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Does a solar mole repeller also get rid of ground squirrels?

The sonic sound from solar mole repellers do repel squirrels because it produces a penetrating sonic pulse, which is strong enough for their delicate sensory organs.

March 2, 2022

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Moles are small wildlife pests that live underground, they are cute looking and are not physically harmful to humans. Moles keep your garden free from harmful insects, however, they destroy your garden by digging up deep holes which destroy the grassroots.

Moles can easily transmit rabies to pets and humans and it’s no wonder why there are now many brilliant ultrasonic repellents on the market to get rid of them. While moles can be a big issue, ground squirrels can cause many of the same issues.

That has led us to wonder whether or not solar mole repellers work to get rid of ground squirrels too?

We thought we’d take a closer look and have all the info for you here.

What is a Solar Mole Repeller?

This is a device that is designed to drive away burrowing rodents such as voles, moles, prairie dogs and many more small animals. The solar mole repeller has a advanced ultrasonic sounds that repels also snakes.

The solar cells also known as photovoltaic cells are kept under direct sunlight and on a solar mole repellent, these solar panels are mostly placed on top of the device.

The photovoltaic cells then collect sunlight and later convert it into electricity. These solar repellers then turn that electricity and turn it into ultra-high-frequency sound waves called ultrasonic sound to drive away moles.

A solar mole rappeler is one of the most effective ways of keeping your garden safe from moles and other types of insects.

If you are thinking of purchasing a solar mole rappeler for the first time, you might get confused due to the availability of thousands of choices in the market.

Here is what you need to consider before you buy one.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Repeller

In the market today, there are thousands of choices of these devices.

This makes it hard for a first-time buyer to get the right device, Below I have provided the things to first consider when purchasing a solar mole repeller.


Before purchasing any item, quality is an important factor to consider, you should always go for high-quality products. The same case applies when you are buying a solar repelled.

The solar repellers are exposed to harsh weather conditions since they are placed outside in the open and chances are that the device will get ruined if it’s low-quality.

Therefore, the user must consider a solar mole repeller that is waterproof, anti-corrosive, and one that is manufactured of an anti-UV material to provide maximum protection to the device.

Overall build quality plays an important role as solar mole repellers are exposed and left out to extreme weather conditions. And there is a good chance of dullness and wasting all your money if its quality is poor.

You should always research the quality and make sure to go with the waterproof ABS plastic and the one manufactured with weather resistant materials.

Thanoshome provides the best quality solar sonic mole repellent

The Size of Your Garden

The size of your garden matters when you are buying a solar mole repeller. Knowing the size of your garden will help you buy the right number and type of mole repeller. This helps in ensuring that the repeller will drive the moles and pests away successfully.

You’ll need to know the effective range of the solar pest repeller and then you can work out how many you’d need for your garden area.

Before you buy the product, you should compare its operating range with the area size you want to protect. As mentioned earlier, every product comes with its maximum working capability.

So for a relatively larger area, consider choosing a mole repellent that has a wide protection range.

Charging and Run Time of the Reppeler

You should always check how much time it takes for the reppeler to get charged. Most units are known to take up to 3-5 hours of sunlight exposure. The units are supposed to last up to 4-5 days after every charge. You should put into consideration the battery capacity of the units especially if you live in an area that is prone to rain.

One of the essential factors with these devices is the charging and run time. And that depends on the quality of the solar plate, battery, and weather conditions of your living area.

Also, these units show efficiency when they get adequate sunlight and are fully charged. Before investing in either of these repellers, you should read the specifications about its battery capacity and quality.


Before buying any product, it is recommended that you consider the price of the price tag.

A good quality high-capacity solar energy panel is more expensive compared to the small units made of plastic. It’s often worth it to pay that little bit extra to get a quality product.

Do Solar Mole Repellers Also Get Rid of Ground Squirrels?

