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Backyard entertaining like a BOSS – don’t miss this multipurpose Fire Pit, BBQ grill & Ice Bar! coolsealed

“Perfect for parties and entertaining all year-round!!” – Jake R.

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Sitting back and relaxing around a fire is the perfect end to a beautiful day.

A fire pit gives comfort, inspires creativity, and sparks conversation. When you gaze at it for a time, it’s a beautiful thing to behold, both hypnotic and calming.

 Now consider sitting with your family and friends on your patio without the fire — nowhere near as enjoyable, right?

If you want to safely enjoy the roaring open flames in your own garden, investing in an outdoor fire pit is a must.

And as you’ll soon discover, a fire pit is more than simply a hole in the ground. It quite literally transforms your garden into a destination.

You and your guests will be mesmerized, drawn like moths to a flame, to relax, enjoy food, drinks, and good times together all year round.

This is why thousands of smart Americans like you are buying fire pits to upgrade and enhance their garden, and keep the party going, well into the winter months!

Built for a lifetime of use – rugged and hard-wearing.

Built to last and super-stable 4 leg base, heavy-duty industrial-grade steel construction.

The Thanos wood & charcoal fire pit includes a charcoal rack, heavy-duty poker, and mesh lid to keep ashes and sparks from flying out and potentially causing damage.

The premium heavy-duty steel and mesh construction is treated with a high-temperature coating to help with weather resistance and durability all year round.

This Fire Pit is built as rugged as you have come to expect from premium Thanos Home products.

Introducing the perfect Fire Pit for your home….

Full of charm, character & style (all your friends will be asking where you got it from!).

This fire pit is the perfect for 6 people to gather round, measuring 32″ (W) × 32″ (L) × 14″ (H)

The beautifully designed ironwork makes a true feature and focal point for backyard entertaining at any time of the year, but especially during the colder winter months.

This fire pit is easy assembly, even for just one person. Everything you need to install and get it operational within 20-30 minutes of unboxing, there’s even a handy guide provided right there in the kit!

Additional design points that make your life easier include a removable and easy-to-clean heat shield at the bottom of the fire pit, so the ash will not fall directly underneath the pit.

This not only makes cleaning up so much easier, but it’s an added safety mechanism for your family, preventing sparks from falling and avoiding unwanted fires underneath the fire pit.

Thanos Home designers really have thought of everything you need from the perfect firepit!

Smart Americans are using this Fire Pit for many other purposes all year round (HINT: a fire pit isn’t just for keeping you warm!)

3-in-1 pit design is perfect for outdoor heating, grilling, or even keeping your beers & wine frosty in summer.

And aside from the fantastic feature for your garden with the roaring flames – all delivered so much safer than with an open bonfire in your yard. You can simply put a grill over the coals and start BBQing, roasting, and toasting to your heart’s delight!

If that wasn’t enough, don’t forget to replace fire with ice during the hot summer months! Simply fill the basket with ice instead of coals and load that thing up with as many beers and beverages as your party can handle. What’s not to like!

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Delighted Customers Just Can’t Keep The Secret!

All over America, people just like you are upgrading their yard with a fire pit:

“Best backyard investment since my BBQ & smoker!”

-Rachel W.

“This thing is built like a tank and going strong after a full year of use, seriously dope. Highly recommended!”

-David B.

“Good for summer BBQ parties? Check! Keeps you warm in winter? Check! Can be used to grill stuff? Check! What’s not to love??!!”

-Sarah L.

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