Does Electric Fly Swatter Work?

Electric fly swatter

Electric fly swatters kill flies indiscriminately, including house flies, horse flies, and many other small flies

An electric fly swatter is an electric instrument to kill flies and other flying insects.

The electric fly swatter involves the method of electrocution to get rid of flying bugs. The basic structure of an electric fly swatter zapper is similar to that of a tennis racket.

The only difference of an electric fly swatter and a bug zapper is that the electric grid replaces the net. The nylon mesh of the electric swatter has electrical discharges. The handle of an electric fly zapper holds the electric circuit.


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How does An Electric Fly Swatter work?

The electric fly swatter works on the principle of electrocution.

It has an electric circuit in its handle. The electric circuit is connected with the grid, giving an electric shock to kill insects. The major component of the electrical circuit of these electric swatters is the step-up transformer.

The step-up transformer of electric swatters acts as a voltage multiplier.

When you press the power button, it converts the low voltage of the batteries into high voltage as high as 4000 volts.

After that, you only have to swing the electric swatters on the flies, and it will kill pesky flies in an electric flash.

Does Electric Fly Swatter Deter Fruit Flies?

An electric fly swatter is the undisputed fly killer. Yes, there even kill fruit flies in a flash of a second.

All you got to do is flex your arms holding this device and make sure that these flies touch the electric grid.

Once an insect touches the three-layer grid while the button is pressed, it will die instantly with a powerful electrical current.

It has been proved through practical observations that electric fly swatters work effectively on fruit flies.

Does An Electric Fly Swatter Good to Deter Mosquitoes?

Mosquito infestation is a major headache for homeowners.

These blood-sucking buzzers smell the breath of humans when they exhale carbon dioxide. Therefore, they come running for the blood of humans.

However, you need not worry since these swatters will clean your home from these blood-sucking creatures.

All you have to do is swing these rackets while pressing the button. You will love to hear the zapping sound they make while sending a mosquito straight to hell.


Are Electric Fly Swatters Effective on All Insects?

Electric fly swatter, as mentioned earlier, is the modern fly killer.

These electric fly swatters kill flies indiscriminately, including house flies, horse flies, and many other small flies. Electric fly swatters know no boundary in killing bugs unless their battery drains out.

Electric fly swatters work equally and effectively on smaller insects and larger insects.

 Some of the best electric fly swatters have proved efficient for larger bugs and smaller ones simultaneously.

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How To Select the Best Electric Fly Swatters?

You must select the best electric fly swatter according to the operational properties.

Firstly, it should have a rechargeable battery instead of replacement batteries.

Secondly, the electric fly swatters should be light in weight so you can swing them around easily.

Moreover, you should check that the fly swatter must have a triple-layer safety mesh.

The triple-layer safety mesh of a fly swatter makes it harmless even if you accidentally touch its grids.

However, a flying insect is not safe from this triple mesh because it is smaller enough to allow the penetration of insects.

Last but not least, the voltage capacity of a fly swatter matters the most.

If the initial discharge is low voltage, it will not immediately kill the insect. Hence, you must check how many volts an electric swatter possesses.

Therefore, the best electric fly swatters should have a voltage ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 volts.

Furthermore, the racket material of the fly swatter should be sturdy so that it does not get damaged if you accidentally hit it with other objects.

Safe, Humane & Non-Toxic.

What Are the Advantages of Using Electric Fly Swatters?

There are countless benefits of using electric fly swatters.

These are the best and latest devices that have taken place instead of toxic chemical sprays.

Let us highlight some of the key advantages of these swatters.

They are as mentioned below:


  • They kill flying insects in a flash of a second.
  • Electric fly swatters kill flies and other insects indiscriminately.
  • These swatters come with a bright light that can assist in killing insects and bugs even when you are camping outside.
  • An electric fly swatter is an excellent replacement for bug sprays, as the environmental protection agency mentioned.
  • These devices are easy to use.
  • You can easily recharge them at your convenience.
  • It reduces the demand for a local exterminator since you can get rid of bugs yourself.
  • The battery life of these electric shock devices is very high after a full charge.

How To Get Rid of a Fly Problem? Final Thoughts

  • Bugs can be a real problem for a household since their infestation increases at an exponential rate.

  • Therefore, every homeowner looks for effective methods to get rid of these unwanted creatures on their property.

    There are many non-toxic methods to deter these creatures, as discussed above.

  • However, these methods are not long-term and do not offer a permanent solution. Hence, you should go to electrical zappers if you want to get rid of them quickly.

    These zappers are a long-term and effective solution compared to other traditional methods for controlling the infestation of these undesirable creatures. They are very easy to easy and do not require any professional skill to handle.

    Moreover, they are a viable option from an economic point of view and save you a lot of money which you may have spent on professional experts. They are harmless electrical instruments and will not cause damage even if you touch them while they are electrically charged.

    The bottom line is that one can use these electrical devices without any fear, and they will give you the best victory in your fight against these buzzing intruders.