Most people are bothered by the burrowing ground squirrels and other rodents running around destroying their yards. Ground squirrels prefer to live in hillsides but if they can’t find one, they’ll create a burrow.

They are helpful to keep your yards and beautiful gardens free from damaging insects.

But how do you get rid of them?

As they are more destructive than the insects themselves!

The ultrasonic sound from solar mole repellers do repel squirrels because it produces a penetrating sonic pulse, which is strong enough for their delicate sensory organs.

Solar mole repellers produce these pulses every 30 seconds, causing the ground squirrels to stay away from the yards for good. However, they are safe to use around people and pets.

The reason they repel ground squirrels is the same reason that they work on many other subterranean pests. The devices emit a frequency that is much higher than humans can hear but small animals like moles and squirrels can hear it.

Can you imagine trying to work and there being a huge speaker next to you that is blasting out an annoying sound? Ground squirrels can’t stand to be near the ultrasonic waves and will therefore stay away from your garden.

While they are know to be highly effective initially, some animals get used to the sound and therefore can come back after a period of time.

Due to this, it can be a good idea to use this solution along with other pest control solutions. We talk a little later about some of the other great methods to repel ground squirrels.

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Why are ground squirrels in my yard?

There are a few reasons why a ground squirrel may be found in your yard.

A ground squirrel will always want to eat nuts, bird seed, and generally scavenge for food wherever they can. If you have a bird feeder then don’t be surprised to see a ground squirrel attached to it.

Having a vegetable garden can also be an issue. Along with looking for things like bird seed, ground squirrels will also love the likes of fruit trees.

Another reason they may enter into your yard is that they see it as a great place to get some shelter. If your yard has plenty of grassy areas then they may see it as a perfect place to dig burrows.

It’s those burrows that can cause the biggest issues as they dig them quite deeply. Squirrels usually like to like in on a hillside but in the absence of one, they will happily turn to flatter ground.

When they do, they live to dig their burrows very deep and have been known to go down up to 35 feet with holes that can reach up to 5 inches in diameter. If there are multiple squirrels then that is a lot of holes to have around your property. Over time all the holes can cause structural damage.

Over time, these intelligent animals will turn these holes into a den.

The same den can be used by multiple generations but often each squirrel likes to have its own opening. This can mean the same den can have an incredible number of tunnels and openings. It’s best to start repelling squirrels before they create an elaborate system.

Why get rid of ground squirrels?

You may be thinking can’t I just leave them alone?

After all, squirrels are quite cute and surely they aren’t a huge issue? Unfortunately, they can cause plenty of damage over time which we’ve already touched on slightly.

Lawn – If you have a lovely lawn that you have carefully curated then a squirrel may come along and ruin that.

It’s not just the lawn that they’ll ruin either as squirrels have also been known to do other damage such as chewing through sprinkler lines and damage other garden infrastructure. They’ll also eat the grass too, which can leave bald spots.

Burrowing – Burrowing rodents can cause many issues which is why many people turn to mole traps and other solutions such as castor oil, peanut butter, peppermint oil, and chemical repellents. Those burrows can easily damage roots which can kill trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Vegetable garden – Do you dream of living the good life and growing your own fruit and vegetables?

Unfortunately, ground squirrels and other garden pests can ruin that. They’ll eat anything they can such can make creating a vegetable patch almost impossible.

Structural damage – The biggest potential issue ground squirrels can cause is structural damage. If they is a huge den near foundations then it may cause the foundations to crack which is often hugely expensive to repair.

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What are the best ways to get rid of ground squirrels?

Ground squirrels are pesky creatures that infest our yards and damage property. They can be a real problem for many homeowners.

If you have this issue, you are not alone. These pesky rodents can be challenging toget rid of, but there are a few things you can do to try and exterminate them.

Here we will discuss some tips on how to get rid of ground squirrels without using an ultrasonic repeller. We will also talk about the different methods you can use, depending on the situation.

