Do Mole and Gopher Sonic Spikes Work on Ground Hogs?

Groundhogs are burrowing animals who belong to the squirrel family of marmots.

These digging pests are also called woodchucks. They are mostly found in all the parts of North America, Canada, and Alaska. It is a lowland animal that spends most of its time underground.

Groundhogs have four large incisors that they use to eat their food.

Moreover, they have claws which they use to dig burrow holes. They are large rodents and can grow as much as 22 inches in length.

Furthermore, the weight of this animal ranges from 2 to 6.3 kg.

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How To Distinguish Groundhogs from Other Burrowing Rodents?

Groundhogs find diverse similarities to other burrowing animals like gophers and moles. They have large incisors as that of gophers.

Moreover, one may find their claws similar to that of moles.

However, you must be able to identify this animal from the other animals to find a suitable solution.

The color of incisors of a groundhog is white or ivory white. On the other hand, the color of a gopher’s incisors is yellow.

A groundhog hole is also a good way to distinguish it from other small animals.

The entrance hole of a groundhog’s tunnel is very large compared to other animals’ burrow holes. Moreover, the tunnel is as deep as 30 feet.

The teeth marks of a groundhog on the rotten fruits may also identify them from other rodents. They leave an inclined mark of teeth on the fruits and vegetables.

Where Do Groundhogs Live?

Groundhogs prefer to live in a wooded area of a garden or lawn.

Most individuals dig a burrow for their home. This burrow can be up to three meters deep and three meters wide, with more than a dozen entrances.

Unlike most small animals, males and females don’t live together.

Instead, males visit and introduce themselves to females to find a mate in the spring.

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Is Groundhog Infestation a Severe Problem?

Infestation is a major groundhog problem since these pesky creatures can multiply in numbers within a short period. Moreover, they can dig your whole garden and create sinkholes.

A groundhog can dig deep tunnels beneath the foundations of a house. 

Therefore, it can cause structural damage. Hence, a groundhog problem can worsen with time once this creature finds shelter on your property.

le And Gophe

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How Groundhogs Damage Your Garden?

These unwanted animals can cause immense damage to your garden and property. They can eat plants from stem to roots in a matter of a few minutes.

Furthermore, they can cause trip hazards all around your property by digging a huge network of tunnels. The groundhogs love to make their den underneath the foundations and wooden fences of a garage.

Therefore, it can cause severe structural damage to the building and may result in settlement.

Hence, it is pertinent to implement groundhog removal strategies to clean your house from these creatures.

What Is a Sonic Groundhog Repellent?

A sonic groundhog repellent is a solar charge device that uses ultrasonic pulses to get rid of groundhogs. A groundhog repellent is a natural and humane pest control method. It is similar in function and characteristics to that of a gopher repellent.

A gopher repellent has a long rod of 12 to 14 inches in length with a solar panel attached on top of it. The solar charge panel of this gopher repellent takes energy from sunlight to power the rechargeable battery.

The unique formula of this device emits a series of high-intensity sound waves. These waves are extremely disturbing for these animals since they have sensitive ears.

Resultantly, they live the premises as this gopher repellent emits sound waves after every 30 seconds, which irritates these unwanted creatures.

What Are the Advantages of Using Sonic Spike to Deter Groundhogs?

  • This repellent has countless benefits owing to its ease to use and higher effectiveness. Let us mark some of the important benefits of this repellent.


    • This pest control method does not use harmful chemicals.
    • It is an environmentally friendly instrument used to get rid of unwanted burrowing intruders.
    • It is a non-toxic and humane method to get rid of burrowing creatures.
    • The device is one of the best groundhog repellents recommended by a local exterminator.
    • It is very easy to install just by inserting its rod in the ground.
    • It works on all types of unwanted pesky creatures.
    • This is a time-saving product and is very easy to install.

How Does a Groundhog Repellent Work?

The ultrasonic solar stakes work by emitting a series of high-frequency sound waves every 30 seconds. These deterrents work the best for keeping groundhogs at arm’s length from your property.

The best groundhog repellents work by taking advantage of the weakness of groundhogs. The weakness of these pesky creatures is their sensitive hearing sense. The gopher repellent can ward off unwanted pesky creatures in a matter of a few days.

The gopher repellent works in a circular pattern and emits sound waves throughout the tunnel system of these animals below the ground.

How To Install a Sonic Groundhog Repellent?

It is very easy to install a groundhog repellent. This pest control method is the easiest to implement as compared to other methods. You only have to plug the rod of these groundhog repellents inside the ground.

Furthermore, while plugging the groundhog repellents inside the ground, you must be careful to ensure that the sunlight falls directly on the solar charge panels. In this way, it will keep on operating without any interval.

Make sure to plug it straight into the ground and near the holes of burrows to get the best results.

Does A Sonic Repellent Cost-Effective Solution?

Yes, this sonic repellent is the cost-effective pest control method to get rid of unwanted creatures. It is a less costly pest control method, and you can get a free quote from any shop of a local exterminator.

Furthermore, there are no maintenance issues for this repellent, and it is a cost-effective solution in the long run.

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What Is the Average Coverage Area of a Sonic Repeller?

The coverage area of a sonic repeller ranges from 550 square feet to 2,000 square feet.

The coverage area varies as per the brand available in markets. You can go online to get a free quote for many different brands with different coverage areas.

How Long Does a Sonic Repeller Last?

The repellent works on the solar power rechargeable battery by using solar energy.

A fully charged repellent can go on for 5-7 days. However, the practical experiments show that it last long if installed correctly on the ground facing sunlight.

Do Sonic Groundhog Repellents Work on All the Rodents?

  • Yes, this repellent works on all rodents since these creatures have sensitive ears. 

    After installation, you have to wait for some days, and it will irritate the unwanted pests so much that they will leave the premises of your property.


  • This repellent can work equally great on moles, gophers, and rats alike. You have to install this repellent near the openings of tunnels.

Does Thanos Repellent Work on Groundhogs?

  • Yes, Thanos sonic groundhog repellent works on all groundhogs without any discrimination. It is one of the best and non-toxic instruments to get rid of these unwanted creatures.

    The repellent has an extraordinary coverage area spanning 2,000 square feet. Moreover, it will repel these unwanted pesky animals from your yard within two to three weeks.

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs? Final Thoughts

  • Groundhogs are a major headache since their population can increase once they have found a shelter in your home. They can turn your property into a devastating piece of land within a very short period.

    Therefore, it is very crucial to control these marmots. The best and most effective way to do this is by using sonic repellent. The sonic repellent will kick these creatures out of your property once and for all.

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