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What Animals Does a Solar Mole Repeller Chase Away?

Mainly, the solar mole repeller will help you to repel the mole, vole , gopher, groudhog and other burrowing animals.

March 3, 2022

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What Is Solar-Powered Mole Repellers?

Solar-powered mole repeller is a pest repeller device that uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel moles, vole, gopher, groundhogs and other burrowing animals. This ultrasonic device is a solar-powered device that uses solar energy to operate.

It is the least expensive power pest repellant.

Sonic pulses are the major force behind the effectiveness of this solar repeller. The high-power sonic waves of this device chase down a mole, gopher, mice, and snakes. It consists of a rod that is pointy towards the end.

Solar panels are mounted on top of this solar-powered mole repellant device. The height of the rod is approximately 12 to 14 inches. This solar sonic mole repellent has an effective range with a coverage area spanning several square feet area.

The solar panel of the solar mole repellant device is connected with a rechargeable battery. The solar panel of these solar-powered mole repellers uses solar energy coming from the sun to charge the rechargeable battery.

What animals that the solar mole repeller repel?

Solar mole repellers work by emitting high-power sonic pulses in a circular pattern.

Mole, Voles, gophers, groundhogs, snakes, rats, and other burrowing animals have sensitive ears. Therefore, these animals hate the high-power intensity of these sonic pulses.

A solar mole repeller works in such a way that it deters these animals away from your garden. This solar panel ultrasonic tool emits sonic waves after 30 seconds. These high-power sonic pulses are audible to these animals.

Therefore, this solar mole repeller will irritate voles, snakes, and rats so much that they will be forced to leave the premises of your lawn. With a high coverage area, this solar mole repeller device works miracles to remove these ground rodents from your yard.

It is the best pest control method to deter the burrowing animals problem. These solar mole repellers can get rid of moles within two to three weeks after their installation in your lawn.

It works in a circular pattern, and the area covered by these solar mole repellers is 550 square feet and can even exceed for some brands like Thanos.

What Is the Installation Process of Solar Powered Mole Repeller?

The installation process of a solar-powered mole repeller is straightforward.

You only have to plug this solar-powered mole repeller into the ground, and the high-intensity waves of this device will cause extreme inconvenience to mice, snakes, voles, and rats.

During the installation of this solar-powered mole repeller, you have to be sure that the solar panel is facing the sun. The sunlight is the source of energy for this powerful device.

Therefore, installation of this solar-powered mole repeller should be done at that place in your yard where you get maximum sunlight.

It is better to install this solar-powered mole repeller near the entrance of burrows. These mole repellers will emit waves after every 20 seconds making it extremely difficult for the burrowing animals to stay underground. While installation, you only need to ensure to place this device on the ground facing the sun so that it can get charged using the sunlight.

Do Solar Mole Chasers Work?

Yes, they work exceptionally great without the use of any harmful chemicals.

The solar-powered mole repelled is a weather-resistant device that will give the best results even on rainy days. It can get rid of ground rodents and snakes in a matter of a few weeks.

These solar mole chasers chase down mice, snakes, and other pests by irritating them with continuous high-intensity waves. It is an easy-to-use pest control method. The solar-powered mole repelled deters ground rodents and snakes within two to three weeks after you install them in your yard.

These instruments work regardless of any weather condition.

Furthermore, it operates indiscriminately against all the members of the rodent family. In addition, it also guards your house against the unwanted intervention of snakes. The intensity of the sound will make the place unbearable for these creatures.

Do Solar Mole Repellers Work on Snakes?

The presence of a slithering snake in your yard or garden is the worst nightmare that you can expect. Snakes have very sensitive hearing senses, and they do not stand against high ultrasonic noises.

These unwanted creatures can come crawling in your garden by smelling mice which is their favorite meal. Snakes can invade your yard in search of mice but may end up biting your pets if they encounter them.

Therefore, homeowners can use this solar-powered mole repeller device to ward off snakes away from their property. Furthermore, mice, voles, and other pesky rodents will also move away from your house.

The snakes will have no chance of standing against the solar-powered mole repeller since it emits high power waves of sound after every 30 seconds.

You have to install this device by plugging it inside the ground.

Resultantly, it will make sound ripples under the ground forcing the snakes out of their holes and away from the premises.

What Is the Range of This Sonic Repeller?

The range of the repeller matters the most since the burrowing animals make a huge network of underground tunnels. The network of these tunnels spans over an area of more than 500 square feet.

Therefore, it is important to get your hand on the right instrument that has the desirable range. Typically, the lowest range of this repeller is 550 square feet.

However, some brands of repellers have an extremely high range of as much as 2,000 square feet.

How Long Does This Repeller Last?

This ultrasonic repeller has a rechargeable battery that can last for 3-5 days. Moreover, it quickly regains charging when placed correctly facing the sunlight.

Owing to their extensive battery life, these repellers are widely used by homeowners to control the infestation of unwanted animals.

Is There Maintenance of These Solar Sonic Repellers?

No, these devices need no regular or sequential maintenance.

You have to install them once in your yard, and then it will do the rest of the job. Moreover, this device uses a natural source of energy which is the sun.

You will have to wait for a period of two to three weeks to see the complete effectiveness of these devices. After the mentioned time frame, you will see your property free from the infestation of these animals.

Do Solar Mole Repellers Hurt Dogs?

People are often concerned regarding the safety of their pets before using this solar-powered mole repellent. Dogs can hear the intensity of these waves, but it is completely safe to use them since this mole repellent is installed inside the ground.

This device is completely safe to use if you have pets at your home. The mole repeller will emit high power frequencies of waves to chase down unwanted rodents. Moreover, this solar-powered mole repeller has been designated safe by pest control authorities.

According to the experts of pest control authority, these devices operate underground. Therefore, they cannot harm pets like dogs or cats.

What Are the Advantages of Using Solar Mole Repellent?

There are countless advantages of using this solar repellent device. It is in many aspects better than other methods of deterring these unwanted pesky creatures.

In the below text, we will highlight some of the key and appealing benefits of using solar repellent.

  • A mole repeller is an environmentally friendly device.
  • This repellent device is weather resistant and
  • can withstand all types of weather.
  • A mole repeller is free from chemicals and, therefore, safe to use.
  •  The solar repeller is a time-saving device and can repel unwanted creatures from your home within a few weeks.
  • This mole repeller does not cost expensive power.
  • This repeller is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted intruders.
  • It is a humane way to ward off these pests.

How to Differentiate Between Moles, Gophers, Voles, and Other Burrowing Rodents?

Gophers, voles, and moles share a similarity in their general characteristics and behavior. Moles, gophers, and other burrowing animals can be hard to distinguish from each other.

Moreover,they all make burrows. The major distinguishing aspect is that moles are omnivores while the rest of the rodents, like voles, gophers, and squirrels, are herbivorous. Moles, gophers like to eat plants, but moles prefer bugs and other pests. Similarly, rats also eat plants and grass apart from waste food.

mole vole and gopher

The major way to different moles, gophers, and other animals is by seeing their burrow pattern.

Moles usually have a conical mound of dirt outside their pilot hole. On the other hand, gophers have a fan-like dirt mound at the opening of their pilot hole.

Concluding Remarks

There are countless methods to downsize any pest infestation. However, the bottom line is that the solar sonic repeller is the best method to ward off these animals from your property. It is an easy and safe method.

This method is cost-effective and does not require any maintenance. You have to install the device on the ground, and the rest will be done by its high-powered waves. Moreover, it is also harmless to your pets since it emits waves underground.

The intensity of these waves is not audible to human beings. Hence, you can easily use these devices without any fear of getting harmed.