There are three things that ground squirrels need to survive which are water, food, and shelter. They typically make their own shelters below ground, but they will also enjoy living in areas with plenty of safe hiding places during the daytime.

The perfect place for this type of animal would be an open yard filled with debris or woodpiles where lots are going on the above-ground, too.

You can apply a variety of methods to get rid of ground squirrels. Some include trapping and shooting, but these are not always the best options because they may not be legal in your area.

#1. Poisin

One method to consider with ground squirrels is to use poisoned bait. It will quickly kill any rodents within range without causing injury to people nearby. The only downside is that some states prohibit this method due to safety.

Many people will also not see this as not an ethical method of pest control either as you could have many dead animals in your yard. Any small animal can come along and eat the poison which can have damaging effects on your local ecosystem.

#2. Use a trap for ground

The best way to get free of pesky squirrels is often using a live trap that has been specifically designed for catching these lightweight creatures, and it doesn’t require any chemicals or bullets flying through your yard!

This can be done effortlessly with the use of small cage-like traps that are set along their path. Ground squirrels are easy prey and can be captured with some practice if you use the right kind of trap, which will ensure your home stays safe from these pests!

These small cages have sensitive trigger plates that react only when an animal touches them; this means we don’t need any loud noises or scary chemicals because they’ll do all work for us to capture our furry friends without harm done.

Baiting your new defense against these pesky creatures with sunflower seeds or other types of bait is a must. It works well at capturing them without harming them but there are kill traps available if you did want to exterminate them

#3. Mesh fencing

Wire mesh fencing is an excellent pest control option for preventing squirrels from damaging your garden.

The best kind of chicken wire will keep them out and prevent their digging underneath the frame; make sure you bury it at least four to six inches deep so they cannot get through! This can also act as a great mole repellent.

#4. Install decoys

Using a set of decoys is an easy and affordable way to get rid of ground squirrels.

The best part?

It is safe for pets, kids, or other animals. It doesn’t contain any chemicals that could hurt them if they come into contact with it while exploring their surroundings.

Purchase some decoys. Place these OWL-shaped or Hawk/Eagle-shaped objects, which will terrify them away. Place these warning signals around different yard areas and change positions regularly, or they’ll get wise to it.

#5. Use squirrel repellents

Using a powerful squirrel repellent will help you to prevent destructive chewing and keep the pesky creatures from approaching certain problem areas.

Spray liquid from a spray bottle or granular repellents onto surfaces like bird feeders, bulbs, trees, lawns, and soil to keep them off.

Use both irritation-based sprays and taste-based ones for best results.

These deterrents work by causing discomfort or pain when the squirrels come in contact with them, so they will usually avoid areas that have been treated with repellents.

#6. Use cayenne pepper repellents

Repellents such as cayenne pepper can be used to keep these rodents away from your property. Make your own repellents by mixing water and cayenne pepper spray on the ground and around plants.

The smell and taste of it will repel the squirrels to damage your garden or enter the ground. Along with cayenne pepper, other similar solutions are peppermint oil and castor oil which have similar effectiveness.

#7. Nautral predators

One of the best permanent ways to get rid of a ground squirrel is with natural predators.

Example of such natural predators includes hawks and snakes. Planting high trees and having rocket areas is a great way to get rid of them through natural means.

#8. Contact A Professional Pest Control Company If All Else Fails:

If none of these steps work for your situation, maybe calling an expert will help. Fumigation is one of the methods professionals use to get rid of squirrels. It is safe and does not have any adverse effects on other animals living nearby.

Fumigation is conducted underground and is most recommended to be done during non-winter months.

The professional will tell what did work and also give great advice on ways around them in the future, like removing food sources or sealing entry points. This professional will set up monitoring traps to know exactly where they go back to.

#9 Using Thanos Solar sonic device

Getting rid of ground squirrels

If you are experiencing a squirrel problem, there are several steps you can take to try and get rid of them.

