Do ultraviolet bug zapper work on pantry moths?

A bug zapper works on the principle of electrocution. It can kill mosquitoes, moths, and many more bugs.

Pantry moths are one of the most common household pests present everywhere. Moths are dark greyish or brown.

There are more than 11,000 unique species of these pests only in the United States of America.

Due to their thousands of species, it is common to have a moth infestation in your household. The size of a moth can range from the tip of a pencil to about 4.5 inches long. These flying bugs are also called meal moths.

They are meal moths because these bugs are usually found in dry food containers. These bugs live and grow inside dry food storage boxes. Furthermore, some species of moths are also referred to as clothes moths. The clothes moths love clothes made of wool and cashmere.

Moths are flying bugs that mostly rely on food sources in the kitchen and woolen clothes as their primary food. On a lighter note, these pests are not biting insects.

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What Is a Bug Zapper?

A bug zapper is one of the latest high-tech traps that can kill pantry moths.

The bug zapper attracts bugs using UV light of high wavelengths. The blue ultraviolet light has an irresistible lure for moths, fruit flies, and other biting insects.

A bug zapper has a cage-like structure usually made of plastic or an electrically grounded material. The electrically grounded material makes it harmless for the kids and pets present in the house.

So, it won’t harm anyone who will touch the outer cage of a bug zapper.

The inner structure of bug zappers comprises an electrical grid. The grid has two electrical wires with minimal space between them, typically a few millimeters. The space between the wires is equivalent to the diameter of a fly.

The electrical wires are surrounded by fluorescent tubes that emit light to lure insects. Whenever a fly touches the electrical wiring system, it completes the circuit. When the fly completes the electrical circuit, it gets a jolt of 4,200 volts.

Ultimately, the fly dies by electrocution. The bug zappers can cover an area of 1,500 square feet.

Therefore, they are highly effective for killing insects. These bug zappers are among the best moth traps available for moths.

Many latest bug zappers have a collection tray at the bottom of the zapper. It collects the dead bugs after the electrocution process. You can then throw the collected dead bugs once a week.

Last but not least, a bug zapper is called a “zapper” because of the zapping sound it makes when it electrocutes an insect.


What Are the Advantages of Using Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers have numerous advantages while getting rid of any kind of pest infestation. Some of the major advantages are highlighted as follows:


  • Bug zappers are easy to use.
  • You can place these bug zappers in any area having moths, bugs, mosquitoes, flies, and butterflies.
  • Outdoor bug zappers can make your yard moth free in a matter of a few hours.
  • It is one of the best traps available in the market at a relatively lower cost.
  • These electrocuting traps are highly effective in getting rid of moths, flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs.
  • These highly effective traps do not require high energy.
  • Bug zapper’s outer body comprises electrically grounded material, making them harmless for pets and kids.

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Do Bug Zappers Attract Pantry Moths?

The moths are fond of light, and any glimpse of high-intensity light will attract them.

The bug zappers use this to lure these bugs into the electrocution trap. The moths are attracted to these zappers due to the blue light. When attracted, the bugs touch the electric wires and die instantly.

On the other hand, modern zappers are also equipped with special attractant cartridges to control mosquito infestation.

A moth is not the only problem disturbing the homeowners. A mosquito is also another bug that requires immediate attention.

How Does a Bug Zapper Kill Moths?

A bug zapper uses an electrocution method to kill moths. A high current passes through the two separated electrical wires of bug zappers. These wires are separated by a very small space equal to that of the size of flies.

A high voltage electric current passes through the insect’s body whenever these flies touch these wires. It instantly kills the pest, and the jolt is so high that the misted body parts fall at a distance of 7 feet from the zapper.

Therefore, bug zappers can get rid of a moth and mosquito infestation in a matter of a few hours in the vicinity where they are installed.

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How To Eradicate Moths? Final Thoughts

  • Moths can be a real problem for any household since their population increases exponentially. The female can lay hundreds of eggs simultaneously, and it takes only a few days for that egg to hatch.

  • The hatched egg will produce the larvae of moths, which will wreak havoc by eating through rugs, carpets, clothes, and dry food items.

    There are many natural and instrumental methods to control the scourge of moths.

  • However, the best and most effective method is the use of electric bug zappers. These zappers tend to attract these bugs, ultimately eliminating them through electrocution.

    There are various natural methods too for controlling moths. Using vinegar with water is an easy and effective way to remove moths. Similarly, you can also use cedar tree chips both in your clothes and kitchen cabins to stop the population growth of moths.

    There are moths’ repellent sachets available in the market consisting of all-natural ingredients. These are perfectly suitable to use in place of mothballs. You can place these sachets in your clothes and storage cabins.

    The bottom line is that bug zappers are undoubtedly the best to eradicate these unwanted insects.

  • However, the smart move will be to use bug zappers and some other natural deterrent of moths.

  • A combination of two methods will bear the best results.

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