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With the Humane Mouse Trap, you can get rid of rodents efficiently and effectively without killing any innocent mice.

Engineering That Works

In the Humane Mouse Trap, springs and fulcrums work together to securely capture any mouse that enters.

No deadly electrocution traps, snap traps, glue traps, or poisons are used.

The Humane Mouse Trap is essentially a container that traps the mouse inside without any of these lethal components added to the trapping method.

  • A classic mousetrap with a non-lethal twist
  • Robust spring-loaded trap door to prevent the mouse from escaping
  • A highly sensitive mechanism, so even the tiniest mouse can activate the trap
  • It comes in a compact size of 6.7″ x 2.4″ x 2.5″

humane mouse trap

Non Lethal

The name says it all: our Humane Mouse Trap is designed to be non-lethal for any rodent it traps.

To ensure the mouse can get fresh air and sunlight, we’ve engineered the Humane Mouse Trap with a clear plastic enclosure and plenty of ventilation holes.

Once the mouse is trapped inside, you simply release the furry critter back into the wild, away from your home.

No mess, no fuss.  Your job is done.


If you have small children or pets in your home, this is the best mousetrap for you.

It doesn’t contain poisons, chemicals, or any lethal trapping methods and components.

Traditional mouse traps, also known as snap traps because they snap down to crush and break the neck of the rodent, can pose a significant safety risk around your home.

They won’t mind snapping a finger or two because their goal is to literally squash mice and kill them instantly.

Similar safety concerns are found with the other deadly trapping methods, like poisons, electrocution traps, and glue traps.

However, with the Humane Mouse Trap, your fingertips will be as safe as the mouse you’ll catch.

None of these lethal trapping methods are involved in any way.

You can rest easy knowing this mousetrap is entirely safe for every family member.

How It Works

The Humane Mouse Trap is easy to use and just as effective as lethal traps.

Simply add bait in the designated compartment opposite the entrance, and set the trap with the door open.

What bait to use? We recommend using peanut butter for the best results!

When the mouse enters, it will step on the trigger, which activates the trap door.

Because it has nowhere to flee, the only thing you have to do is take the trap outside and release the mouse by unlocking the food compartment.

Make sure to inspect your trap regularly. It’s better to release a mouse as quickly as possible once you’ve caught one; otherwise, they may die in the trap.

And if you don’t succeed straight away, don’t give up; try a different trap placement and type of bait – you can check out our blog for more ideas on this!




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