Do solar mole repellers work?

Nothing is as annoying as having vegetable gardens or lawns that you have invested so much time and energy in being destroyed by uneven holes and tunnels.

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What Are Solar Mole Repellers

A solar mole repeller is a sonic mole repellent that emits an ultrasonic sound that can be troubling to moles.

Any mole within the radius of such sound waves is so disturbed that it runs as far as possible from it.

Unlike its electric counterpart, the solar mole repeller is powered by solar energy from the sun.

  • The device is a popular method of controlling moles because it is low maintenance and is easy to use.

    It is designed like a disc affixed to a stake, so all you need to do is to drive it into the ground and let it do its thing. In addition, with a solar mole repellent, you don’t need to worry about having toxic materials that could poison you, your family members, neighbors, friends, and pets.

    This pest control device gives you the option of controlling moles using an eco-friendly gadget powered by clean, renewable energy. It is a win-win situation where you get rid of a pest without polluting the ecosystem.

    You also do not have to bother with the cost of powering the solar powered device because the sun provides the energy it needs for free.

    Some solar mole repellents have aesthetic values as they come with LED lights that give the yard some extra beauty, especially if you have several of them around.

  • The best part about solar mole repellents is that they can help repel pests like snakes, other rodents, gophers, voles, shrews, and other underground burrowing rodents.

How Do Solar Mole Repellers Work

  • Moles like most burrowing animals depend on their sense of touch and hearing to compensate for their poor eyesight. So they have a very acute sense of hearing which also makes them extra sensitive to sounds.

    Solar mole repellers exploit their acute sense of hearing against them.

    These devices are designed to emit a high pulse frequency and sonic vibrations that literarily drive the moles crazy. The experience can be likened to listening to grating sounds over a football stadium’s speakers.

    The discomfiting effects of the ultrasonic frequencies and vibrations are so strong that the moles are forced to move as far as possible to get away from the high-frequency sound.

    The solar mole repellers are powered by photovoltaic cells assembled in a solar panel placed around the top of the device. So when the device is placed under direct sunlight, these cells draw sunlight which is transformed into electrical power.

    Since they are powered by solar energy, most solar mole repellents do not need wires, cables, or electrical outlets o you don’t have to worry about the extra cost.

    Some of them are fitted with rechargeable batteries that can power the device for a few days. So the device can still work during that period when there isn’t sunlight to power the pest repeller.

    The Thanos® Solar Sonic Mole Repellent uses the solar power to send out bursts of strong sonic pulse waves at the exact frequency burrowing pests are highly susceptible to.

    This drives them from the area the device is located in and keeps them away for the duration it’s active.


Will Solar Mole Repellers Work?

  • Yes, they will.

    As long as you follow the directions on how to use the products, you will repel the moles you have around the yard.

    Now there are arguments and counterpositions about the efficacy of solar molar repellers, and this is understandable as there might be quite a few factors responsible for that.

    It might be that the number of solar repellers is not enough to cover the entire space, so the ultrasounds are not effective enough to repel the animals.

    There is a reason why a solar mole repeller has a specific working range and have to be set a certain distance apart from each other. There might also be issues with the device itself that might affect its operations.

    Some users of solar powered mole repellers forget their source of energy and often set them up in heavily shaded areas. In such scenarios, the devices do not have enough sunlight to power them, so they won’t emit the ultrasonic sounds and vibrations needed to repel the moles.

    Then again, there is the possibility of the moles getting accustomed to hearing ultrasonic sounds from a specific area and finding ways to circumvent those areas. Be that as it may, there are a lot of folks who have success stories about solar mole repellers.

    To get the most of solar repellers, we recommend that you get the Thanos solar mole repellers for your yard or home. So factor in the working range and ensure that you get solar powered repellers that cover that area effectively. Just so you know, some of the best solar mole repellers need to have a 48ft radius to be effective.

    Some folks believe that the best solar mole repellers have with aluminum stakes and are effective within a large radius. So you might want to try them out next time you are out shopping for a solar repeller.

    We also suggest that you take the time to change the position of the mole repellers every other day so that the moles are not able to adjust to the sounds easily.

    Bear in mind that the moles will continue their work outside the area covered by the mole repellers. So you want a mole repellent that offers coverage that keeps them as far away as possible from you.

    The location where even the best mole repellent is set up also matters.

    Clay soil is believed to have an amplifying effect on ultrasound. Conversely, sedimentary rock, a high concentration of large stones, and large rocks will impede the movement of ultrasound waves and vibrations.

    So a solar pest repeller set up in such an area will not be effective against the moles in the vicinity.

    The solar mole repeller is considered one of the most humane pest control methods to tackle a pest problem and it can be effective when used the right way.

    After all, if they were not meeting any needs, why would there be a thriving industry for them?

How Long Do Solar Mole Repellers Last?

  • It depends on the brand and the kind of solar powered mole repeller that you buy.You might get a clue from the manufacturer claims on the eco-friendly device.

How to Choose the Best Solar Mole Repeller

  • There are a lot of mole repellents out in the market.

    So it would be best if you considered the following factors before settling for the best solar powered mole repeller:


    • Your location and climate
    • The charging period
    • The working range
    • The size of the area
    • How sturdy the design of the repellent is
    • The price and warranty for the product
    • Easy installation


  • Moles might not be the scariest pest to have around, but they are capable of wreaking some havoc if you give them a chance.

    Most people who are on to their destructive potential are always looking to eliminate them. Unfortunately, some of the options they explore might break animal rights laws.

    Thankfully,there is a safe, eco-friendly,budget-friendly, and effective option in solar mole repellents. Although some folks argue that they are a waste of time, solar mole repellers do work.

    The only thing you have to do is to follow the directions in the complete buyer’s guide