool. Apart from this, you can also use weather stripping to cover the holes or openings in the walls of your home. You must also cover the other entry points to reduce the mice population.

The use of aluminum foil is also an effective way to reduce the mice problem. Mice are afraid of aluminum foil as they are not able to chew it.

Hence, placing aluminum foil over the floor of your home or at the entry points will do the trick. It is also recommended to cover your trash cans properly as they will also play a significant role in inviting mice into your home.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to protect your home from these pesky creatures. These steps are not labor-intensive and can be implemented easily.

What Is the Effective Method to Deal with Rodent Infestation? Final Saying

The bottom line of this whole mouse repelling article is that you should go for the non-lethal traps and naturally occurring repellents to control the population of these pesky creatures.

Moreover, you should remember to release these pesky pests as early as possible. It is because these pests are emotionally sensitive and will die if you keep them in a trap for a long time.