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Do Electric Fly Control Units Really Work?

According to Amazon and other retailers, feedback about bug zappers is positive.

January 12, 2022

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You might consider installing an electric fly control unit if you want to relax on your front porch or keep your business buzzing with customers instead of flies.

If you are unfamiliar with the harm flies can cause, here are some examples:

  • Pathogens and diseases such as Salmonella, Cryptosporium, and E. coli could spread
  • Food, drink, and surfaces that have been contaminated
  • General annoyance
  • Damage to the reputation of the business
  • Non-compliance with health & safety regulations
  • Horse flies, deer flies, and midges are some species of flying insects that bite

Are electric fly control units killing the best fly traps or most cost-effective way to eliminate flying insects?

Do electronic fly killers work?

Aside from the fact that it attracts flies and other insects into the unit with intense UV light, the UV fly killers work as “bug zappers.”

Within the unit, the insects are confronted with an electric grid of 2,000 volts or a glue board – in contrast to ultrasonic pest repeller that uses sounds. They are a great addition to Integrated Pest Control and Management systems.

In other words, electric fly killer units having intense UV light work!

What is the best device to kill flies?

Thanos Electric Bug Zapper

Consumers who are searching for a bug zapper that can trap flies effectively and appears attractive can find a lot to like about the Thanos bug zapper.

Like ultrasonic pest repellents, the electronic insect killer can be hung from an RV awning, or hung from a hook to kill mosquitoes. You may also place them on a table-top like ultrasonic devices that repel flies. Flying bugs are attracted to the bug zappers’ light regardless of how you use it. Upon landing, they’ll receive a 2,000-volt shock, killing them instantly.

Get rid of the dead bugs by removing the tray at the bottom of the bug zappers.

It is an easy-to-maintain fly trap, the dead bugs won’t get stuck in the grid, so it is no requires users to dig into the bug zappers’ lantern to clean it out.


  • Prevents mosquitoes from breeding
  • Beautiful design
  • Non-toxic bug zapper


  • Kills beneficial insects

How do electric fly killers work?

Electric fly killers come in two types.

Traditional electric zappers and glue boards. Both have their own benefits:

Fly Zapper

Fly zappers consist of two main components:

Fluorescent ultra-violet tubes and an electrified metal grid.

When you install yellow light bulbs, many insects get attracted to it. In the same way, the UV exposure helps entice pests onto the electrified grid, which then vaporizes them on contact.


  • Kills instantly.
  • The easy-to-clean collection tray collects dead insect debris.
  • Electric fly zappers require very little maintenance, other than the occasional bulb change and cleaning.
  • Insects that are particularly large or stubborn may require more than one zap to kill. Furthermore, not all insects are attracted to UV light.

Glue Board

A glue board can also be called a fly trap or a glue trap.

A glue board works in a similar way to a bug zapper, using a UV blue light to attract insects, which are then trapped by replaceable sticky boards.


  • Other than the noise of a flourescent bulb, glue boards are quite quiet. If a fly is caught, there are no tell-tale zapping noises.
  • Glue boards are usually smaller than zappers since there is no need for an electrified grid.
  • Glue boards are extremely easy to clean – you simply replace the board when necessary.
  • Once a fly is caught, it will stay there until you replace the board. It is important to replace the boards regularly to maintain good hygiene. It may even be necessary to replace them weekly during the summer.

Final Words

According to Amazon and other retailers, feedback about bug zappers is positive.

When it comes to mosquito control, you can’t believe anything you read on the Internet, especially when it comes to electronic devices. Many reviews include pictures of a bug zapper covered in dead insects.

A person without entomological training can’t tell what type of insects killed or bugs captured by the bug zappers or a regular “victor reusable trap”.

Additionally, it’s unclear whether or not the electronic insect killer is attracting more bugs to the area and whether the dip in bug population has had any effect on other species.

However, one thing is clear, the devices work. If you have been dealing with insects invasion too long a time, a simple device with led lights could be your saviour!

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