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Does Electric Fly Swatter Kill Fruit Flies?

The charged electric grid of an electric swatter can kill pests with a flash of a second. All you need to do is to swing your arm holding this electric racket with its power turned on.

February 28, 2022

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What Is an Electric Fly Swatter?

An electric fly swatter is a handheld bug zapper used to kill bugs.

Electric fly swatters work on the same principle as that of bug zappers. However, the major difference is that it is a happy hunting experience, and the latter is one of the fly traps. Furthermore, bug zappers use light to attract bugs.

The structure of an electric fly swatter resembles that of a tennis racket. It can kill a flying insect by merely a swing of the arm. An electric fly swatter has a charged electric grid that becomes electrified when you press the power button on the racket.

The bug swatter also has a built-in flashlight. This built-in flashlight makes the hunting of insects easy if you are camping outdoors.

The last but not the least part of an electric fly swatter is its rechargeable battery. You can charge it easily, like charging your phone using a USB cable.

What Are the Advantages of Electric Fly Swatters?

Electric fly swatters have countless advantages as compared to other methods of getting the bugs removed from your house. Some of the topnotch advantages are as follows:

  • These fly swatters are portable.
  • The fly swatters are harmless even if you touch them while the power is on. It is because of the three-layer grid.
  • They are easy to use and are chargeable by the USB cable. Thus, the replacing batteries headache is no longer with the use of this device.
  • They kill flies, bugs, and even bed bugs with their high-intensity electric current.
  • The electric fly swatters have a pre-installed light at the center of the racket that can kill pests even at night.
  • You can use these electric killers outdoors, like on a camping tour or a hike.

How Does an Electric Fly Swatter Work?

Electric fly swatters work on the principle of electrocution.

Firstly, you have to hold the fly swatter in your hand just like you hold an ordinary tennis racket.

After that, press the power button. Pressing the button will cause a current of 4,200 volts to pass through the electric grid structure of the electric fly swatter.

Now you have to swing the racket on the flies, and in this way, you will kill them mid-air. It uses electric shock to kill bugs in an instant.

Furthermore, there is a built-in flashlight on the body of an electric fly swatter.

The presence of a flashlight on an electric fly swatter can help you kill these bugs outdoor where there is no light. The best part is that an electric fly swatter is a fly killer that kills insects in a non-toxic way.

Does An Electric Fly Swatter Attract a fruit flies?

An electric swatter does not attract a fruit flies, unlike a bug zapper.

However, this device uses the same electrocution method as the bug zapper to kill fruit flies. The attraction principle is adopted for fly traps, and an electric fly swatter is not a trap.

Rather, the fly swatter is an electric device that uses a rechargeable battery to power its electric grid. It is a major and fun device to get rid of flying insects.

Does Electric Fly Swatter Work on All Flying Insects?

Yes, the electric fly swatter works on all types of flying insects and bugs.

The charged electric grid of an electric swatter can kill pests with a flash of a second. All you need to do is to swing your arm holding this electric racket with its power turned on.

It can kill fruit flies buzzing all around your house. It is non-toxic since it does not involve any toxic chemicals to eliminate pests.

What Is the Difference Between Bug Zapper and Electric Fly Swatter?

Both the electric fly swatters and bug zappers have the same method of killing, and that is electrocution.

However, they are some slight differences to operating them. Firstly, the bug zapper does not require to be operated manually.

On the other hand, the electric fly-swatting instrument requires manual hand operation like swinging a tennis racket. Moreover, the bug zapper is a type of trap. In contrast, the swatter is a handheld killing instrument.

Can You Kill Gnats with An Electric Fly Swatter?

Gnats are also a significant problem since their infestation can increase over time.

However, no worries if you have your hands on the electric fly swatter. Gnats are not very fast in flying.

Therefore, you can take advantage of their weakness while flexing your arms simultaneously. You turn on the power of electric swatters and strike the gnats with them. In an instant, you will see the dead bodies of these pests.

How To Get Rid of fruit flies? The Crux

Flying pests are a major headache for homeowners since they can cause diseases and infestation quickly. Therefore, every homeowner looks for ways to fight against these pests. There are various ways to deal with this problem.

The best and most viable of these options is the use of a electric fly swatter. A electric fly swatter will clear your property from these unwanted creatures in a very short time.

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