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Clothes Moth Trap

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Catch & Trap Closet Lurkers!

Our quick and easy traps use pheromone-infused glue to capture closet, cabinet and pantry dwelling moths that chew holes through your clothing and linens! 

Simple device that’s proven to be ruthlessly efficient

Effective protection from all moths and especially the two most prolific clothes moths that plague North America: Tineola Bisselliella and Tinea Pellionella. A combo of pheromones and adhesive pad attracts and traps more than just moths.

Fast, Effective & Long-Lasting Protection

Protecting all your clothing and materials like Fur, Feathers, Wool, Carpet, and Cashmere. This trap is particularly effective when used in your closet.

Simple to use anywhere you have noticed these pests

You can easily place them inside your closet near clothing. Add to linen cabinets, laundry rooms, and other areas where you suspect a moth infestation, or where you want to prevent one.

Safe & Non-Toxic

Safe for your whole family and for use anywhere in your home, the only active component is the pheromones used to lure the moths to the trap. This is completely non-toxic for your family and any pets.

Safe for your family

Non-toxic and no-kill, with zero poisons or dangerous chemicals, and no mechanical or electrical trap components. 100% safe for your family.

Easy to use & zero maintenance

The pheromones lure the male moths to the trap, which disrupts their mating cycle. Once the trap is full, or after 12 weeks, simply discard and replace the trap.

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