Electric Fly Swatter


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  • 2-in-1 design, 360 degree rotation, make it not just a Electric fly swatter, but you also can turn it into a bug zapper easily.
  • Featuring a 3,000-volt grid, instantly eliminate mosquitos, flies, fruit flies, gnats and other pests in a single swing.
  • Works both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re camping, hiking or enjoying a family picnic, This portable electric mosquito swatter allows you to zap anytime, anywhere.
  • Built-in 1200mAh battery, fast and convenient charging. Plug in your fly swatter using the included USB cable. As powerful as it is efficient, the built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge!
  • Thanks to an ergonomic, lightweight design, our racket provides comfort and control. The large frame makes it easy to target pests, and cleanup is as effortless as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net.




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