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Are hornets attracted to bug zappers?

Uncover whether bug zappers really attract hornets and learn effective, alternative ways to keep these pests at bay in our latest insightful guide.

December 18, 2023

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Have you ever been enjoying a peaceful evening in your backyard only to be disrupted by the unwelcome buzz of hornets?

If so, you might have considered a range of solutions, including the ever-popular bug zapper.

But the question remains: do these buzzing devices actually attract and eliminate hornets, or could they be doing more harm than good?

Let’s dive into the world of hornets and explore the effectiveness of bug zappers in managing these winged nuisances.

Understanding Hornets

What Are Hornets?

Hornets, often confused with their close relatives, wasps and bees, are larger and can be more aggressive.

They play a crucial role in the ecosystem, mainly in pollination and controlling other insect populations.

However, their sting and potential for aggression make them a concern for homeowners.

The Behavior of Hornets

Hornets are most active during the warmer months.

They’re attracted to sweet scents, protein sources, and, importantly, areas suitable for building their nests.

Understanding their behavior is key in determining how to effectively manage their presence around our homes.

Common Misconceptions

A common misconception is that all flying insects are attracted to and can be controlled by the same means.

This isn’t always the case, especially with hornets, whose attraction to certain stimuli differs from other insects.

The Mechanics of Bug Zappers

How Do Bug Zappers Work?

Bug zappers use ultraviolet light to attract insects and then eliminate them with an electrical grid.

The allure of UV light is effective on many nocturnal insects, but does this include hornets?

What Attracts Insects to Bug Zappers?

While the UV light is a significant attractant, factors like heat and even the zapper’s color can play a role.

But, do these factors appeal to hornets as they do to other insects like moths and flies?

Hornets and Bug Zappers

Are Hornets Attracted to Bug Zappers?

Here’s the crux of the matter: Research indicates that hornets, unlike moths or flies, are less attracted to UV light.

Their attraction is more towards food sources and potential nesting sites.

Therefore, while a bug zapper might catch the odd hornet, it’s not a reliable method for controlling them.

Factors Influencing Attraction

The main attraction for a hornet is not light but rather food sources and pheromones.

This is why bug zappers might not be the most effective solution for a hornet problem.

Alternative Hornet Control Methods

Safe and Effective Hornet Control

Considering the limited effectiveness of bug zappers against hornets, exploring other methods becomes essential.

These include natural repellents, hornet traps, and ensuring your yard doesn’t have appealing nesting sites.

DIY Tips for Hornet Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Keep your outdoor area clean, cover any sweet or protein-rich foods during picnics, and consider planting hornet-repelling plants like peppermint or eucalyptus in your garden.

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Real-Life Experiences and Case Studies

Stories from Homeowners

We’ve heard from several homeowners who’ve tackled hornet issues. Many found that while bug zappers reduced the number of flying pests, they didn’t notice a significant reduction in hornet activity.

Expert Insights

Entomologists and pest control experts often suggest targeted strategies for hornets.

These include baits and traps designed specifically for hornets, ensuring they are more effective than general insect zappers.


In summary, while bug zappers can be a part of your pest control arsenal, they are not the most effective tool against hornets.

Understanding hornet behavior and using targeted control methods will yield better results in making your outdoor spaces more enjoyable and hornet-free.

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