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How to get rid of snakes?

In search of how to get rid of snakes and eliminate the snake problem, don't forget to understand what attracts them first.

December 28, 2021

18 min read time

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Most people jump out of fear at the mention of the word snake or out of pure dislike. And though we consider them extremely dangerous, this reptile is mostly not as aggressive as we believe.

Most times, they attack people when they feel threatened or as a result of self-defense. Over 3000 species are occupying different countries in the different continents of the world except for Antarctica.

Of the thousands of species that exist, only about 600 are venomous snakes. The rest are non-venomous snakes. Non-venomous snakes rely on their ability to swallow prey alive or kill them by conscription, while venomous snakes rely on venoms.

These cold-blooded reptiles have to regulate their body temperature externally. That is why they take up positions in cool areas to help keep them warm and are rarely active when extremely hot in the summer.

This article will give you insight into how to deter snakes, what attracts them, and how to get rid of them permanently.

What Attracts Snakes

A lot of people are really interested in getting to know how to get rid of snakes.

But in search of how to get rid of snakes and eliminate the snake problem, they forget that they have first to understand what attracts them. Then know why they keep showing up before strategizing on how to get rid of snakes.

This limbless reptile does not have a particular spot or home. They are always wandering around trying to find hiding places in their endless search of two things, warmth, and food.

Since they do not like extremely cold or scorching environments, they keep wandering in search of the perfect warm spot. Therefore, they only occupy hiding places suitable for their skin.

During the heat of the summer, snakes in your yard crawl out at night or in the morning when it is cool. And when it is frigid, they find warm spots and better hiding places. In wandering, they also search for prey.

So, naturally, they are attracted to areas where they can quickly get the next meal and where they can be kept warm.

In trying to understand how to get rid of snakes, you need to know how to avoid attracting snakes in your yard.

Here are the things that you need to avoid the most:

  • Tall grasses
  • Rodents
  • Junkyards
  • Mini Backyard farms

Tall grasses

Snakes are mostly peaceful reptiles that do not want unnecessary human attention. And except they are attacked or startled, they rarely get involved with human business. They love moving and staying unnoticed. This makes them love areas with overgrown grasses, making it easier for them to creep in search of their next meal and warm spot.


Always in search of food like every other animal, they prey on rodents mostly. Rats, lizards, frogs, and the likes, moving from place to place with an excessive supply of these rodents.

Rodents love dirty, excessively watered places or places where they can generally get their next meal. And since they prey on these rodents, they are found in areas where rodents dwell.

This means that any environment that attracts rodents will also be one to draw the legless reptile.


To cool their temperature during the summer, snakes cozy up to cool places. Any environment that has a cold spot will be one for them.

Junkyards with old containers that collect water or old worn-out materials that are cool shades serve as the perfect spot for any snake looking to cool off the summer heat in water-cooled areas.

Mini Backyard farms

Any house with a mini-farm will encounter snakes more than a house without one because they are attracted to backyard farms with chicken coops or rabbit cages. The perimeter of your property must be constantly cleared and taken care of to avoid them and to keep them away from your home.

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How to Keep Snakes Away

Home remedies can be considered in determining how to keep snakes away and how to get rid of snakes near your house.

These remedies are not difficult to understand or to utilize. They just need to be studied carefully and utilized thoroughly.

In a situation where the home remedies are not sufficient, a professional can be called in to help in eliminating them.

In keeping them away, here are the most useful things to do.

  • Elimination of snake prey supply
  • Elimination of spots that provide accommodation
  • Utilizing snake repellants
  • Trap
  • Utilizing smoke

Elimination of snake prey supply

Snakes, like humans, are mostly driven by their desire to eat. If you have had an experience with a snake anywhere in your yard, it is most likely because your home is appealing. Or maybe it is an adequate supply of snake prey.

In learning how to get rid of snakes on a property, the prey supply source must be eliminated and thoroughly gotten rid of.

Snakes that move around residential areas feed on rodents and small animals. These rodents can be gotten rid of through pest control. Once these rodents are ridden, the snakes automatically move on.

The duration that snakes will inhabit a yard or an environment is dependent on the supply of prey or pest they can get from that particular yard.

Once the pest control is applied and the supply is ridden, the snakes will move away in search of another yard or area with enough pests, having water-cooled spots for sustenance.

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Elimination of spots that provide accommodation

To keep property away from snake infestation or eliminate snakes on a property, you must ensure that spots that accommodate snakes are eliminated. Some of the spots are;

·       Exposed body of water

·       Covered containers that provide warmth and woodpiles

·       Watered spots

Snakes find these spots very appealing. Because these spots are suitable for snakes’ body temperature, they are in constant search for them. They will constantly haunt any area that has these cool spots. To eliminate snakes in your house and property, you have to make sure to eradicate every spot that snakes may hide.

Utilizing snake repellant

Using snake repellants to remove snakes in the yard has also proven to be very effective.

The chemicals from these repellants are powerful. They can affect any snake species by messing with the skin or even the snake system generally.

It’s a great measure to seek to deal with snakes and deter them from returning to your property.

Examples of Snake Repellents

These repellants have proven to be very strong in getting rid of snakes. Once sprayed around the home, the snake repellent is sure to eliminate any space where snakes may hide.

Some of these repellants are discussed below:

sonic snake repellent

  • Sulfur

Sulfur is quite common and is an excellent snake repellent to use when in search of getting rid of snakes. Once spilled in the crawl spaces, it will irritate the skin of any snake that crosses. Sulfur is a very effective repellant that may be used to get rid of snakes and must also be used in areas that pets or children can’t get to.

  • Ammonia

Ammonia is also a great and common snake repelling option that may have a positive result if used.  The odor dispels snakes as they do not like to be around it. Once it is sprayed in those areas, they are sure to crawl away.

  • Cinnamon and Clove oil

Cinnamon and clove oil are also very effective in dispelling. Once mixed together and sprayed, it serves as a great deterrent.

This repellant is very different from the other repellants because it is sprayed directly on a snake. It is also quite dangerous since the snake might react violently in an attempt to flee from the repellant by moving in the opposite direction.

  • Naphthalene

It is a prevalent ingredient in most commercial snake repellants.

Naphthalene is very powerful, so in use, it must be kept away from the reach of pets and children. Once placed in containers and holes or any other place where a snake will most likely dwell, the chemical will repel them.

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  • Trap

A trap can be used to get rid of snakes permanently.

Each trap is specifically designed to catch snakes. It is easy to capture them in a trap because they are always attracted to food. Once the trap is placed at a strategic point, the trap will aid in eliminating these reptiles. These traps must be kept away from pets to avoid them getting caught.

  • Utilizing smoke: 

Snakes are reptiles with a powerful sense of smell, and they detest smoke.

Because they cannot live in smoky places, they move away to more suitable areas.

In smoking them out, you can choose to set up a fire pit that will burn for several days and chase them away from the holes where they are hiding. These methods are instrumental in getting rid of snakes and in pursuing them off their hiding.

Sometimes, these methods fail when not utilized efficiently or because the infestation of snakes in the area is just too strong. It’s essential to seek ways to permanently learn how to get rid of snakes in such a case.


Most people don’t find snakes fascinating.

If you’re part of those that dislike snakes, seeing them around your home may be an issue.

This article explains the best strategies on how to get rid of snakes. Once you employ the strategies stated to get rid of the snakes around your home, you can finally enjoy the peace you want.

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