Smart Sonic Mole Repellent ( T1S)


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get rid of mole

Get rid of mole, vole, gopher, groundhog and other burrow animals in a better ways !

Comparing with other common sonic mole repellent, Thanos® Smart Sonic Mole Repellent can repel the mole, gopher and vole more effectively.



1) The common sonic mole repellent will emit the sonic every 30 seconds, and it works regularly. The mole, vole and gopher can get use to it after some times.

2) While Thanos® Smart Sonic Mole Repellent will emit the sonic pulse in four different times circularly, so the mole, vole, and gopher won’t get use to it, therefore it can repel them more efficient. Please check the following picture for how it works.


Waterproof RatingIP66 ( Free to use in Rainy days)IP44
Working ModeSmart waysNot Smart
Intelligent Chip inside ?YesNo
Emit Sonic PulsesEmit the sonic pulse in four different times circularlyOnly Emit the sonic pulse in one regular time
Will the mole get use to the sonic pulse ?NoYes
Effect in repelling the mole?GoodBad

How to install?


  • Plug-play, solar-powered.
  • Charging automatically under the sunlight.
  • Waterproof design, free to use in rainy days.
  • No chemical no poison, repel the mole, vole, gopher and groundhog effectively.
  • Eco-friendly, safe to Children and pets.