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Do ultrasonic pest repellers work on spiders?

Despite contrary claims by some researchers in certain quarters, ultrasonic sound repels spiders.That is why ultrasonic pest repellents are a safe and affordable way to keep spiders away from your environment.

December 10, 2021

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Brown Recluse Spiders


Spiders are some of the most popular insects out there.

They are so popular that the world-famous comic Spiderman is a staple in many homes and has inspired a lot of movie flicks over the years. Spiders are some of nature’s best-balancing agents.

They are known to prey on other household insects and so are responsible for keeping their numbers down.

Some of their preferred insect snacks include mosquitoes, flies, fleas, cockroaches, and even other spiders. Spiders are prolific breeders and one spider egg sac has as many as 3000 eggs!

Imagine having that many eggs hatching inside your living environment.That’s a lot of vermin which could make the whole house a lot desirable for you.

Thankfully,they are not known to cause serious structural damage.

So depending on the species, spiders might even be tolerated as long as their numbers have not become a spider problem.

What Attracts Spiders

Spiders have certain preferences for the places they inhabit.

So if you find them around the house or in your car, there might be a reason or two why they are there.They love dark, closed, and remote spaces where they can spin their webs undisturbed.

Attics, old abandoned storage boxes, and garages are some of their favorite haunting spots.They are also attracted by the presence of food. Once there is a significant number of insects to feed on, you’d find them thronging around hunting for food. Sometimes we inadvertently transport them into our homes via the potted plants and old boxes that we keep moving in and out of the house.

An unclean environment will attract spiders. For one the unclean environment will attract those insects that spiders prey on and so there will be several spiders milling around. These unclean spaces will encourage them to nest and after a while, you will get a full-blown spider infestation on your hands.

There are hordes of spider species but here are some of the more popular ones:

  • House Spider
  • Black Widow Spider
  • Ground Spider
  • Brown Recluse Spider
  • Wolf Spider
  • Jumping Spider
  • Crab Spider
  • Long-bodied Cellar Spider
  • Sac Spider

Brown Recluse Spiders

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The brown recluse spider is native to the continental area of the US and is one of the more dangerous spider species out there.These pests pack a nasty bite that could lead to infections,skin ulcers, and life-threatening complications.

They are often found around old boards,piles of discarded junk, abandoned storage spaces, cluttered closets, garages,and attics in the house. You’d also find them under stones and logs outside the house.

These pests are nocturnal hunters of other so they rarely build webs. When they do build webs, they are often for the laying of eggs and are located in secure,rarely frequented sites. That is why they are rarely seen except during the spring season.

Although they are rarely seen in and out of the house, it might be a great idea to get rid of them ASAP once you suspect an infestation.

Now there are other methods of getting rid of pests like peppermint oil and traps. However, there is a cool way of reducing the number of pests you have around the house.

It is called the ultrasonic pest repellent/ and we will be getting into it in a bit.

What Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic pest repellers offer a harmless,natural, non-toxic form of pest control. Also known as electronic pest repellers, ultrasonic pest repellers are small electronic devices that are either powered by batteries, solar energy, or electric power.

They are designed to produce high-pitched sound that disorients pests and keeps them away from any environment where the repellers are placed. The frequency is such that human ears can rarely detect them but most pests find the pitch maddening and do all they can to steer clear of the range of the sound being emitted.

Ultrasonic pest repellents can be used for a considerable amount of time and they are used on a range of pests including spiders,ants, roaches, fleas, birds,snakes, mosquitoes,lizards and mice. They are often used in a variety of ways from plugging them indoors and outdoors to wearing them on your clothing or your pet’s(especially the cats and dogs) collar.

They come in various shapes and sizes and while there is the residential ultrasonic pest repeller,there is the larger commercial version that is designed for large spaces.

As long as you follow the manufacturers directions for use, electronic pest repellers are just as safe as the next electrical appliance that you use to make life easier for you.

That said, you’d need to be wary about the way you use these ultrasonic devices if you have pets because cats ,dogs and even rodent pets hear ultrasound too.

Does Ultrasonic Sound Repel Spiders?


Despite contrary claims by some researchers in certain quarters, ultrasonic sound repels spiders.That is why ultrasonic pest repellents are a safe and affordable way to keep spiders away from your environment.

Now here is how it works.

Spiders have tiny hairs that are extremely sensitive to sound and so once the ultrasonic devices are powered, the ultrasonic spider repeller emits high-pitched sound at variable frequencies that creates an environment that is discomfiting to the spiders.

This auditory discomfort is such that the spider tries to get away from the area as fast as it can and is thus repelled in the process.

ultrasonic pest repeller with strobe light

But that is not all, some of the best spider repellents double as an electronic ultrasonic pest repeller.

Once it is plugged into an electrical outlet sends electromagnetic signals that spiders can feel from outside the walls of your building.This electromagnetic field that is created makes ultrasonic pest repellents one of the best ultrasonic pest control methods.

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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work On Spiders?

Yes, they really do.

And there are studies and scientific evidence to prove it. One such study was done by Kansas State University in 2002.

Although the results of the scientific testing focused on crickets,its effectiveness and efficacy as a pest control for roaches,cockroaches and ants has been proven.

That is not to say that there hasn’t been some disputes about the effectiveness of the ultrasonic pest repeller as a means to repel insects and deter other pests. Once upon a time,the federal trade commission issued stern warnings to ultrasonic pest repellers manufacturers making any claim that their products could be used to handle any pest problem.

The longevity of these companies is a evidence that the repellent device works.

They wouldn’t be in business if their products didn’t match the claim about producing ultrasonic pest repeller products that could be used as effective pest control to deter pests in real world situations .

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work On Brown Recluse Spiders?

Generally,ultrasonic pest repellers work on all types of spiders.

You might have to use a different technique when dealing with these pests though. The reason is that they are nocturnal and can only be found in remote places.

First you would have to use some of the newest electronic insect repellent that comes with ionic air cleaning.

You might have to strategically place the ultrasonic pest repellers in line with the areas where you find the spider’s food to make the most of the efficacy of the device. You could start with the tested newer devices that have a wide range so that the high-frequency sound gets to even the most remote places where you suspect that you have an infestation.


Generally,spiders are not the worst kind of pest to have around the house because they are beneficial when they are in the right numbers.

However, that can’t be said about the black widow spider or the brown recluse spider.

That said, if you are looking for affordable, non-toxic pest control that can repel pests then you might want to use ultrasonic pest repellers on spiders when you suspect you have a spider infestation.

The good thing about spider repellents is that some of the best spider repellents can repel other insects like mice,ants,bugs and it doesn’t affect human hearing.

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