Solar Powered Mole Groundhog Repellent Stakes Sonic Gopher Chaser (AR32)

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  • Effectively get rid of moles, voles, gophers, woodchuck, armadillos, groundhogs, and other burrowing animals.
  • The product emits the sound vibration every 30 seconds and penetrates into the soil to repel
  • Solar-powered, it operated by a solar rechargeable battery, just insert the mole stakes in your garden and turn it on, then it will protect your garden from moles hills, no need to replace the battery.
  • Extensive Coverage, Operates in a circular pattern, approximately 40 ft. in diameter. So it is recommended to use 12 solar mole repeller units per acre, insert them every 60 inch
  • Waterproof, designed for outdoor use, free to use in lawns, gardens, and planting beds.
  • Note:
    • After you install this repellent, you will find that there will be more moles/voles coming to your garden at the beginning. This is normal. Because those animals are attracting by the sound emitted by the product, but after some time (around 2-4 weeks), they cannot suffer the sound and will leave finally.

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