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The best way to get rid of mice, rats, and rodents. For good!

The best solution is to stop them from entering your house in the first place.

September 10, 2021

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Nobody wants an infestation, but it does happen. And when it does, you need a solution fast.

 Rats are unpleasant and unwanted intruders. Not just disgusting, they carry and transmit many life-threatening diseases.  

They are a massive health risk to your family, causing lots of destruction to your property and gnawing holes in floors, walls, and electrical wires.

We’re here to help you discover the best ways to get rid of rats and mice quickly and permanently. And even better, to prevent them from entering your home in the first place.


The signs to look out for – identify your rodent intruders

  •  Foul odor & strange sounds: Rats have a strong ammonia odor and are surprisingly noisy. They squeak and scratch as they travel throughout your house.
  • To find shelter, they chew through almost anything, shedding fur, skin, and spreading feces while doing major damage to your home: check your walls and skirting boards first. Then check your attic (they love all the insulation) and also any crawlspaces.
  • They gnaw and burrow through furniture and other soft furnishings, gathering the materials they need to build a nest to reproduce in.
  • As rats travel through your home, they leave droppings. Check along key rat routes; you may see tiny, black pellet-shaped droppings. They also leave greasy traces and smudges on the walls as they traverse these pathways.
  • Rodents cause a real threat to life when they chew through the electrical wiring in your home. Most often hidden behind walls, it could be too late before you realize it. So make sure to check all exposed wiring for any signs they may be nesting in your home.


Rats and reproduction

 The Norway rat (also known as the brown rat) and the Roof rat (also known as the black rat) are the two most prevalent rat species in the United States. History says that these varieties of rats most likely arrived in the United States aboard ships during the 17th or 18th century.

The rate at which these rats reproduce is absolutely terrifying.

A female rat typically has six litters per year, containing around 12 rat babies, also known as pups.

Reaching sexual maturity after nine weeks means that if left unchecked, a population can grow from two rats to around 1,250 in less than a year.

This is known as exponential growth. And as the population explodes, so does the amount of diseases they bring into your home.

The bottom line is that if there is enough space and food, they will rapidly multiply to exploit their resources.

So in three years, how many descendants could a pair of rats produce?

The scientists at Rentokil did the math at nearly half a billion. A genuinely chilling statistic and precisely why prevention is the essential strategy to adopt.

The good news, there is now a dependable and cost-effective way to keep rodents from invading your home, causing damage, and spreading diseases to your loved ones.

Introducing the 360 Degree Ultrasonic Repellent, a cutting-edge new solution and the best way to protect your family from rodent infestations.

The most common diseases rodents bring into your home


Rodents are carriers of many painful and debilitating human diseases.

It is essential to protect your loved ones from contracting diseases from the rodents that enter your home.

Some of the most common and distressing diseases they carry include:


Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is a severe, sometimes fatal, respiratory disease.

Caused by contact with rodent feces and urine, home infestations are the primary risk vector for hantavirus exposure in humans.


Leptospirosis, also known as Weil’s disease, is a bacterial infection caused by the Leptospira bacteria.

Symptoms include:

  • Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice).
  • Skin rashes.
  • Being unable to pee.
  • Swollen ankles, feet, or hands.
  • Chest pain.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Even coughing up blood.

The virus is carried by rodents, who pass it on through their urine, most often onto food products consumed by humans.


The Plague is a severe human infection caused by the bacteria Yersinia Pestis.

A flea bite from an infected rodent is usually the source of these bacteria. The painful and debilitating symptoms include:

  • Fever, headache, and chills
  • Large clusters of painful blisters
  • Puss weeping sores on the hands and legs.


Hymenolepiasis is an intestinal tapeworm from the Hymenolepis Diminuta worm family.

Humans are infected with this rodent tapeworm through fecal-oral transmission from contaminated food.

It can grow up to 60 cm inside your body, with the following symptoms to look out for in your family:

  • nausea,
  • weakness,
  • loss of appetite,
  • diarrhea,
  • abdominal pain.

Young children, especially those with a heavy infection, may develop a headache, itchy bottom, and have difficulty sleeping.

Could you ever forgive yourself if your family contracted one of these genuinely awful diseases?

What can you do to protect your home and your family?

 The best solution is to stop them from entering your house in the first place.

 And preventing them just got a whole lot easier with the 360 Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent

This product has no chemicals or poisons, so it is entirely safe for children and pets.

The unit emits a sonic attack wave explicitly tuned to the rodent’s auditory range, causing them pain and discomfort and ultimately repelling them from your home.

You simply set up one or two units per room you want to protect (two are best for larger spaces, one at each end of the room).  

Any rodent that comes to investigate possible food sources and nesting places will be immediately driven away by the soundwaves.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

But let’s say you already figured out that you have rodents invading your home.

It’s time to act immediately.

The 360 Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent is completely portable, so it can be placed anywhere in your house that you need it.  

And as soon as you turn it on, it will begin emitting specific frequencies tuned to attack the rodent hearing range.

Watch as they literally run away from your house, leaving your family safe and protected once again.


How to get your 360 Degree Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent to protect your family and prevent home infestations

The 360 Degree Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent (361N) is used by people in the know across the US.

Our product has an outstanding customer rating of 4.8, helping 1000’s of people just like you to take pleasure in the security and comfort of living in a rodent-free home!

The 360 Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent is not available in stores. It can only be purchased through the internet, with multi-buy discounts to make the deal even sweeter. Make sure you don’t miss out on the limited stock today.

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