The best way to get rid of them will depend on the situation. Some methods, such as using traps or repellents, baits, or scare tactics, are easier for the average person to do themselves, and others may require the help of a professional pest control company.

Some are natural, and some are lethal methods.

No matter what action you choose to take, it is important to be persistent in getting rid of these pests. Squirrels can be very determined creatures, and they will keep coming back until they are finally gone for good.

Are solar mole repellers worth it?

A solar-powered mole repeller can efficiently scare away any mole, vole or small animal that makes its way into your yard.

A solar-powered device can be charged continuously and eliminates the need to plug it in. An animal repeller or even a solar-powered electric fence can be used to keep unwanted animals away of your land.

These solar mole repellers are effective because they emit ultrasonic wavesthat scare away the vermin. Moisture isn’t a big deal, but the area should get enough of sunlight. One great feature of them is that they require very little maintence.

Due to that, they can be regarded as excellent value for money and an effective solution as making sure your garden stays free from these small creatures.

All you need to do is stick them in the ground and they’ll get to work.

What else do solar mole repellers work on?

Moles and other pests like rats, snakes, other rodents can be frightened away by ultrasound waves that are transmitted into the ground by these devices. If you have a problem with more than just ground squirrels then they can be a hugely effective solution.

Mole repellers driven by the sun are great for protecting vegetable gardens from small animals. With a highly effective ultrasonic solution, you won’t have to worry about using pesticides and poisons either.

How to effectively use solar powered mole repellers

There are a few considerations to make in advance if you want to get the most out of these gadgets.

Each model’s acoustic wavelength, for example, influences how much of an area they can cover. Most current types have a frequency range of 400 to 1000 cycles per second. Longer amounts of time will pass before moles go into your garden when the pulse frequency is raised.

Typically, a basic solar-powered mole repeller has a 50-foot radius.

Each unit should be placed at this distance from one another to enhance its effectiveness and cover the maximum area. Having a rudimentary understanding of the dimensions of the area you’re trying to protect can help you deploy the equipment more efficiently.

The solar PV cells on the top of each unit face the sun and must be staked into the ground.

Unlike flimsier models that can be destroyed by inclement weather or even overexposure to the sun, many of the models in the following list are constructed of durable and hardened ABS plastic that gives good levels of water resistance and anti-corrosive characteristics.

In order to increase the efficiency of the unit, you’ll want to use a high-efficiency panel and battery.

Batteries that can charge a valid model in 3 to 5 hours and last up to four days on a single filling are known as Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride (Li-ion or NiMH).

For more than just a pest deterrent, many of these gadgets can also be used as normal solar garden lights.

Aside from the solar panel, these are usually built into the unit. Motion sensors, various light colors, and automatic dusk-to-dawn ignition may or may not be included, depending on the model. Moles and other rodents are deterred from entering your garden by these attractive barriers.

Solar-powered mole repellents: advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages to using solar powered mole repellers instead of regular pesticides.

They also don’t harm the animals but rather, they act as a scare tactic to keep them away. Using solar energy has many advantages, but it also has some restrictions and drawbacks.


  • A green alternative to typical repellers, these solar-powered devices are a much safer option to pesticides, chemicals or bleach that could harm you and your family.
  • Because the repeller operates as a self-powered power source, installation is a breeze and there is no need for additional wiring.
  • Models of the modern era are incredibly efficient. A 50-foot-radius can be protected by a single model.
  • They are also quite long-lasting, requiring only occasional cleaning and maintenance to keep them running at their best.
  • Unlike the other solutions, solar-powered pest repellers do not injure or kill pests, but rather deter them.
  • This is a sensible investment due to its low cost (apart from the initial purchase). It’s also worth noting that the top versions on the market can last up to five years and have no effect on your electricity cost.
  • Several types can also be used as garden lights, enhancing the aesthetics of your garden or veggie patch.


