Will UV light in bug zapper hurt your eyes?

UV light from bug zappers will not harm you or your family as they are not hazardous.

Bug zappers are a one-stop solution to getting rid of insect pests.

Pesky flying insects can be so annoying and bring a lot of discomfort around the home. Deciding on the best device to eliminate these insects can be overwhelming – but bug zappers are here to make things easier for you.

There are so many reasons you should choose bug zappers over other bug killer devices.

 However, we are often too grateful for their insect killer properties that we might ignore the potential side effects on humans.

Do your eyes feel some way after exposure to the bug zapper?

Well, read on to find what effects it may have.

If you look directly into the bug zapper for a long time, it starts to feel like someone dumped a bucket of sand under your eyelids, but don’t worry, this is NOT a problem, because such situation will be disappeared in a few seconds. 

Bug zappers attract insects by emitting high-intensity UV light.

The irresistible lure of this light brings the insect pests to the center of the device – usually between two metal grids – where they are electrocuted to death.

As entertaining as it can be to watch night-flying insects get zapped and killed, you should not stare directly into the bug zapper for long times.

First, let us have a look at what ultraviolet light is and the different types of UV light bulbs;

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What is ultraviolet light?

Uv light is a type of electromagnetic radiation with shorter wavelengths than normal light and longer wavelengths than Xrays.

Electromagnetic waves are typically measured in meters, but the UV light is so small that it is measured in nanometers (nm). They are on the shortest end of the visible spectrum, making them invisible to the eyes.

Types of UV light

As we have mentioned, there are three types of UV light depending on their wavelengths;

UV-A light

UV-A has the highest wavelengths of about 350nm to 400nm. It accounts for nearly 95% of the UV radiation that reaches the earth’s surface.

UV-A light comes in blacklight blue (BLB) and Blacklight (BL350/BL 368). 

Blacklight Blue is typical y used in nightclub lighting, anti-theft protection, detecting forged bank cheques, scorpion detections, and UV nail lamps.

Blacklight UV light has the shortest wavelength hence safe to be used in Bug zappers.

UV-B radiation

UV-B radiation is the medium wavelength of ultraviolet light.

Most UV-B rays are filtered by the atmosphere. It enhances sunburn in tanning beds and for vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption in some pets.

Additionally, it accelerates skin aging and also the development of skin cancer. Exposure to UV-B radiation results from the ozone layer becoming thin or depleted.

UV-C light

This has the shortest wavelength making it the most damaging type of UV light. 

They are also known as germicidal UV lights. 

It mainly targets the DNA of microorganisms, causing cell death. It inactivates or kills microbes. One should exercise extreme caution when handling germicidal UV lamps.

They are perfect for sterilizing medical equipment, treating wastewater, sanitizing food preparation surfaces, and air disinfection in hospitals and operating rooms.

The only way damage can occur is when the wrong UV bulbs are used or mixed, which seldom happens with the right manufacturers. 

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Is the UV light from bug zappers harmful?

No, it is not harmful. 

Despite all these side effects associated with UV-A, the UV light’s intensity used in bug zappers cannot cause any of these issues. 

UV light from bug zappers will not harm you or your family as they are not hazardous.

That is why bug zappers are placed high up in homes to catch more insects and present absolutely no harm to humans.

Are bug zappers dangerous to humans?

Bug zappers were made for humans to be used against pesky flying
insects. Their design makes them dangerous to insects and quite friendly
to humans.

They are also known as electrical discharge insect control systems,
electric insect killers, or electrocution traps. 

They have been used at home and around humans for a long time. So they are not dangerous to humans at all. 

Safe, Humane & Non-Toxic.

Can a bug zapper hurt a human?

For safety purposes, most homeowners are concerned about the potential harm that bug zappers pose to humans.

Zappers use a high voltage to electrocute and kill insects. The voltage can range between 2000 volts and as high as 4000 volts.

Suppose you touch the bug zapper when it is turned on, and the electric current is flowing; you will receive some shock coursing through your body. But this shock does not cause any hurt or damage.

But please note that for humans who have heart issues or a cardiac pacemaker, one should altogether avoid touching a bug zapper when it’s on. 

This is because the current from the bug zapper can disrupt the pacemaker, and one could go into atrial defibrillation.


Are bug zappers safe to use indoors?

More often, we find the need for bug zappers to be used indoors than outdoors. One of the primary uses of bug zappers is that they were designed to be used indoors.

When you decide to place a bug zapper inside your home, you should pick a fire hazard, water, and child-free location.

Choosing the perfect location for a bug zapper inside your home is extremely important.

They should not be placed near soft furnishings like drapes. 


Where is the ideal place to put a bug zapper indoors?

The ideal place to put a bug zapper is somewhere a little high above the ground.

Bug zappers should be hung high up where the target insect pests congregate to increase their effectiveness. This also makes it a lot safer for children and pets as they will not reach it easily.

Bug zappers use UV light bulbs to attract insects. UV light is more conspicuous in a dark place; hence it would be best to place the zappers in a dark room or location.

Ensure the room is not too well lit so that the UV light can shine much brighter. Minimize the distractions around the zapper to ensure that the insects are easily lured in.

For maximum coverage, place the zappers on every entrance of the room.

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Are bug zappers good for your home environment?

Bug zappers are great for your home environment.

There are numerous benefits that come with using bug zappers; here are some of the ways one can benefit from using bug zappers at home;

Benefits of using bug zappers


Bug zappers are beneficial to the home environment in the following ways;

Eliminate bugs

Zappers help to get rid of bugs and pesky flying insects around your home. 

This helps to reduce the annoyance and disturbance that these insects cause.

 Additionally, it helps to keep your food and items in storage safe as these bugs can contaminate your food.

No health risks

Unlike other bug killer devices that use chemicals or harmful products to kill insects, zappers only kill insects using electricity

Conserve energy and economical

Bug zappers use very little energy to kill bugs and insects.

You do not have to be concerned about them using too much electricity when you leave them on all night. 

Easy installation and cleaning

These devices will not take much of your time to put up. 

Bug zappers are portable and can easily be put up in any place of your choice. The metallic grid inside the zappers rarely gets dirty, and even when it does, it is quite easy to clean.


Wrap up

  • Bug zappers come in handy in helping users control insect populations and manage pests. They have been proven to work better than any other insect-killing device.

    Ultraviolet light has numerous uses, and when used correctly, it can be quite helpful to humans. 

    Like all electric devices, one should exercise caution when using bug zappers. Do not leave this bug killer unattended in your home or near children and pets.

    Please place it in a suitable location, preferably high above the ground, away from flammable objects and away from foods in the house.

    Take advantage of all the beneficial properties of bug zappers to make your home peaceful, comfortable, and above all bug-free.