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What Voltage Do Electronic Mouse Traps Use?

The use of a humane high volt shock of around 6,000 to 9,000 volts. It is what makes these devices popular among users.

August 25, 2022

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Rodents are a menace in many ways.

They can damage your personal belongings and spread diseases at the same time.

It is best to solve the issue through the right means.

Using mouse traps is a conventional and effective way of getting rid of the nuisance.

Electric shock mouse traps are a contemporary device that has made this process even easier and more efficient.

The electronic mouse trap will deliver a high voltage through the mouse for what is a near-instant kill.

Many people see electronic traps as a humane method of rodent control as the animal doesn’t feel any pain.

Let’s have a look at how these work and what voltages are involved.

What is the Voltage of Electronic Mouse Traps?

The best electric mouse trap will deliver a shock that will kill the mouse within a few seconds.

If you didn’t have a good electric mouse trap then it may mean a lower shock level and a kill that isn’t as quick.

Thankfully you’ll never have that problem with the Electric Rat Trap from Thanoshome which is able to deliver a high voltage electric shock.

It’s highly effective at luring the mice onto its metal floor plate. Then after the rodent enters, that shock is delivered.

But exactly how high is that shock on the best electric mouse traps?

For these high-end models, an indoor electronic mouse trap will deliver approximately 6,000 to 9,000 volts. The mouse or rap zapper can be used multiple times before it needs to be recharged or new batteries placed in.

Whether it has a rechargeable battery or you need to fit four AA batteries (or similar), it’s always important to know if it’s running low on batteries.

Thankfully the best electronic mouse trap will have an indicator light on top.

At this level of voltage, you can be confident that your rodent infestations will be a thing of the past.

Not only that but you can get rid of mice in a humane way when compared to any other trap such as glue traps, snap traps or poison.

Are you worried about that voltage being delivered to your pets or children?

Thankfully a high-quality electric trap will have many great features such as a safety switch that prevents false zaps.

That being said, you don’t want these traps near domesticated rodents such as guinea pigs.

The Importance of Getting Rid of Mice Infestation

Spotting a mouse in your home is really bad news.

The rodent can be carrying several diseases that can badly affect your health. The major diseases that can be spread through mice include listeria, hantavirus as well as salmonellosis.

It is, without doubt, an alarming matter if you notice a mice infestation in your house. You may be particularly worried if there are children in your home. Mice saliva, droppings, and urine can rapidly spread the aforementioned diseases.

These rodents reproduce really fast.

So, even if you have spotted only a single mouse today, there may be several ones running around your home within a few weeks.

It is, therefore, important to take prompt action against this inconvenience.

At the same time, it is also equally important to use a method that is effective as well as fast to help you get rid of these mice.

How do Electric Mouse Traps Work?

Here we look in detail at the working mechanism of an electric mouse trap.

Attracting the Rodent

Just like the conventional snap traps, an electric mouse trap also requires users to put bait inside.

The device is designed in a way that there is an opening that lets mice enter into a tunnel towards the bait.

The tunnel leads to two metal plates. As the rodents are attracted to the bait, they approach their impending doom.

The Process of Electrocution

As a mouse enters the trap, smart circuit technology senses the presence of the pest and activates the electric device.

The body of the mouse touches two electric plates inside which conduct a high voltage shock to the rodent. The mouse is killed within 5 seconds without suffering any pain.

Mouse Removal

A blinking green light on the device indicates that a rodent has been caught.

This way, the users can remove the mouse before it begins to rot inside. The process of removal is safe and convenient. The pest is easily disposed of without having to touch it.

Ensuring Safety

With the other types of methods used to kill mice, safety often becomes a concern.

However, an electric mouse trap is completely safe for use even if you have kids and pets in your home.

The electric plates that conduct the high voltage current are placed inside a uniquely shaped tunnel.

Only mice can enter it. No one can touch the plates by accident.

Moreover, the device is activated to conduct the current only when it senses the presence of the pest inside the tunnel.


The device is easy to clean up once a dead rodent has been removed from it. This makes it easy to be re-used. It is, therefore, a good investment.

How to Use your Electronic Mouse Trap Effectively?

Despite using the best device, you might still not be able to catch the mice that are infesting your house.

This is because it is probable that you are not using your electronic mouse trap the right way to attract mice.

Here are some important tips to make your device perform effectively.

  • Use gloves to place the bait in the trap. Mice have a strong sense of smell. If you touch the bait with your bare hands, the rodents will be able to sense your scent and will, consequently, steer clear of it.
  • Choose the right bait. Contrary to the popular depiction of mice being cheese lovers, these rodents actually prefer nuts and seeds. This makes peanut butter the best bait that would attract mice.
  • The bait does not always have to be food. You can use nesting materials like twine, cotton balls, or even dental floss. Mice that are looking to build nests would be attracted to these ideal materials.
  • Do not go overboard with the quantity of the bait. If you use too much, the mice might be able to “steal” some of it without getting trapped. On the other hand, using a pea-sized quantity is more effective at trapping the rodents as they come closer to the bait.
  • The placement of your trap is also important. Mice do not venture into open spaces. They usually run along walls and dark places. So, place the trap along the wall where mice are more likely to approach it.
  • Mice fear new objects and usually steer clear of them. It is a good idea to put an “unset” trap for a few days to let the mice get used to it. As they come to get the bait for the third or fourth day fearlessly, that’s when they will be trapped successfully.


Do Electric Shock Mouse Traps Work?

Electric mouse traps are very effective at killing mice through a humane electric shock.

The device can then be cleaned and reset promptly to be used again right away. This way, the trap can deal successfully with a large infestation.

How Many Volts is the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap?

It uses 6000V of electricity for each electric shock.

What kind of Bait can be used in an Electric Mouse Trap?

It is recommended to use bait that is high in fat or protein as that is what mice look for. Some good options are peanut butter, chocolate, or bacon.

Is an Electronic Trap Safe to Use?

There is no use of poison or harmful chemicals with an electronic mouse trap. The device has been designed with a covered tunnel that can only be entered by rodents. It is, therefore, completely safe to use at home.

How Many Rodents can a Single Device Catch?

Most electric traps can catch one rodent at a time. The device can then be cleaned and reset to be used again right away after removing the dead rodent. However, there are various models available that allow multiple rodents to be caught simultaneously.

How can the Trap be Cleaned?

Always turn off the trap and remove the batteries before cleaning up the unit. Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe the metal plates. Let the device dry completely before using it.

Final Thoughts

Pest control is extremely important in order to prevent damage to your personal belongings as well as your health. In the case of mice, there are several options available to get rid of the nasty rodent.

However, the best among these solutions is the use of a state-of-the-art electric mouse trap. It is widely used and recommended due to its effectiveness as well as safety. The use of a humane high volt shock of around 6,000 to 9,000 volts. It is what makes these devices popular among users.

It is important to use the trap according to the provided instruction manual. Place it on a flat and non-damp surface inside the house. Clean up the device promptly to be able to reuse it and ensure its perfect functionality.