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Do Sticky Traps Work For Fleas?

Sticky traps are probably the best flea traps as it has a very sticky adhesive over a flat pad that is great for trapping fleas upon contact.

March 22, 2022

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Fleas are external parasites that live on blood as their source of food from their hosts. They can infest your pets and birds and eventually migrate to the rest of your house. Having fleas not only is enormous stress, but it can lead to severe bacterial infections in pets and humans.

So, a good rule of thumb is to protect their outbreak before they take over your entire house and your beloved pets.

Sticky traps are probably the best flea traps as it has a very sticky adhesive over a flat pad that is great for trapping fleas upon contact.

Sticky traps with a light that produces a small amount of heat, odor, or a color work as a lure to attract your flea population. Ultimately, they get stuck to the glue trap and cannot get away.

If you’ve noticed fleas in your house or your pets started to scratch more often, there is a good chance flea are creeping in. To avoid their outspread, the key is to act quickly!

Below we have gathered all the info you need to know how flea traps work, whether glue traps can lure fleas and whether they will solve your flea problem.

Let’s get started!

What Are Fleas Traps and What Do They Do?

Flea traps are designed to attract and kill fleas and other small insects. Generally, the trap itself works as a lure to attract fleas.

It has a small light that produces heat, which is yet another thing that attracts fleas. Right under the light, there’s a sticky pad or a plain dish filled with soapy water.

So when they fly toward their enticing bait, that’s where they get stuck on the pad for good or drown in the soapy water.

You can find many of these traps available in stores that work best to control flea infestation, or you can go DIY if you like to be a little creative.

We are going to talk about how you can make the best flea trap, which is pretty straightforward and reliable for catching fleas and stopping flea infestations.

The Benefits of Using Sticky Traps for Fleas

Aside from all the benefits of sticky traps we have discussed in this post, here are a few more advantages of using them:

• Unlike other sprays and liquids that are extremely poisonous, and require a costly refill for every time you use them, sticky traps are inexpensive and tend to work continuously — all day and night.

• You can use it to determine the infestation of these pests and whether to call for the help of professionals when the matter goes beyond using such traps.

• Certain professionals like to use sticky traps for fleas and other pests to inspect and find out which areas to target before their action plan.

The Best Places to Put Your Flea Traps

As we have mentioned earlier, fleas like warm, cozy, and shaded areas. To get the most out of a flea trap that you use, consider placing them where you expect the majority of adult ones.

Fleas are mostly attracted to pets. And if they already have grown their population in your home, these pests are likely to live and hide in the sofas, beds, and carpets.

In that case, the most logical idea is to place the flea traps in different areas of the house and around your pet’s bedding. But while using these traps, make sure the pets are out playing as both homemade or store-bought traps can be toxic.

Also, you can place the traps in your bedroom to protect yourself from the annoyance of itching, scratching, and potential bacterial infection.

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas in My House Fast?

If your pets are itching and scratching all day long, they’re the carriers of mature fleas, and chances are your house is infested.

Your pets carry these pests inside the house from playing out in nature, especially when it is summer when fleas flourish.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult flea lives up to 100 days. And a fully matured female flea produces around 2000 eggs in her lifespan. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks for an egg to hatch and turn into an adult flea.

Now that means the fleas can take over your whole house before you know it, and you must take quick and proper action to get rid of them completely.

To do that, we are going to look at the methods that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends. But an ideal approach for this is to treat your pets and house at the same time.

• To start with, use a powerful vacuum and make sure to vacuum all your house. Including the floors, carpets, beds, sofas, and all the cracks to completely remove all the adult fleas, eggs, and larvae.

• Use a steam cleaner on carpets and particularly clean the areas where your pets lounge around all day. A steam cleaner with soap tends to kill fleas in all shapes and stages — from an egg to an adult flea.

• Use a fine-tooth comb on your pet’s hair and brush it thoroughly to get rid of fleas and any eggs that may have been laid. Fleas tend to gather around the neck and tail, so make sure you brush them from head to tail.

• Once every month, wash all your bedding and your pets’ with hot soapy water and dry it in the blazing sun to make sure the fleas are wasted completely.

While you’re in the process of this hectic mission against fleas, keep your pets indoors meanwhile to minimize the flea influx.

Also, to get rid of fleas in your house fast, use the topical flea treatment on your pets and in your house.

But if you go with an insecticide, use it with caution as many insecticides and other chemical treatments are toxic to humans and pets.

Final Thoughts

Flea problems generally occur if you have pets, and treating this problem may seem pretty chaotic. The important thing is to act quickly with the right approach to kill them and break their reproductive cycle.

Vacuuming your whole house, washing all the sheets and cushions frequently, and keeping your pets and yard clean at the same ensures a better treatment against fleas.

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