Can Humans Hear Ultrasonic Pest Repellers?

Can Humans Hear Ultrasonic Pest Repellers?

Ultrasonic pest repellent devices use effective technology that employs waves of exceedingly high frequencies above the range of human hearing.

There is a lot of puff and hype around ultrasonic pest control, not forgetting marketing efforts.

Ultrasonic pest repellers have recently gotten much publicity because they are much easier and safer to control pest populations in many homes.

But the underlying question is when you install it in your house, can you hear ultrasonic sounds?

Although humans may sometimes fail to notice ultrasonic noise, the sound produced by these devices have high frequency waves above their hearing capacity.

To establish a firm argument on the functionality of these devices, it is important to highlight the major points in a concisely.

Can Humans Hear Ultrasonic Pest Repellers?

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How loud are ultrasonic pest repellers?


    An ultrasonic pest repellent device uses an effective technology and is known to emit sounds at a high frequency, and may have adverse effects causing hearing damage and may even lead to hearing loss.

    Some rodents and pests can hear frequencies that are below 100kHz. You ought to, therefore, keep in mind when purchasing the device. Though it is a pest control method, the frequency should at least be higher than your pet can hear.

    Animals and other pesky critters by nature hear high-frequency sound waves in the much higher range and are considered best in chasing small insects and pests.

    On average, an ultrasonic device emits a sound of almost 65,000kHz, which has adverse effects on extremely pesky rodents and other pests alike.

    Because of the high-frequency sound, several manufacturers claim that it is a good pest repeller for your entire house.

Is ultrasonic pest control safe?

Fortunately, to humans, it does not cause hearing problem to the human ear thus it is a safe device since it does not use harmful or toxic chemicals.

Other than chemical control, the ultrasonic repellers use ultrasonic sound waves that have severe adverse effect to curb pest problem in your entire house.

Because of the absence of any harmful chemicals, you can freely use them around your kids and any household pets, making it an excellent device to use around your home.

What about hearing damage? Can it cause hearing loss?

Naturally, humans can typically detect sound frequencies that go all the way up to 20 kHz.

Besides, there is still no evidence that the device has caused hearing damage to the human ear or injury of any kind.

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How do ultrasonic pest repellents work?

Ultrasonic pest repellent devices use effective technology that employs waves of exceedingly high frequencies above the range of human hearing.

In hypothesis, the shaking of this electronic pest repeller brings about an emotional reaction that in turn affects insect pests in your house.

The result?

Since the pests cannot take the high-frequency sound emitting from an ultrasonic repeller, they have to flee for “safety” or rather areas with no pest repellents.

Ultrasonic pest repellents are built in such a way that they can plug into wall outlets. The advantage of wall plugging is that it prevents any electrocution when in use.

Ultrasonic pest control devices also have a battery set substitute to choose from; it is designed for those who prefer to keep mosquitoes while spending quality time outside.

If you have small children or pets, or rather have concerns about your chemical disclosure, then it denotes that your chances of getting an ultrasonic pest repeller are high.

Whether you intend to keep away insects, wild games, bed bugs, or rodents, the device is there for you.

Safe, Humane & Non-Toxic.

Do pest repellers really work?

These devices are not controlled by the EPA; numerous individuals are skeptical of their claims.

Entomology researchers assert that there is no single scientific evidence whatsoever that ultrasound can repel mosquitoes. The aftermath of studies of these devices are all over showing some pests are responding, at the same time, others, not so much.

Does that mean that ultrasonic rodent control is a hoax?

Well, hold on, let’s get to it.

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Bottom line

  • With or without a sensitive hearing, human ears can detect frequencies that go all the way up to 20kHz with no damage to the ear whatsoever,.