Fleas are a major itchy problem of every household. The flea infestation is dominant in houses that have pets. You will not just find fleas on your pets, but they are also on carpets, food, humans, and every yard of your house.

A flea bites the skin of the host and can cause itching. Adult fleas feed on the blood from the body of the host, and they exhibit their bite like that of a mosquito. Due to these fleas ‘ issues, households look for different methods to repel flea infestation.

The bug zapper is the best solution to kill fleas.

A bug zapper comprises a cage-like structure that you can place near the areas of infestations. Zapper contains a UV light that attracts fleas into a trap. When they come near and touch the wires of the zapper, it kills them through electrocution.

How Do Bug Zappers Kill Fleas?

Fleas are undoubtedly present in every nook and corner of a house. Therefore, a stringent method is the need of the hour to kill them.

The bug zapper serves the purpose of being a booby trap for killing fleas. The fluorescent tube is the major component of a zapper. It has a UV light that will attract fleas into the trap. This flea trap has two electric wires at the center having a certain voltage among them.

When a bug flies near the bug zapper, it is sure that the UV light will attract it. Upon bright light attraction, these insects sit on the wires. As soon as they come in the range of these electric wires, the current passes through their small bodies. Thus, the zapper kills fleas through electrocution in a matter of a few seconds after the first contact.

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Why Do You Need to Control Fleas Infestation?

Bug Zapper is indeed a killing machine to eradicate fleas and other parasites.

However, the flea larvae can survive for months within carpets and yards. The further damning fact is that the fleas’ eggs are thousands in numbers.

In general, an adult lea can lay 5,000 eggs in a few days. Therefore, the infestation is not controllable only by using a zapper. There are multiple other useful methods to control the growth of these parasites.

Fleas keep on increasing in numbers. Therefore, killing them is not the only viable option. If you want a long-term solution, you must devise and act upon a plan to control them once and for all.

Keep on reading to learn the various methods to control the growth of these pesky insects.

What Is the Impact of Vacuuming to Get Rid of Fleas?

The vacuum cleaner is an excellent methodology to suppress the growth of these parasites. Fleas require certain temperature and humidity conditions to survive. Once they are in a vacuum bag, they will not be able to get those living conditions.

Therefore, you must vacuum your house and carpets every day, including the furniture, since the larva and flea eggs are in the corners or cracks of furniture. Moreover, the vacuum will prove fatal for adult fleas, cat fleas, and dog fleas.

This method is not just for fleas, but it is equally effective for all types of pest control. They will not survive in conditions that are not suitable for their living. It is important to dispose of all the vacuum bags after cleaning.

How To Kill Fleas with Soapy Water?

It is another method to control and kill these bugs.

Soap in water is sufficient to drown these bed bugs. Moreover, it is a less costly method than the bug zapper. Fill the water with dish soap and see the magic yourself.

The fleas are attracted to the water due to the odor of the soap. Once they touch the surface of soapy water, they will drown in it.

What Is the Best Way for Pest Control?

There are countless methods for pest control. Every methodology has its pros and cons. Humans look for a solution that serves the purpose in the long run.

Therefore, it requires a combination of two or three methods to counter any unfortunate event of insect infestation.

If you have tamed a pet like a dog or a cat at home, your house is more prone to the attacks of fleas.

Thus, it would be best to have a robust mechanism to deal with the situation. The aim should not just be to kill adult fleas. Rather, one must focus on the methods to remove the larvae and eggs of these insects.

  • Attract these parasites by using light of bug traps. It is a well-known method to trap unwanted insects since they are attracted to light. The light of bug traps contains a fluorescent tube, and thus, the insects are attracted rapidly.
    • Once they touch the electric wires, the electrocution method kills them instantly. However, one cannot keep the trap functional all the time, and it is applicable for several hours, mostly during the night.
  • Furthermore, using soap in water is another beneficial method to get rid of fleas, fruit flies, ants, and moths.
    • The odor of this water makes the parasites attracted towards it. They ultimately drown in it and die. That odor of the soap is the key to the effectiveness of this method.
  • Use a vacuum at every hideout in your home to clear it from the larvae and eggs of fleas. Lastly, sprinkle cottonseed oil on the pet bedding and other areas prone to carrying fleas to get rid of them completely.
    • Cottonseed oil is an excellent repellent of parasites. Repeat this whole process in consecutive weeks, and in a matter of few months, your house will be clear from these disease-carrying creatures.

Does A Bug Light Work on Fleas?

Fleas are not just inside a home. They are also found on animals who carry them on their fur. A bug light serves the purpose of a trap for fleas and other insects. It works perfectly, and they are attracted to it in a few minutes.

Electric current will kill them in a blink of an eye. There is a very small distance between the two wires of the trap. The voltage difference of these electric wires creates an attractive trap for fleas and other parasites.

What Bugs Are Killed by Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers are hunters of various filthy insects.

However, their effect varies on different pests. Following is the list of a few of those pests eliminated by bug zappers.

  • Fleas
  • Beetles
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Moths
  • Mosquitoes

Can You Zap Fleas?

Yes, we can zap them by using a trap to attract them.

Search the entire house to find the core residing area of these creatures. Place the zapping device over there for some hours. The light of this instrument will attract them into the deadly trap. Once touched, it will kill them via electrocution.flea trap

What Is the Method for Pest Control in Pets?

Pets are the carrier of fleas.

Hence, the chances of flea infiltration in a home are less if you take care of pets carefully.

Vacuuming is the best suitable option to carry out the prevention procedure. Not just fleas, but their larvae elimination is also possible with the use of the vacuuming process.

Clean and wash your pet at regular intervals. Make sure to brush their hair to catch the infiltrated fleas. Moreover, it would help if you also clean your dog beds by vacuuming the whole place. It is pertinent to mention that a vacuum can also trap the eggs of these fleas.


Zapping is a beneficial method to kill fleas.

However, alone usage of this method will not bear fruit. Therefore, one must use different methods simultaneously to get the best possible results.

The use of vacuum cleaners and cottonseed oil along with traps proves a fatal strike. Repeat the whole process for a few weeks, and your place will be clean forever. Moreover, clean your pet regularly to avoid the accumulation of fleas. Dogs, in particular, need proper attention since they carry them the most.

Lastly, search every nook and corner of your yard and clear any rotten leaves, fruits, or other eatables. In this way, one can live free from the fear of having these creatures around.

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