Ladybugs have proven to be essential to the ecosystem and the diatomaceous earth at large. They feed on other insects, thereby helping to reduce the population of insects that feed on plants. They also help to maintain the balance between plants and insects like crickets that feed on them.

Ladybugs have no harmful side effects on human health, so a few bites cannot cause a breakdown or transmit a disease. However, having a lady beetle invasion can constitute a nuisance for any homeowner. It can also be a source of worry for pets who might contract some infections from ingesting ladybugs.

What is worse is that ladybugs can quickly get inside your home. Therefore, you want to quickly eliminate them before they bring further wrath to your pets and property.

What to Know About Ladybugs

Ladybugs, also called the Asian lady beetle, preys on caterpillars, grasshoppers, and the other kinds of insects that eat plants.

They lay a lot of eggs, and immediately the eggs turn into larvae, and they begin to eat. The bugs lay their eggs on colonies of other pests like aphids. Aphids and other insects like it give them an immediate food source as soon as they turn to larvae and begin to feed.

There are 5000 different species of ladybugs. While each species differs in nature, they all still hold their position to regulate insects in the ecosystem.

The ladybug has an interesting life cycle that sees it live up to 1 year. Of the one year of its life, the bug hibernates up to 9 months. This is because lady beetles do not enjoy cold temperatures but are rather attracted to a warm environment with sufficient light.

As much as these bugs have a good effect on the ecosystem, a bug invasion is very unpleasant to anyone. If you want to eliminate lady beetles or remove lady beetles due to invasion, this article is for you.

What Is The Cause of A Ladybug Infestation?

Like other living things, ladybugs are drawn to the best areas suitable for their nature. So, if you have a lady nettle invasion, you have most likely made your house conducive for lady beetles.

Ladybugs are attracted to places that provide the light, water, warmth, and temperature they need. So one of the things that could cause a ladybug invasion will be that your house offers a warm temperature suitable for ladybugs.

Since Lady beetles hibernate for a long time, they need warm areas suitable for them. They prey on insects and are naturally attracted to places where these insects are.

So, if you have a garden or backyard farm that attracts crop-eating insects, then you will likely find ladybugs at your place.

Ladybugs leave behind them trails of pheromones. This attracts them over and again. So, if your home is very much comfortable, the ladybugs will continue coming back, laying eggs even right there in your home, giving you cause to seek ways to remove them.

What Is A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Ladybugs

Although they are harmless, and they cannot transmit diseases, anyone experiencing serious ladybug or the Asian lady beetle infestation surely wants ways to eliminate them.

The section below contains natural remedies to curtail ladybugs at your place or eliminate them if they already exist in large numbers.

1.   Close down possible entries

Ladybugs typically find cool places to stay when it is almost winter, and just before then is when you should begin closing up entries.

The cracks and crevices should be closed up to stop them from getting in. Once the cracks are closed up, the ladybugs will naturally varnish, and of their own volition.

You should also adjust your door. If not fixed properly, the doors will allow the lady beetle pest to come into the home. Therefore, all doors, windows, and cracks must be fixed.

2.   Plant mums

Plant mums will help to keep ladybugs away in a natural way. Ladybugs do not enjoy plant mums and will do almost anything not to get close to them.

Suppose you have a ladybug infestation in your house, and you want to keep them away from your house; mums will help repel them.

3.   Vacuum

Ladybugs have an awful smell that goes out when it is crushed. One way to easily remove them is to use a vacuum. With the vacuum, you can easily dispose of them. This may not be the best way to eliminate ladybugs as they may still come back.

4.   Citronella or Citrus oil

Thanks to trails of pheromones, ladybugs can return to a house even after they leave. However, the smell of citronella or citrus will help to repel them if you spray some within and outside the house. Once you use them, ladybugs will leave your home. Therefore, Citrus oil serves as one of the homemade remedies to keep every species of ladybugs away.

5.   Cloves or Bay leaves

Cloves and bay leaves can act as an excellent way to get rid of ladybugs naturally. It is common knowledge that ladybugs themselves will not move to areas where the bay leaves and cloves are used. As a result, they help to prevent or get rid of ladybugs and other pests feasting on your garden plant.

What Do I Do About A Ladybug Infestation

If you have a ladybug invasion, the first thing you need to do is to seek knowledge on how to get rid of ladybugs in your home. Reading a post such as this will show you the steps to take to remove ladybugs from your property and let you know what to do to prevent future ladybug’s invasion of your place.

To clear a pest invasion such as the lady beetle inside and outside your home, you could also use chemical sprays, which usually come with a spray bottle, or other insecticides to help repel and kill off these pests.

The good thing about using spray to control ladybug infestation is that you can almost be sure they don’t return to your place again.

To further eliminate a ladybug infestation, lady beetle traps can be used. The traps are devices designed to catch lady beetlelike pests. Once this is used, it can help to get rid of the infestation.

If you have a severe bug infestation inside your home, and you are confused about how to go about using DIY control to eliminate them, getting across to a professional pest control service may seem like a reasonable choice to make.

We say this because a professional pest control service has the rights reserved to deal with pests around the home expertly. These agencies also have the rights reserved because they have trained workers who are skilled in getting rid of ladybugs and controlling them around the home.

Besides, they also have the best insecticides, repellents, and tools to reach the bugs way inside and outside of the home. All this always comes in handy during pest control.

However, when you kill off ladybugs, it may cause an imbalance with the insects that eat plants. This balance is meant to be maintained between the insect-eating pest, and crops, especially around the home.

The large population of these kinds of insects could increase, destroy food crops and other garden plants. From then on, the garden may begin to raise another set of insects that love feeding on garden crops around the home.

Since ladybugs prey on plant-eating insects, we usually advise you to kill them in large numbers. Rather, you should only drive them away and have their population reduced. This way, you can make sure that their role in preserving the ecosystem is kept.

Is It Bad To Have Ladybug In Your House

Ladybugs, as explained earlier, are harmless. However, having bugs crawling up and down the house’s walls and furniture may not be a pleasant sight.

They do not bite, and even when they seldomly do, they do not have venoms that can hurt. Like all other pests, Ladybugs should be restricted outside, not inside the home where people live.


Pest invasion around the home or garden can be such a terrifying experience. Ladybugs are unique because they are unharmful, and because they even have other roles, they serve the diatomaceous earth. But the need to hibernate and spend a lot of time inside homes has led them to become unwanted.

If you are experiencing a lady beetle infestation, this article gives the information to eliminate the infestation.

As a reminder, ladybugs are attached to a place with light, water, warmth, and food source. Therefore, you should eliminate such things from your place. Your go-to remedy should be spraying insecticides around the affected place.

I am sure you found this really helpful. so make sure to check out our other posts on how to eliminate other insect-pests such as grasshoppers, termites, etc. from your home