Babies are and sensitive.

It’s natural to worry about everything in your home when it comes to them. From the places they stay to the things they touch, everything has the potential to affect your bundle of joy.

You have probably heard of ultrasonic pest repellers. If you haven’t, we’d explain a little about them in the next section.

So, are ultrasonic pest repellers safe for your baby, kids, and even pets?

We would answer all your questions in this guide!

What is ultrasonic sound?

Ultrasonic sound is sound you can’t hear with our human ear.

Yes. Our human ears have a hearing range or a particular frequency of sounds we can hear, are known as audible sound.

Sounds above our range in the ultrasonic range are called ultrasonic sounds, while those below them are called infrasound.

Ultrasonic pest repellers are based on the principle of ultrasonic sound. We can’t hear certain sounds, but guess what can?

Those pesky pests or insects in your home!

Their ears or bodies are able to pick up this sound easily, just like we can hear another person speak.

These ultrasonic waves repel pests and insects away as they simply can’t stand your ‘noisy’ house environment.

As pests continually hear this sound, they will move out from your home, keeping you and your baby safe!

Are ultrasonic pest repellers effective?

Ultrasonic pest repellers have been around for years.

While some people claim that ultrasonic pest repellers took care of the pests in their homes, other people say that these devices are not as effective as they seem.

Do they really chase pests away?

First of all, you have to understand that pest control methods take time. You shouldn’t expect to see your home pest-free the minute you plug in the pest repeller.

You should give the device at least two to three weeks to work. Also, you can’t use 1 pest repellent per house.

Ideally, you should use 1 device per room. If it is a big room, then you can use two repellents instead of one.

These repellers are not like inhumane traps and poisons that kill pests instantly. The pests will still continue to hang around your home at first.

But as they continue to hear the ultrasonic sounds, they would find your home uninhabitable.

Another thing worthy of mention is that ultrasonic sound cannot pass through thick objects like couches and bookshelves.

If your space is crowded, the repellent device might not be so effective. These ultrasonic pest repellers work, but you have to ensure you do your part too.

What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic pest repeller?

There have been cases where children mistakenly hurt themselves badly with traps or fatally ingest poison meant for bigger pests. Homeowners prefer ultrasonic pest repellers for a number of reasons.

These reasons include:

No dead pests are involved:

  • In a home where you have babies and toddlers, you definitely don’t want them to play around with the carcass of a dead rodent. These ultrasonic devices do not kill pests as poisons or baits do. Instead, they simply chase them away from your home.

Accidental poisoning and injury are greatly reduced:

  • Babies can put anything in their mouths  from pest poison to actual traps. It’s hard for a baby to swallow a pest repeller, unlike pest poison lying somewhere on the ground. Also, toddlers can avoid getting stuck in or injured in pest traps

Saves cost:

  • Let’s face it. Would you rather buy mice baits every other week, or would you make a one-off ultrasonic repellent purchase?
  • It’s cheaper to buy an ultrasonic pest repellent in the long term than to continue buying different types of pest chasers.

Easy to use:

  • An ultrasonic repellers is quite easy to use. After plugging it into a power source or putting its batteries in, you don’t have to do any other thing. There are no settings, no cleaning instructions, and no heavy maintenance required. It’s as simple as screwing a light bulb to your ceiling. Some of these pest repellers come with a night light so you can see it faintly even in the dark.

*Do ultrasonic pest repellers bother babies?

No. Ultrasonic pest repellers do not disturb babies or cause any harm to them.

In fact, ultrasound scans done during pregnancy use ultrasonic sound waves to detect and hear a fetus.  This shows ultrasonic devices are safe for pregnant women.

Both babies and adults have the same hearing range, although older adults may not be able to pick up some high-frequency sounds. Overall, these household devices are not known to cause any discomfort to babies and children.

* Is ultrasonic safe for babies?

Yes. Ultrasonic waves are completely safe for babies.

There is little evidence suggesting that ultrasonic sound causes anything negative in babies. If you feel your baby is being affected by a pest repeller, then you should see a doctor.

*Is pest repeller safe for kids?

Pest repellers, especially of the ultrasonic kind, are safe for kids and teens. These pest repellers contain no chemicals or toxic substances.

These electrical devices do not have small parts, eliminating a potential choking hazard. However, you need to instruct your kids not to play around with the pest control device as they could damage it in the process.

*Can ultrasonic pest repellers hurt humans?

Such repellers are perhaps one of the safest pest control methods around now.

Despite being ultrasonic, the sound waves emitted from this device contain no harmful radiation. Some people claim to feel slight discomfort because of the device like minor headaches. Generally, the device is safe for use.

Do Ultrasonic sound waves harm pets?

We’ve looked at whether ultrasonic pest repellents harm humans and babies, but what about household pets?

As a pet owner, your pet is just as important to you as a person. You would not want to do anything to harm it.

As mentioned earlier, pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters can pick up higher frequencies of sound. Normally, we can’t hear such frequencies. But your pets can and might be affected by the constant noise.

Some pets like dogs begin to whine a lot, even if there’s no clear reason why they are doing so. Cats may like to stay close to you more, and would not like to leave your side. Other pets might move around a lot or generally become restless.

If you notice any strange behaviour in your pet after you hat an ultrasonic pest repeller, try to switch it off for some days. If you switch it on later and the undesirable symptoms come up again, it’s best to stop using the device immediately.

Final Thoughts:

Ultrasonic pest repellents are great pest control methods.

However, you should not neglect hygiene practices. It is pointless using these electronic devices to chase pests away, only to attract them with debris lying around your house.

Your home should be kept as clean as possible. It’s hard for these annoying critters to live in a constantly clean environment.

Seal up cracks around your home and regularly declutter your home. Are ultrasonic pest repellers safe for you or your unborn baby? Absolutely!

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