  • Solar-powered mole repellers are expensive because of their specialized nature.


Do solar powered mole chasers work?

Can you imagine hearing a high-pitched, non-stop alarm during your visit to a supermarket in search of food? You’ll never go back there, right?

That’s just what rodents feel when solar repellers are buried in your lawn. The ultrasonic waves that the small device produces are not perceptible to humans but deafening to the intruding mammals.

Once the solar repeller’s photovoltaic cells receive the sun’s light, it is ready to operate in a few minutes. The solar charge allows the device to emit the sound that helps to get rid of the moles.

This technology reduces a lot of labor time building traps. It also reduces pesticide use inefficient to control larger mammals such as moles.

For these mammals, it is necessary to make the place hostile to them. The discomfort caused by the noise will make them come out of their burrows. This way, you can have a garden free of those pesky holes, which ultimately cause damage to the health of the soil.

The innovative mechanism is totally safe and even harmless to moles.

Animals are not physically at risk with the use of a solar repeller. Moles do not receive electric shocks or shocks. If you love gardening, you will surely have a special weakness for tender rodents and will not want to harm them.

It is enough to chase them away with noise to avoid the diseases they transmit and the nuisance they cause in the garden.

Remember that moles can transmit rabies to humans and other animals in the house.

Even so, there is no need to harm them. The sound waves will keep the animals intimidated. A few days, they will be looking for a new home away from your yard.

Will mole and gopher repellent work on chipmunks?

Yes. Your solar mole repeller will help with chipmunks expulsion as well. Chipmunks are also burrowing mammals.

They cause the same damage to garden soil quality as moles. In search of burrows for daytime resting and nests for hibernation or food storage, gophers are capable of digging for miles. If you have a chipmunks invasion, your slabs, retaining walls, and the foundation are in grave danger.

In addition to the noise that disturbs the animals, the technology of the solar repellers has a vibration mechanism. When buried in the ground, the small panels emit an internal vibration that causes squirrel colonies to panic.

The deep tunnels that the chipmunks dig will be empty after a few weeks. Investing in solar panel repellers will help you avoid structural damage to your property.

Sunlight converted into usable electricity will be your weapon against a chipmunks invasion. As with moles, chipmunks will not be harmed. This green innovation is clean and environmentally friendly.

Despite their advanced technology, solar repellers are extremely simple to use.

No installation or pest management tutorial is required.

Just turn them on by burying them in the garden and wait for the start-up buzzer to sound. From that moment and without you noticing it, the repeller will start its work against intruding moles and chipmunks.

Do sonic gopher spikes work?

Yes, they works.

Sonic gopher spikes are powered by alkaline batteries which represents an extra expense. You will also have to do your homework to reinstall them when the batteries stop working. We cannot say that in all cases, users are unhappy, but the solar options are significantly better rated.

The mole spikes work up to 7500 square feet in diameter. For a larger area, you will need to purchase another pair of spikes. Unlike the solar-powered mole, chasers have a wider working range for a lower price.

If you finally decide to use sonic gopher spikes to repel moles, try combining them with other strategies.

Try compacting the soil as much as possible to make access difficult for moles. A protective barrier of wire or mesh around plants will make it difficult for moles to work.

Also, try to pick up fruits and vegetables as soon as they fall to the ground. If moles do not have food accessible, they will not dig large burrows to gather food.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to burrowing pests in your yard, moles often take the headlines as they are a common problem for many people. This can lead to many effective solutions being marketed as a solution for a mole problem when they can get rid of many other small animals as well.

That is the case for ground squirrels as solar mole repellers are going to be highly effective. Not only do they work but they are also a non-harmful solution so you don’t have to worry about having many dead ground squirrels on your conscience.

They are also extremely easy too. They don’t require any hard work and won’t need any maintenance.

If you wanted to get rid of your ground squirrel problem then a solar mole repeller is going to be a brilliant solution for you.

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