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Will Ultrasonic Repellent Affect Birds?

Since the hearing ability of birds is similar to that of humans, ultrasonic insect repellent will not negatively affect your birds.

January 2, 2022

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Ultrasonic Pest repellent is one of the commonly used methods to get rid of pests and uninvited guests at home.

Although these devices is effective against pests, there are also concerns about whether it is safe to use them around pet birds.

Do pest repellers affect birds?

Ultrasonic repellers do not affect birds immediately.

Ultrasonic repellers made to affect pests like rodents and insects, but these repellers emit high-frequency sounds that are mostly inaudible to birds. Birds and other pests hear different frequency ranges, so it’s unlikely that a bird’s hearing range will include ultrasonic waves.

But, there are ultrasonic repellers specially crafted for birds, in case you are looking to chase some birds off your lawn. Ultrasonic bird deterrents are effective against woodpeckers, pigeons, and sparrows that frequent your farm.

How does ultrasonic Pest repellent affect pet birds?

According to research birds hear best in the frequency range of 1 to 4 kHz.

Although there are differences between different birds, no species can hear sounds higher than ultrasonic frequencies (>20 kHz). Even high-pitched songbirds can only detect frequencies of 20 kHz, while species such as oil birds and swiftlets can only operate between 1 and 15 kHz.

Since the hearing ability of birds is similar to that of humans, ultrasonic insect repellent will not negatively affect your birds.

However, depending on your bird species, high-intensity and loud noise may damage their auditory receptors. Continuous exposure to these noises may cause permanent damage to their hearing. Therefore, if you use an ultrasonic insect repellent at home, watch your birds and check for any signs of stress or abnormal behavior.

If your birds are sensitive to these devices, you may need to use them in lower amounts or consider other pest control options.

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Does ultrasonic sound affect pigeons?

Ultrasonic sound is any sound above 20kHz. Scientific evidence shows that ultrasonic pest repellers would be useless against pigeons.

Instead, you can try to increase the volume of pest repellents to them chase away. Normally, birds are frightened by loud noises. A bird’s natural response will move away from the sound, just like other pests would.

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Getting rid of mice with birds around can sure seem like a Herculean task.

On one hand, you want to eliminate all the rodents and pest populations on your property.

On the other hand, you want to keep your bird or any other pet within your care safe. You have to strike a balance.

If you find out that the ultrasonic pest repellers are causing more harm than good to your birds, stop using them with immediate effect.  Your priority should be the health of your bird. If you learned something new from this article, share it with others!