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Are Electric Mouse Traps Humane?

Electronic mouse traps are humane, and there is no doubt about it. With a 100% kill rate, the mouse dies within seconds.

September 12, 2022

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Mousetraps are the most commonly used method to prevent home invasion of these small, high-breeding rodents.

Usually hiding in holes, nooks, and crannies, these rodents can be lured out of their secret base using bait placed in a trap. When triggered, the mouse gets captured, making it easy to throw away.

If you have zero tolerance for these rodents, you are probably browsing the market examining the different types of mousetraps available.

One of the easiest ways to catch and kill a mouse is using the electric mouse trap.

But is it a relatively humane way of killing mice?

Here we take a look at exactly what an electronic trap is, how they can solve your mouse problem and whether or not they are humane traps.

What are electronic mouse traps?

Think of this electric trap as a death box, an electric chair if you will, but without the agonizing part.

When a mouse enters inside and proceeds to the bait area, it triggers the sensors of this device. This sends a high voltage electric current, effectively and avoids a slow and painful death by instantly killing its prey inside.

Because of the instant kill, the most people would say it is a humane way to kill and get rid of the rodent problem.

This is especially when compared to the other mouse traps, such as glue traps, a snap trap, poison, and other painful methods.

How do electronic mouse traps work?

In Greek mythology, the sailors were lured to their destruction by the sirens, who hypnotized them with their beautiful melody, and unknowingly, the sailors cruised to their death.

The electronic mouse trap utilizes a similar concept. The bait is the siren, and the mouse is the sailor. Instead of being hypnotized by the sweet voice, the mouse follows the attractive smell of the placed bait.

Unknowingly, the mouse enters the trap’s entrance tunnel, which is the destruction point, and just like the sailors, the rodent is trapped, unable to go back the way it came, and has no choice but to move forward.

The electronic mouse trap is built using machinery, wiring, sensors, and smart circuit technology. In brief, it is a highly inutitive, sophisticated, hand-held machine.

It comes with a limited artificial intelligence capable of detecting trespassers in its area and killing them by delivering a high voltage electric jolt.

Are electronic mouse traps humane?

It is a humane mouse trap because the electric shock, even though it is of a high voltage, kills the mouse instantly.

It is not painless, but with the instant kill, the death is not prolonged and is much quicker than any other trap.

Compared to other cruel mouse traps, the electric mousetrap is humane to an extensive degree.

It is safe, helps to dispose of the mouse efficiently, is not a problem to clean, and instantly kills the mouse. The best electronic mouse trap does the job very efficiently.


Electronic mouse traps are humane, and there is no doubt about it.

With a 100% kill rate, the mouse dies within seconds.

However, some argue that an electric shock, even though it lasts for a short while, is not humane at all. They prefer going with the old-school catch and release traps.

However, using an electronic mousetrap is humane and a better alternative them utilizing poison and the sticky board traps.

Just make sure you get a high-quality trap that effectively gets the job done.